Roblox: Clover Retribution Magic List – All Spells Guide

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Roblox: Clover Retribution Magic List - All Spells Guide

Black Clover is an anime and manga series that has taken the world by storm, especially thanks to the smash-hit Netflix movie that fans absolutely loved. With how popular it is, it was only a matter of time until it got a Roblox game based on it, and Roblox: Clover Retribution is that game.

As is to be expected from a game set in the Wizard World, there are tons of different types of magic and their spells that you can learn. What’s more, is that all of these magic types are taken straight from the series.

Today, we’re here with a complete list of all of the magic types in this list. Naturally, this also means we’ll be going through all of the spells you can learn in every magic type. Decide which magic will help you become the Wizard King in Clover Retribution.

Clover Retribution Magic List

Clover Retribution Magic List
Photo: Clover Retribution

Before anything, it’s crucial to know about the rarity system of Roblox – Clover Retribution. In this game, every type of magic has a certain set rarity. The rule of thumb is that the more rare a magic type is the more likely it is to be useful.

The rarity types of magic and the chances of them dropping are:

  • Common – 80%
  • Uncommon – 12%
  • Rare – 6%
  • Epic – 0.74%
  • Legendary – 0.19%
  • Mythic – 0.1%

Common Magic Types and Spells

Common Magic Types and Spells
Photo: Clover Retribution

First up are all of the common magic types and their spells. As you probably guessed, these magic types are the ones you’ll find the most frequently, but that also means not too many people are really aiming for these. Of course, that isn’t to say they’re completely useless.

Healing Magic

First up is Healing Magic in Clover Retribution. If you aren’t someone who wants to fight in the front lines and instead want to spend your time healing your fellow magic knights then this is the magic for you.

Self Heal

Mastery: 5

This spell heals a percentage of your HP.

Mastery: 15

Link to a target to heal them. 

Healing Field

Mastery: 35

Summon a healing field that heals all players who stand inside. 

Death Ward

Mastery: 45

Applies a buff to yourself and fellow players which replenishes their HP to 25% if it drops down to 0

Melody Magic

Melody Magic
Photo: Clover Retribution

If you’re in the mood to groove it out then Melody Magic might be the perfect fit for you. Don’t let the name fool you, as this magic has the potential to be invaluable on the battlefield.

Melody Blast

Mastery: 5

Blast a soundwave forward to deal damage

Melodic Amplifier

Mastery: 12

Creates a blast attack when you cast any Melody spell

Melodic Seascape

Mastery: 25

Summon an AoE that deals damage to enemies when they stand inside while giving party members the Melodized buff. 

Uncommon Magic Types and Spells

Uncommon Magic Types and Spells
Photo: Clover Retribution

With the common magic types out of the way, it’s time to move on to the uncommon ones. While you won’t see these magic types nearly as much as the common ones, they’ll still be dropping quite a lot.

Wind Magic

That’s right, the magic type Yuno from the Black Clover series has is an uncommon type. Hey, that just means you’ll be able to use the same type of magic one of the strongest young magic knights uses.

Gale White Bow

Create a bow made from wind and shoot out an arrow that tracks the enemy.

Crescent Moon Sickle

Summon a blade of wind that attacks enemies.


Summon a tornado that blasts forward to attack enemies.

Gale Vortex Veil

Create a shield that has 25% of your overall HP.

Earth Magic

Earth Magic
Photo: Clover Retribution

Being one of the newest magic types to be added to Clover Retribution, Earth Magic is rather overlooked. Since it only has two magic spells in the type of writing, no wonder it’s only an uncommon type.

Earth Wall


Creates a breakable wall of earth in front of you. 


Mastery: 25 

Creates multiple circles of rocks around you expanding and dealing damage to nearby enemies. 

Rare Magic Types and Spells

Rare Magic Types and Spells
Photo: Clover Retribution

Here come the rare magic types. Starting from this category, fans of the series might start seeing some of the most iconic types of magic.

Slime Magic

First up is Slime Magic. Although this magic type is extremely useful in Clover Retribution, we just hope you don’t use it as a sign to start experimenting on everyone you see like a certain character from the Black Clover series.

Viscous Blob

Mastery: 5

Create a ball of slime that deals damage to enemies and has a chance to slow them down.

