Revue Starlight RE LIVE Guide: 10 Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Revue Starlight RE LIVE
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Revue Starlight Re Live follows the adventures of Karen AijōHikari Kagura and other dazzling stage girls from the blockbuster anime. This strategy role-playing game has a deep turn-based battle system that keeps you hooked on your smartphone for hours. Re Live has a unique “act system” that lets you make use of various acts of a stage girl to vanquish enemies. You will have to select act panels and choose the right panels to inflict major damage to enemies.  

Revue Starlight RE LIVE

Graphically, Revue Starlight Re Live looks stunning on your smartphone screens. The dramatic lighting and sound effects when you launch a stage girl’s climax revue is a treat to watch. Besides story-based missions, Re Live also offers several other game modes and features, such as a real-time PvP versus mode, potential bloom and a special “my theater “where you can interact with stage girls and get useful items. You will love everything about this game, even if you haven’t watched the hit anime. Our new player’s guide provides useful tips, hints and strategies that will help you know the best time to use climax revues and understand the power of memoirs, make the most of act panels to defeat enemies and unlock skill panels. But before that, do watch our beginners guide gameplay to know how to play Revue Starlight RE LIVE:

1. Get as Many Acts Together as Possible in Each Turn 

A stage girl boasts various acts that either deal damage to an enemy or provide helpful status effects to self or an ally when her turn comes. You can view these acts by tapping “Stage Girls” on the right side of your home screen and then long-pressing a character’s portrait. Normally, the most basic act which deals low damage to enemies requires 1 AP whereas an act that deals medium damage requires 2 AP. There are various other acts for each stage girl that deal status effects and you can view all of them on a character’s profile page.    

Before a battle begins, you will have the power to decide which stage girl goes first/acts you can choose. To do this you will have to tap on each act panels. Each act panel requires “AP” or act points. You can use up to 6 act points in every turn, so choose your act panels carefully. The AP required by each stage girl’s act is shown on the top-left corner of a panel.  

Get as Many Acts as Possible

A stage girl’s act that requires more AP is normally more powerful than an act that uses fewer AP. However, if you want to inflict multiple blows to enemies, choose the lowest act panels first followed by higher ones. You would want to cram as many acts as possible to deal more damage to enemies. If you choose only those panels that require 3 act points, then you will end up launching only 2 stage girls on a stage. This could mean trouble because the enemies might outnumber your team as they will obviously select more act panels, dealing more damage to your characters.  

Note: This strategy will work best in the initial missions, but as you progress, you will collect more powerful stage girls and might have to change your strategy as the enemies will be tougher to beat and you would want to inflict as much damage as possible each time a stage girl attacks Since each stage girl possesses several acts, you will have to select the right attack panels from randomly chosen act panels of each stage girl. Always check the act’s symbol before selecting a panel. Long-press on a stage girl’s panel to check what act she will be launching when selected for the stage battle.  

Keep in mind that first turn attacks are crucial if you want to weaken the front-line enemy. Experiment with different strategies, including the above strategy and see which one works best and make use of “climax” when it’s needed the most. Also, make sure you level up all stage girls from time to time, equip the most powerful memoirs and unlock their skill panels to improve their stats and skills and make them stronger.  

2. The First Turn Advantage  

To have an edge in Revue Starlight Re Live’s turn-based battles, you should always look to attack first. This will weaken the frontline enemy. The best way to do this is to select a stage girl that uses only 1 AP. Although the damage dealt will be lower than an act that uses 2 or 3 AP, you will get the first turn advantage. If you choose the first stage girl with 2 AP and if the enemy uses 1 AP then the enemy will attack first.  

You may also get a chance to deal two attacks in a row if you select two stage girl panels that use 1 AP each. Stage girls will attack twice in quick succession under certain circumstances. For example, if you select two characters having 1 AP each and the enemy AI deploys a minion that uses 2/3 APs. You will not only get the first turn advantage but also launch two back-to-back attacks.  

3. Select Stage Girls Whose Elements are Stronger Than Enemy’s Element 

Getting the first turn advantage plus a stage girl with a stronger element will surely deal massive damage to your opponent. When selecting act panels, choose those that have a “weak” mark above them. A weak mark suggests that the enemy’s element is weaker than the stage girl’s element, whereas “resist” suggests that the enemy’s element would be stronger than that stage girl’s element 

Select Stronger Stage Girls

There are six elements in this game and each element is color-coded – Red is stronger than Green, Blue is stronger versus Red, Green is stronger versus Blue. Yellow is stronger versus Purple. Pink is stronger versus Yellow and Purple is stronger versus Pink. Pay attention to elements and their strengths weakness before choosing panels. You can also view enemy elements on a stage on the top of the battle screen. Along with their HP bar, you will also notice their element icons and color.  

