Rilakkuma Farm Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Your favorite bear now has his own game! And you all are invited to help him grow crops and decorate the garden. Rilakkuma Farm is a cute game from Imagineer and San-X.  It’s addictive and very easy to play.  

This charming Kawaii game follows the adventures of the world’s most adorable bear and his friends. They arrive at a deserted farmhouse to eat treats. But to their surprise, there were none there, except for an instruction manual. They decide to take up the most difficult task – to restore the tumbledown farm and turn it into something productive and adorable.  

Help the lazy brown bear grow and harvest crops, gather farm produce and sell them at the marketplace. You will also unlock beautiful decorations and cute cards. Get to know more about Rilakkuma Farm with these tips, tricks and strategies. 

How to Play 

1. Plant crops on fields. Your starter crop is strawberry, which is free to plant. You will have to spend coins to plant other crops, such as rice, azuki etc.  

2. Harvest crops to collect fruits, grains and other resources. It will take some time to grow crops. When they are ready for harvesting, just swipe or tap to collect them. Each time you collect resources from crops, you gain XP. The XP fills the level gauge on the top-left corner of the screen.  

Rilakkuma Farm

3. Feed animals in buildings such as the cow barn. Tap the barn and then drag the animal feed at the bottom over any animal. You don’t have use spend coins to use animal feed.  

4. Once animals have finished eating, they grant certain items. Example: Cows at the barn give milk when they finish eating. Tap milk cartons to collect them.  

5. Expand your farm by opening closed farm areas with a signboard. Tap a signboard and use coins to open it. The higher your level, the more farm plots you will open.  

6. Opening new farm areas also allows you to gain access to trees that bore fruits, such as the apple tree. Tap the apple tree and then drag the basket from the bottom over the fruits to collect them. Apples and other fruits will be used to make delicious treats at the Fruit Bar.  

7. You can combine farm produce to make lip-smacking delicacies in certain buildings, such as the Fruit Bar. Make the delicious strawberry shake and other treats. Get 1 strawberry and 1 milk to prepare the shake. When you reach new levels, you will unlock more treats.  

8. On the Fruit Bar, tap a treat to know what are the ingredients required to make one. If you have all ingredients, just drag the treat from the bottom to the blender. It will take a few minutes to prepare treats.  

9. When you reach newer levels, you will unlock more buildings. For example, you will unlock the Sweet Shop when you reach level 7. You can prepare additional dishes in the Sweet Shop.  

10. Once you have harvested crops and made treats, it’s time to head straight to “Orders” where you will deliver treats and produce around the neighborhood.  

11. Under Orders, the check mark on a building suggests that orders in that building can be fulfilled. To deliver products, tap the building and then tap the Fill button. You will receive coins and XP instantly after delivering produce.  

With the help of the above step-by-step guide, we hope it will be easy for you to play.

How to Get the Shovel and Hammer   

Both Shovel and Hammer are important tools in Rilakkuma Farm. When the game starts, you will only need coins to expand your farm, but as you progress through the game, you must also have shovels to unlock more areas.  

Hammer is used to increase storage space

Farm produce and food are stored under “Items”. However, there’s a limit to storage space. When the storage is full, you can’t store more items. To increase this limit, you will need a hammer.  

You can get these tools from Shops. Purchase them using jewels. You may find one of these tools or both under “Today’s Sale”.

Purchase hammer and shovel from shops

Please note that items randomly appear on the sales section and refresh every 24 hours, so you may not find a shovel or hammer in a particular day and may have to wait for the next day to purchase them.  

You can also get tools from the limited-time picnic event. Currently, there’s a Christmas event which will end soon, but there will be more such events in the future. You can find new events on the left side of the screen.  

Fulfill all characters’ demand in a picnic event to earn points. A character’s food demand is shown above him in a thought bubble. Characters may ask for a delicacy prepared at the Fruit Bar or the Sweet Shop, or fam produce, such as strawberries, apple, milk etc.  

Collect farm produce and make delicacies to complete each character’s requirements and earn points. Fill the points gauge on the bottom of the screen to earn a reward. Reach points milestones to get shovels and hammers.  

Get tools from the Picnic event

For example, in the Christmas picnic event, you will receive 6000 coins when you score 60 points. But the fun doesn’t stop here, keep fulfilling character demands to reach the next score milestone, i.e. 70 points to earn a total of 130 points and get a shovel. Continue playing until you reach the next milestone – 80 points to earn a total of 210 points and get a shovel.  

Picnic events lasts only for a day or two. Fulfilling demands can be time-consuming. This is the best time to use jewels if you want to speed up progress. You won’t be wasting jewels because you will earn a lot of XP per character quickly while playing the Picnic event. The more XP you receive, the faster you level up. You will earn a lot of jewels as rewards when you level up. Use them to complete tasks for fulfilling their demands.  

Four Ways to Get XP 

XP is needed to level up in this game. The level bar on the top-left corner of the screen shows how much XP is needed to reach the next level. When the bar is full, you will level up to unlock fields, buildings and decorations.  

Here are a few easy ways to gain XP 

1.Complete tasks, such as harvesting crops and gathering items from animals after feeding them.  

