Roblox – Clover Retribution Blue Lilies Guide

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Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

If you are a Roblox enthusiast who has played Clover Retribution more than once, you will know that the challenging yet exciting quests and the hidden gems are what the game is all about.

Speaking of hidden gems, have you ever come across the magical Blue lilies? The flowers that hold the power to unlock hidden mysteries within the game? However, these blooms are not always the easiest to find, but fear not! We are here to spill the tea on how to not only find them but make them pop up like daisies after spring rain.

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

What Are Blue Lilies in Clover Retribution?

Blue Lilies in Clover Retribution are rare and magical flowers that players seek in hidden spots. Not only are these flowers awfully pretty, but they possess some special powers too.

Finding them is like going on a treasure hunt and exploring the game’s beautiful landscapes. Once discovered, Blue Lilies can unlock secret places, make characters stronger, and help overcome tricky challenges.

In Roblox – Clover Retribution, these flowers are more than just decorations; they are like the special keys to exciting adventures, turning the plain game into an exciting storyline with its quests! 

The Art Of Spawning

Before we dive further into the guide, let’s talk about spawning or spawning Blue lilies in Clover Retribution in particular. It is like magic and science combined!

Flowers are scattered all over the game, but not all spots are equally good for lilies. The spots where lilies appear differ in how often they show up, so some places are better for finding them than others.

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

So Here’s the ultimate trick: pay attention to the humble Grass. Blue, Mana, and Fire Lilies don’t pop up as often as other flowers, and Grass usually takes their place in Clover Retribution. Strange, right? But don’t brush off the Grass!

Grab it whenever you spot it. Turns out, removing the Grass is like rolling out the red carpet for the fancy lilies—they love a clear stage for their grand entrance!

Now that you have tamed the basics, let’s take you on a virtual tour of the spots where you will find these blue lilies from! 

Location 1. Near Unnamed Village: Where Flowers and Quests Collide

First up we have the Unnamed Village, a floral paradise where quests and flowers come together in peace. As you explore the grassy areas, keep your eyes peeled for the Blue Lilies quest giver. It’s like a flower-themed date!

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

Snatch up every piece of Grass you spot, and who knows, the ever-rare Lilies might be one of them! 

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

Location #2 – Between Long Forgotten Tower and Grasslands Forest: Cliffside Chronicles

If you are feeling bold and in need of a little adventure, then the cliffs between the Long Forgotten Tower and the Grasslands Forest are a playground of possibilities for you.

Make sure to dive deep into every nook and cranny, as blue Lilies love to play hide and seek in these areas. Think of it like a treasure hunt in a flower field where you are the savvy pirate hunting for the X that marks the spot.

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

Location #3 – Near Aetherstone Isle Raid Gate: Raiding for Runes and Blooms

For our next location, we are shifting our gears to the left of the Aetherstone Isle Gate, a popular place in Clover Retribution.  It’s where raid gates, signals, and runes hang out, all on a cool cliffside.

Sure, it might not be as crowded as the Unnamed Village, but you have got 5-7 flower spawn points—not too shabby, right? Go raid for runes, and who knows, you might just stumble upon a Lily or two while you are at it!

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

Location #4 – Near Riverbanks: A Riverside Floral Fiesta

And for our final spot, take yourself out on a chill stroll along the Riverbanks, where flowers are as abundant as good vibes. With the river stretching from one edge of the map to another, keep a sharp eye on the edges. Lilies may be hiding there, waiting for their chance to be discovered!

Clover Retribution
Image: Garena International II

Tips For Finding Blue Lilies In Clover Retribution

  • Grass is Gold: Don’t diss the Grass! It’s like a VIP pass to more Blue Lilies. Spot it? Grab it! It’s like giving the lilies a VIP welcome, which they will surely love! 
  • Explore Everything: Blue Lilies love playing hide-and-seek. Check every corner, especially near quest spots and in the grassy zones. If something looks a bit blue, investigate!
  • Team Up, Level Up: Don’t go solo if you don’t have to. Join forces with other players. More eyes mean a better chance of finding those tricky Lilies. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Flower Tour: Never camp in one spot. Do a flower tour, hitting all the cool locations mentioned earlier. Grab everything—flowers, Grass, the whole shebang. Then circle back. Fresh flowers, maybe some Blue lilies, should be waiting for you.
  • Enjoy the Ride: This is not just a challenge but rather a floral adventure! Take in the views, enjoy the game, and smile at the thrill of spotting those magical Blue Lilies. After all, It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey!
  • Keep Trying Stuff: If a spot seems fishy at first, don’t throw in the towel. Mix things up—different times, different places. You might just stumble upon the ultimate Blue Lily jackpot.

Bottom Line

In the funky world of Clover Retribution, Blue Lilies are like a cool secret handshake. So, stick by our location guide and follow these tips, have a blast, and let the Blue Lily Chase be the highlight of your Roblox gig!

You can either download Clover Retribution on the Google Play Store.

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