Roblox – Clover Retribution Armor Tier List

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In the exhilarating Roblox: Clover Retribution, players embark on a journey to explore a vast world and uncover the secrets of magic.

Engage in quests, battle monsters, and face off against elite foes and powerful bosses. However, selecting the ideal armor set can be daunting.

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Fear not, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Set out on a journey to discover the array of armor sets available, empowering you to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Clover Retribution Armor Tier List

When selecting armor in Clover Retribution, it is crucial to consider your play style and the specific benefits each set offers.

For instance, if you prefer a defensive approach, you might gravitate toward armor sets emphasizing damage reduction and protection.

On the other hand, if you choose an offensive playstyle, you might focus on armor sets that enhance your attack power.

Mythic Tier

Enigma Carapace

Crafted from Riddlebones’ chaotic essence, the Enigma Carapace bewilders foes, offering unparalleled protection and a touch of madness.

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1% dropped by Riddle Bones (Halloween)
Must be from Corrupted Enemies
Level 50
+15 CON
+5 DEX, STR and INT
Reduces all incoming DMG by 10%

Legendary Tier

Pumpkin Knight Armor

Forged in the eerie glow of the autumn moon, the Pumpkin Knight Armor exudes the spirit of Halloween. Don this mystical gear and embody the fearless allure of the legendary Pumpkin Knight.

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Photo: Clover Retribution
2% From Pumpkins (Halloween)Level 35
+10 CON
+2 STR

Rare Tier

Lupine Shadow Plate

Forged from the essence of the Alpha wolf, this pitch-black armor melds strength with stealth. Wears are cloaked in the power and cunning of the pack leader, moving as shadows beneath the moon.

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Photo: Clover Retribution
Drops from Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf must be a Corrupted Enemy
+5 CON
5% Damage Reduction against all DMG

Bandit Sovereign Leathers

Emerald-hued and supple, this leather armor once graced the bandit lord himself. Wearing it grants agility and a touch of the rogue’s infamous guile.

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Photo: Clover Retribution
Chest dropped by Bandit Lord+6 DEX
+10% Defense against slash DMG

Apprentice Mage Garbs

Clothes commonly used by mages starting out.

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5% Dropped from Fire Mages+5 Intelligence

Craftable Gears

Craftable gears are items that can be created by utilizing in-game materials obtained through defeating monsters or bosses.

Frostweave Regalia

Icy-blue tunic adorned with gold accents complimented by fur trims on limbs and leather bindings, embodying the elegance of winter embrace and artisanal craftsmanship.

Roblox cr 7
Photo: Clover Retribution
Tundra Blacksmith5x Wolf Fur,
2x Frozen Lily
5x Yetti Fur
3,250 Gold
+5 DEX
+Frostward (Prevents “Chilled” Condition gained from being in Tundra.)

Wolf Iron Jacket

A blend of wolf fur warmth and iron durability.

Roblox cr 8
Photo: Clover Retribution
Wolf Hunters (NPC)Wolf Hunter Craftsmanx10 Wolf Fur
x3 Copper
x2 Iron
1,625 Coins
+2 CON
+2 DEX
2.5% Damage Reduction against all DMG

Ogrehide Vanguard

Crafted from the resilient hide of the ogres.

Clover Retribution 9
Photo: Clover Retribution
Warlord (Event)Thundra Blacksmith5x Wolf Fur,
Ogre Hide,
5x Ogre Bone,
2,000 Gold
+6 CON
+3 STR
25% Bludgeoning DMG Reduction

Rustic Trailblazer Kit

This adventurer set embraces the spirit of exploration for newcomers. Comprising basic yet durable gear, the perfect set that aids novices on their first journey.

Clover Retribution 10
Photo: Clover Retribution
Unnamed Village Blacksmith5x Copper,
5x Wolf Fur,
1,375 Gold
+3 DEX
+3 CON
+5% Gold

What is a Corrupted Enemy?

Enemies have a chance to spawn as corrupted. This gives them a purple aura, doubles their health, and increases the mastery and exp they give.

Monster List

Couldn’t find what you need? Provided below is a concise list of monsters referenced in the tier above with their DMG Type and Drops to assist you.

MonsterDamage TypeDrops
Alpha WolfSlashing,
Fear (Stunned for the duration of the effect)
When attacked, summons 2x wolf.
Alpha Wolf Scarf,
Wolf Fur,
1% Lupine Shadow Plate
Old Adventurers Spear,
Ogrebane Pike,
Ogrebane Ironblade,
Ogre Hide
YettiBludgeoningYetti Horn Spear,
Yetti Horn Sword,
Yetti Fur,
Yetti Horn
Riddle Bones
(Halloween 2023)
SlashingEnigma Blade,
Gallants Grasp,
Half Evil Sword,
Enigma Carapace
(Halloween 2023)
Pumpkin Knight Armor
Bandit LordSlashingBandit Sovereign Leathers,
Rune of Shattered Earth,
Rune of Raging Tempest,
Rune of Colossal Wrath,
Rune of Endless Challenge
Fire MagesBludgeoning/MagicApprentice Mage Garbs


This meticulously crafted Roblox RPG unfolds in a magical realm, allowing you to embark on a journey to explore the world, discover new spells, and acquire gear to enhance your character. The game boasts numerous features designed to captivate dedicated fans.

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