2.Deliver produce to different buildings under “Orders”. You will gain a lot of XP for fulfilling orders than by harvesting.  

3.Collecting fruits from trees. Keep collecting fruits, such as apples from trees to gain XP. You will get more XP from trees. Fruits appear on a tree every few hours.  

4. Make treats in buildings such as the Fruit Bar and Sweet Shop. Unlock new treats and prepare them to get more XP per treat. When you open a new treat shop, the amount of XP gained will be more after preparing a particular dish.  

Place More Fields  

The more crops you harvest, the more orders you will fulfill. This way, you will earn a lot of XP and coins 

When you reach newer levels, you will also unlock a variety of crops.  

Place more fields to grow more crops

Locals will order a different kinds of farm produce. So, you will need a bigger field to plant different types of crops. Thankfully, you can obtain 2 fields each time you level up.  

Place fields on the farm. To place one, tap “Items” and under “Decorations” tap the field’s portrait and then press the “place” button.  The bigger are your fields, the more crops you can plant and harvest.  

Move the field patch to a location and then tap the blue tick to place it.   

How to Get Coins 

Coins are used to plant crops (except strawberry, which is free), expand your farm, buy decorations and gift boxes from “Shops”. Here are a few tips to get coins:  

Finish all orders. Under “Orders” fulfill demands and deliver farm produce/treats to get coins.  

Complete quests. Finish simple tasks mentioned under the Quests tab (click the medal on the right to get access to quests).  

Obtain hearts to get a free gift box. Each time you fulfill an order, you will get a heart. Get 3 hearts to acquire a present box. You will get a lot of coins from the rare box.  

Sell unwanted items. Although you may need all of them, you may want to sell those that are of no use. Tap “Items” and under the “Items” tab, tap an ingredient. Press the sell button to get coins. You will get more coins for treats.  

Get free coins every few hours from “Shops”. You will find this offer under “Today’s Sale”. Claim your rewards before time’s up.  

Collect Medals to Open the Big Box 

Tap the bear medal on your left to access the Rilakkuma Farm’s Quest page. Keep a tab on all tasks and finish them one by one to unlock quest rewards.  

For some quests, you will have to watch videos to claim rewards. You can get coins, jewels, decorations and most importantly medals.  

Medals collected from completed quests fill the Big Box gauge. You will need 50 medals to unlock the big gift box.  

Big present box contains a lot of decor and coins

Big box contains a lot of presents, such as coins, jewels and 5 or more decorative items, including rare and super rare decorations.   

Obtain Present Boxes by Completing Orders  

Get three hearts by fulfilling 3 orders to unlock a present box.  

Next, tap the box under “present delivery” and press the deliver button. Delivery times take up to 3 hours before you can claim your presents.  

It will take 2 hours to deliver a common present box and 3 hours to deliver a rare box. You can speed up time using jewels.   

Complete orders to get present boxes in Rilakkuma Farm

When ready, tap the box in the van to claim your rewards.  

You might get a common or rare box. A rare present box contains more coins, 3 common decorations and a rare decoration. A common box contains fewer coins and only 3 common decorations.  

How to get Cute Cards 

You will collect a lot of adorable cards in this game. Just tap the menu > album to see your Rilakkuma Farm card collection.  

To get beautiful Rilakkuma cards, follow these steps: 

Get duplicates of each decoration to rank it up. You will need a certain number of duplicates to rank up a decorative piece. 

To know the numbers required to ranking up, go to Items. The required number of duplicates is shown below a decoration.  

Each time you rank up a decoration, a new card is unlocked. Go to your album to see the card. 

Obtain decorations from present boxes. You can get present boxes by finishing orders. You will also get big present box using medals. Complete quests to obtain medals.  

You can also buy decorations from “Shops” using in-game coins. Save coins to buy the “Super Rare Box” which will contain a lot of rare and super rare decorations.  

Use Jewels to Speed Up Time 

Jewels are primarily used to speed up time in any task that requires players to wait for a few minutes or hours to complete it. You will obtain jewels from present boxes. You will also get them each time you level up. Quests are also a great way to earn them. 

Save and Restore Game Progress 

RilaKKuma Farm is so addictive that you just can’t stop playing it! But what if you lose your device and game progress? You must prep up for all unforeseen events and the best way to do is save your game so that you can restore your game data on a new device.  

If you want to restore your first device’s saved game data on your second device, follow these steps:   

Note down secret code and user ID under transfer data

On device 1, note down your user ID and secret code. Both are available under Menu > Transfer Save Data. Tap the show button to reveal ID and code. Your code’s unique. Do not share them with anyone.  

 In case you lose data on device 1, you can restore game progress on a new device.

Download the game on device 2.

Transfer save data by entering code and id on a new device

On the title screen, tap the “Help” button. You can find it on the lower-right corner of the screen. Touch “Transfer Save Data” button and enter the ID and secret code which you noted down.  

  1. Can somebody tell me please what can I do if I can’t find my secret code? I was on level 37. I really don’t want to start from level 1 again.

  2. What can I do if I can’t find my secret code? I was on level 37. I really don’t want to start from level 1 again.

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