Risk of Rain – Hostile Worlds: Release Date & What To Expect

Nazarii Verbitskiy
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2023)

If you are a fan of Risk of Rain titles, you probably know about Hostile Worlds. Although it was announced recently, it has already become one of the most hyped series.

Not only because Gearbox announced it to celebrate the ten years of Risk of Rain but also cause it will be a free-to-play action RPG.

Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds introduction
Photo: Gearbox Publishing

We’ve tried to collect everything we know about the upcoming game in this article, including the release date, gameplay, and the connection with the original Risk of Rain title.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player waiting for a new gaming experience, we are here to help!

What Is Risk of Rain-Hostile Worlds?

This game is partially a sequel to Risk of Rain 2, and will most likely share the same timeline but will present a brand new, fresh part of the well-known to us story.

what is Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds
Photo: Gearbox Publishing

This game will also share the legendary characters with previous titles but will be free to follow its path. That’s one of the main reasons the gaming community is so excited to see Risk of Rain – Hostile Worlds release.  

The gameplay will be a fast-paced roguelike game made in a more cartoonish style than the previous titles.

Gearbox Publishing promised “heart-pounding bullet-hell gameplay,” so we think the game will be exciting for newbies and players familiar with Risk of Rain’s lore. 

Expected Release Date

Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds release date
Photo: Gearbox Publishing

At the moment of writing, we’ve yet to receive any official information about the Hostile Worlds release date.

However, the official trailer shows and screenshots in the game’s official Discord server show that Hostile Worlds is already polished and will be ready for release soon.

Although we cannot predict the exact release date, however, you can look forward to it likely being published in the middle of 2024. However, there are many reasons why the potential release might be delayed.

We’ll try to stay aware of the latest news to keep you informed about the upcoming release, so feel free to check this article for the latest information.

What To Expect According to Sources?

Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds what to expect
Photo: Gearbox Publishing

With only one announcement trailer revealed it’s pretty hard to say what to expect from Risk of Rain – Hostile Worlds.

It’s worth noting that this game will be an F2P mobile game, so Gearbox will likely include some microtransactions to make money on it. We don’t know what it will look like, but we all hope it won’t make the game pay-to-win.

Risk of Rain - Hostile Worlds conclusion
Photo: Gearbox Publishing


That’s it. Even though we cannot tell you the exact release date, the game will likely be released soon, and it will be the great half-sequel to Risk of Rain 2.

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