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Clover Retribution
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Hey, there, gamers!  Choosing your magic path in Roblox – Clover Retribution can be a real head-scratcher, with so many cool options to pick from. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit lost – our magic tier list is here to help you out!

In this awesome Roblox world inspired by Black Clover, you get to be the hero. Quests, battles, and spellcasting – it is all part of the game.

Wondering which magic type is your best bet? Our tier list breaks it down for you. Plus, we have expert tips to upgrade your magic skills and unlock even cooler spells as you level up.

So buckle up because we are about to take you on an all-in-one guide to Clover retribution tier list and by the end of the guide you will not just have a crisp image of how these tiers work but also the pros and cons of each one! 

Roblox – Clover Retribution Magic Tier List: Tier 1

First up we have got water magic. To simplify things for you, imagine yourself surfing freely in the wave of awesomeness while a mighty water shield protects you, right?

This is exactly the kind of experience this tier has to offer. So go on and master the art of water drill to call on a majestic Water dragon. 

Clover Retribution

Next up in line is Blood Magic which lets you tap into your inner crimson energy with moves like Small Bubbles, Crimson Explosion, and some seriously awesome slashing action!

This ability lets you release the power within you with a burst of bubbly energy and strong, fierce sword slashes.

Clover Retribution

And how can we possibly forget the magical World Tree? Since level 10 brings forward snaky roots that can trick your opponents like nobody’s business. The enemies better be careful because the roots are now on the loose!

And no we are not finished yet, progress further to level 25 and now you are allowed to plant landmines that can deal and root some intense damage.

By level 45, you will be able to create a whirlwind of leaves that will leave your enemies scratching their heads. And finally, at level 60, you shoot your last move by pulling out the roots from all corners! 

Clover Retribution

Roblox – Clover Retribution Magic Tier List: Tier 2

Tier 2 takes us to the mysterious reality of Void, a domain that spans from Tier 1 to Tier 2. 

At level 5, you get to use Wormhole magic! This cool skill covers you in void energy, shooting you forward when you aim above ground. It not only hurts your enemies but also leaves them with a bit of ‘Gloomed.’ Just keep in mind, there’s a 6-second cooldown – so plan your void adventures wisely

And don’t just stop there, dive deeper into the Void at mastery level 25 with depth coil. This cool move makes a black void under you, hurting anyone nearby and sometimes giving them that ‘Gloomed’ feeling. Think of it as having your own private void space.

Once you reach level 65, you are in for a special treat  – the Black Hole ability. You can easily call on a mighty black hole to scare your enemies because the Void is calling, and it’s time to become a pro at its cosmic wonders!

Clover Retribution

Roblox – Clover Retribution Magic Tier List: Tier 3

Tier 3 in Roblox – Clover Retribution is where the sparks fly with Lightning magic! First up, Lightning Strike at Mastery level 5 lets you unlock a cloud on your cursor that delivers a shocking lightning strike with an 8-second cooldown.

The enemy better be ready for some electrifying surprises! Then, at Mastery level 25, Lightning Circus takes the stage, surrounding you with dazzling sparks that deal damage while hitting hard on shocked enemies every 16 seconds.

But the real thunderstorm arrives at Mastery level 75 with Thunder Gods Attire. This lightning-infused ensemble boosts your speed and upgrades your combat style every 5 seconds.  

Roblox - Clover Retribution

Roblox – Clover Retribution Magic Tier List: Tier 4

Tier 4 in Roblox – Clover Retribution tweaks the magic with Slime and Fire abilities! With your slime ability, you can easily jump to the gooey side of this magical empire.

Viscous Blob at Mastery level 5 lets you toss a slime ball, dealing arcane damage and possibly slowing enemies whereas Viscous Strike at level 12, launches a speedy slime X to stop a more intense arcane havoc before it hits. 

But we are not done yet, switch your gears to Fire where you can kick things off at Mastery level 5 with Flameball, at level 50 with a Flame Thrash, And at level 75, with the mighty Flame Tower! 

Clover Retribution

Roblox – Clover Retribution Magic Tier List: Tier 5

Tier 5 in Roblox – Clover Retribution spices things up with Earth and Wind magic! For Earth, you get to take over an Earth Wall and unlock Quake that will absolutely rock your enemies.

Now, let’s ride the wind! With Gale White Bow, a cool Mastery skill, you can summon a wind bow that shoots auto-tracking arrows when aimed.

Level up to Crescent Moon Sickle, another Mastery skill, and send a wind blade slicing through enemies, causing some serious wind damage. And there’s a mysterious Tornado skill waiting for you to use! 

Clover Retribution

But that’s not all! Unlock Gale Vortex Veil through Mastery and create a windshield with 25% of your health. It goes out with a bang when depleted, dealing damage and pushing back enemies. 

Clover Retribution

Bottom Line

And that was all for our guide on the tier list of Roblox – Clover Retribution. We hope this helped you get a clearer image of the abilities you can access and master.

You can download this game from the Roblox.

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Happy Gaming!

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