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Robending online

Inspired by the anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender, RoBending Online revolves around the power of the four elements, which skilled benders use against their opponents to survive.

These elements have sub-bendings that exist within each of the elements and require different levels of mastery.

Robending Online
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Each of the elements is unique and has its own pros and cons. The best way to determine which element is best suited to your playstyle is by experiencing it firsthand.

However, some elements stand higher than the rest, and in this article, I will create a brief tier list for each element, along with their respective sub-skills for this Roblox game.

RoBending Online – Elements

RoBending Online
Photo: RoBending Online

At the start of RoBending Online, you choose the element you want, followed by a spin to obtain sub-bendings. You can only have one sub-element per save.

Photo: RoBending Online

Keep in mind that acquiring sub-bendings is based on chance, and you are limited to five free rolls. Alternatively, you can purchase additional rolls in the RoBending Online shop.

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Element Tier List

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Note that tier lists are tools for evaluation and are subject to change. Ultimately, the most effective way to determine which character suits your playstyle and strategy is through experimentation.

  • S Tier – These sub-skills are currently the most powerful and are considered rare in the roster, but obtaining them is challenging due to their low chance rate.
  • A Tier – Still considered powerful but runs a bit short compared to its counterpart.
  • B Tier – Not the best at the moment, but still decent especially for starter accounts.

Earth Element

Photo: RoBending Online

Lava (S Tier)

Lava is currently the strongest sub-bending in the Earth Element, creating a path of molten lava that continuously damages those trapped inside. You can obtain the Lava sub-bending through a spin with a 1% chance rate.

Seismic (A Tier)

Seismic lands in the A Tier. When activated, this skill grants you the ability to sense vibrations in your surroundings, allowing you to automatically evade attacks. Seismic sub-bending is obtainable through spinning with a 5% chance rate.

Sand (B Tier)

Sand is considered B Tier due to its lower damage output. This sub-bending grants you the ability to create tornadoes made out of sand. It can be obtained through spinning with a 15% chance rate.

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Fire Element

Photo: RoBending Online

Combustion (S Tier)

Marked by an intricate third-eye tattoo, Combustion grants you the ability to superheat the surrounding air and produce a beam of explosive energy with powerful damage. Combustion is considered one of the powerful sub-bendings and is a must-have. You can obtain this by spinning with a 1% chance rate.

Lightning (A Tier)

This sub-bending grants you the ability to generate lightning and direct it towards opponents. It can be obtained through spinning with a 5% chance rate.

Water Element

Photo: RoBending Online

Blood (S Tier)

Channeling the Blood sub-skill, a rare variant of waterbending, allows you to take hold of the fluids within a living organism’s body, giving you control of their body while inflicting damage. This sub-skill can be obtained from spinning with a 1% chance rate.

Healing (A Tier)

This sub-skill allows you to heal wounds. Using water, you direct the body’s energy and concentrate it on the wounded area, enabling an accelerated healing rate. This sub-bending can be obtained from spinning with a 15% chance rate.

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Air Element

Photo: RoBending Online

Flight (A Tier)

Airbenders have the ability to manipulate the air, granting them the power of flight and the freedom to use their abilities while in this state. This sub-skill can be obtained from spinning with a 1% chance rate.

Spirit Projection (B Tier)

This is a specialized airbending technique that allows your spirit to explore outside your body and travels to another location. While in this state, you can pass through any obstacles, and during projection, your spirit is immune to all attacks. This sub-skill can be obtained from spinning with a 15% chance rate.

Beta Development

Note that RoBending is still in Beta, and as such, the elements and sub-bending are subject to changes in later stages of development.

There are still bugs that need to be addressed, and updates to non-element are underway. Nevertheless, the developers are hard at work to deliver what they have envisioned for this brilliant game.

Photo: RoBending Online

They are also working on their wiki page to provide information about their game, including maps, NPCs, quests, equipment, gameplay, etc. Some sections may still be empty and are currently being worked on.

You can check their Wiki here: RoBending Fandom Wiki

If you’ve picked your element and want to join your designated nation, RoBending has organized Discord channels for each nation, allowing players to connect with fellow benders and share tips and tricks. You can find the channels here:


As a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s exhilarating to learn that someone has created a server inspired by the anime. Although the game is still in Beta and has many milestones to reach, avid fans are eagerly anticipating its full release.

With its rich lore and characters drawn directly from the inspiration itself, the game holds immense potential. Hopefully, the developers will continue working on this project until it’s completed.

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