Viscous Strike

Mastery: 12

Blast an X-shaped slime that attacks enemies and can possibly slow them down.

Viscous Floor

Mastery: 25

Turn into a puddle, allowing you to increase your speed and deal damage to all enemies that stand close by to you.

Fire Magic

Come on, Fire Magic has to be one of the coolest magic types out there. If you don’t like it because of a certain Salamander-wielding magic captain then you have to like it because of the strongest female magic knight of all time. We all know who.


Mastery: 5

Create a fireball that charges forward to attack enemies

Flame Scattershot

Mastery: 5

Summons a fire sphere that stands still and shoots out fire to attack enemies standing close by.

Flame Thrash

Mastery: 50

Shoot fire forwards and have a chance to give your opponents the Burn debuff.

Flame Tower

Mastery: 75

Summon a tower of flames that attacks all nearby enemies.

Epic Magic Types and Spells

Epic Magic Types and Spells
Photo: Clover Retribution

Although there’s only one magic that falls in the epic category at this time, you can expect there to be tons more in the near future.

Lightning Magic

That’s right, the magic that our favorite blonde smiling battle-maniac character uses is the only magic of epic rarity right now. If you want to enjoy the thrill of battle then this is the magic type for you.

Lightning Strike

Mastery: 5

Summon a cloud where your mouse is on the screen which shoots a strike of lightning. Can also potentially give a target the shocked debuff.

Lightning Circus

Mastery: 25

Summon sparks around your character that deal damage to all enemies around you. Deals extra damage to enemies with the shocked debuff.

Thunder Gods Attire

Mastery: 75

Your character’s body is covered in lighting, which increases your overall movement speed and enhances your M1 attack

Clover Retribution – Legendary Magic Types and Spells

Legendary Magic Types and Spells
Photo: Clover Retribution

The second last magic types to go through are all the legendary ones. All of these magic types can barely be seen in Clover Retribution, and if you have even one of them then you’re luckier than most.

Water Magic

Water Magic came to the game alongside Earth Magic. However, unlike the other one, this magic type is good enough to warrant a legendary rarity.

Water Drill


Summons a water drill that steals mana from targets hit by it.

Water Shield

Mastery: 25 Gives you and your party members a 5% damage reduction.

Water Dragon

Mastery: 45 Summons a Water Dragon that flies in front of you while stealing mana from players.

Void Magic

Void Magic
Photo: Clover Retribution

The second legendary magic type is Void Magic. This is a completely original magic type that is based on Yami’s Dark Magic with a couple of key differences.

Worm Hole

Mastery: 5

You are coated in Void energy and blasted forward.

Depth Coil

Mastery: 25

Summons a void underneath your character that damages all enemies standing inside.

Black Hole

Mastery: 65

Summons a black hole AoE attack that deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Blood Magic

If you don’t mind controlling one of the most morbid magic types out there, then Blood Magic is always one of the strongest magics to have.


Punch forward to attack your enemies

Crimson Cataclysm

Punch the ground to unleash a large AoE attack that deals damage to all nearby enemies

Crimson Pursuit

Shoot a ball that tracks the enemy and attacks them

Crimson Hydra

Summon Hydra, which shoots towards the enemy

Mythic Magic Types and Spells

Mythic Magic Types and Spells
Photo: Clover Retribution

Similar to epic rarity spells, there’s only one mythic magic spell too. However, if you’ve either watched the Black Clover anime or read the manga before then you’ll be able to identify the magic instantly.

Worlds Root

Mastery: 10

Summon roots in front of your character that attack all nearby enemies

Arboreal Ascendancy

Mastery: 25

Create a landmine that can root enemies down when stepped on (also deals damage!)

Verdant Vortex

Mastery: 45

Summon a whirlwind of wood and leaves whilst damaging all enemies inside

Forest’s Embrace

Mastery: 60

Lift roots from the ground to damage all nearby enemies

Great Tree Mistilteinn

Mastery: 75

Create a small World Tree that buffs you and your allies


These were all of the magic types and spells available in Roblox – Clover Retribution. As mentioned before, we definitely expect there to be more magic types and spells to be added to the game, with Spatial Magic being confirmed to be released soon.

If you want to play some more games with magic in them, check out War and Magic – Kingdom Reborn and Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Ultimate Echos.

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