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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2023)

Several Roblox games have been adapted from Bleach, but many players would agree that Project Mugetsu can be likened to a few.

The action-based anime game allows players to create and customize a character but introduces different clans categorized into seven groups or tiers.

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There are differences in the official Project Mugetsu clans tier list from those available online, raising questions among players, especially those new to the game. Looking for answers? Check out this Project Mugetsu guide for the official clan tier list.

What is Project Mugetsu Clan Tier List?

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The official Project Mugetsu clan tier list comprises tiers, groups, or categories the game uses to categorize its clans. There are seven clan tiers or groups in the game, namely:

  • Common (60%)
  • Uncommon (22%)
  • Rare (11%)
  • Legendary (5%)
  • Mythic (1%)
  • War Power (0.01%)
  • And Transcendent (0.005%)

Each tier contains clans with different strengths, and they become more powerful as the chances of getting indicated by the percentage beside them reduce. For example, the War Power tier clans are stronger and harder to get than those in Legendary.

Transcendent Tier List

transcendent tier project mugetsu
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There is only one clan in the Transcendent tier named Yhwach, and it is the most powerful and the rarest to get (they have a probability of 0.005%) in Project Mugetsu.

War Powers Tier List

war powers tier project mugetsu
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Clans in the War Powers tier are the crème la crème in Project Mugetsu. They are very powerful and the rarest to get (they have a probability of 0.1%) next to the Transcendent tier. Current clans of the Project Mugetsu War Power tier list are:

  • Urahara
  • Aizen
  • Uryu
  • Kurosaki
  • Zaraki

Mythic Tier List

mythic tier project mugetsu
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Mythic tier list clans in Project Mugetsu are the next most powerful after the War Powers. Furthermore, they are rare, with the probability of getting 1%. Nevertheless, they are very strong and a top choice for many players. Current clans of the Project Mugetsu Mythic tier are:

  • Cifer
  • Thoumeaux
  • Yamamoto

Legendary Tier List

legendary tier project mugetsu
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Legendary clans are strong and can have options at the game’s beginning. Furthermore, you have a higher chance of getting them than the previous tiers, with a 5% chance. However, you should phase them out as you get characters from other tiers. Current clans in the Legendary tier are:

  • Jaegerjaquez
  • Hitsugaya
  • Hisaga
  • Shihoin
  • Unohana
  • Ichimaru

Rare Tier List

rare tier project mugetsu
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Clans in the Rare tier are weak but stronger and less common than characters in the Uncommon and Common tiers. Current members of the Project Mugetsu Rare tier are:

  • Iba
  • Kira
  • Hirako
  • Ushoda
  • Amagi
  • Sarugaki
  • Valkyrie

Uncommon Tier List

Uncommon tier project mugetsu
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Clans in the Uncommon tier are uncommon and weak. They will shine in a few game modes and be weak in many. Hence, you should use them depending on the case or avoid them altogether. Current clans in the Project Mugetsu Uncommon tier are:

  • Dokugamine
  • Sado
  • Inoue
  • Ginjo
  • Kutsuzawa
  • Tsukishima
  • Shishigawara
  • Yukio
  • Kotetsu
  • Muguruma
  • Yadomaru

Common Tier List (C Class)

common tier project mugetsu
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The Common tier is the weakest of the clan tier list. Hence, they are not worth investing your effort or time. Current clans in the Project Mugetsu Common tier are:

  • Asano
  • Arisawa
  • Joaquin
  • Haida
  • Hanakari
  • Honsho
  • Ide
  • Lijima
  • Kannoniji
  • Kunieda

Final Thoughts

This is the official clan tier list. Unlike other sources, we did not curate a list using different sources or even our gameplay. We aim to create a list that shows how powerful these characters are and how they can affect your gameplay.

Do you have any questions about Project Mugetsu or about a game on Roblox? Check out Playholic. While you do that, unsheathe your Zanpakuto and show them who you are.

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