4. Use Climax Revues at the Right Moment 

Each stage girl has a “brilliance gauge” – an orange bar displayed just below their HP bar. This orange bar fills up every time a stage girl performs an act or receives damage from enemies. When the orange bar maxes out, i.e. becomes full, it glows, allowing you to launch a powerful climax revue.  

A Climax Revue Mode

Pay attention to the brilliance gauge of each stage girl on the top of the battle screen. When it glows, the climax button on the left side of the screen is activated. Just tap it and you will see new sparkling and glowing climax panels of those stage girls whose brilliance gauges are maxed out. Tap each panel to launch climax revues, which will deal massive damage to enemies.  

In Revue Starlight Re Live, a battle consists of 3 waves. You will battle a new wave of enemies when you defeat the first wave and so on. The third wave is a bit tougher to beat. This is when climax comes handy. When you reach wave 3, you might see more than one brilliance gauge maxing out. You can launch multiple climax revues in the third wave to inflict major damage to enemies.  

Tip: Before launching climax, if you have selected two climax panels and still there are a few act points remaining, just add a few normal act panels until you have used up all 6 points. Make sure you select the climax panel first to deal greater damage followed by normal panels if you want to give your best in the battlefield 

5. Get Double Climax Advantage with a Guest Character  

You can select a guest stage girl from another player in Revue Starlight Re Live’s main story missions.

Get Double Climax Revues

When one of the stage girls’ climax is activated, the guest stage girl’s climax revue is also automatically activated giving you an opportunity to launch two climax revues at the same time: 1. Your team’s stage girl and the guest character’s climax. With double climax, you will surely eliminate a few enemies when your turn comes.  

6. Equip Memoirs to Stage Girls to Gain Stats Boost During Battle 

In Revue Starlight Re Live’s Main Story and PvP “vs. Revue” mode, you can select up to five stage girls. Besides selecting characters, you can also select “memoirs”. Each memoir bestows certain passive skills or battle benefits, such as bonus brilliance or barriers that will help you in some way or the other during battle. In the beginning, you will have two memoirs – Ghost Patrol Story Props and Laurels of Brilliance. The former recovers 70 HP each turn and the latter has a 15 percent critical damage chance.  

You can obtain more memoirs from the gacha. Make sure you accumulate lots of star gems as you will need them the most to obtain characters and memoirs from the gacha. You will get star gems from story missions (first clear rewards) and beginner’s assignments. You should also login daily to get bonus rewards, which also includes star gems. Don’t forget to level up memoirs using “upgrade memoirs” as materials. You can also use duplicate memoirs to upgrade the original one.  

Please note that you will incur cost for both memoir and a stage girl in the team selection screen. Keep an eye on the total cost on the top of the screen and the costs of both star girl and memoir before selecting them.  Tap “Auto” in the unit formation screen to let the AI choose the best characters and memoirs for you without exceeding the maximum total cost if you are having trouble selecting the best team before battle. 

7. Level Up Stage Girls to Make them More Powerful 

Stage girls who have fought enemies gain XP after each battle and level up slowly. To instantly level them up, you will need lesson tickets, which you might get as rewards from main story missions, assignments, lesson ticket hunt events and chests that you receive as rewards when you win PvP versus matches.  

Leveling Up a Stage Girl in Revue Starlight Re Live

Tap “Stage Girls” on your home screen and then tap “Level Up”. Now tap the plus sign to use a lesson ticket. You will also see the potential increase in a stage girl’s level even before using it. You will reach higher levels if you use tickets with more stars.  

8. How to Unlock Skill Panels 

Each stage girl has a set of skill panels, which can be unlocked to boost certain stats and acts. You can view a character’s panels – just tap “Stage Girls” > Skill Panel and the tap each character’s portrait on the bottom of the screen. You will need skill pieces and coins to unlock a skill panel, Get them from story missions and PvP versus mode.  

Tap the glowing panel to see what are the unlock requirements.  If there’s a missing piece, it will be grayed out. Just tap it to know where to find the piece. You will also need coins along with pieces to unlock a skill panel. 

Make sure you check what benefits the glowing panel will bestow when unlocked. It could be a stat boost or an act/skill level up. Once you unlock all skill panels of a stage girl, you will get the opportunity to rank her up. When a stage girl’s rank increases, her stats greatly increase. New skills also may be unlocked.  

9. Obtain These Items from the Theater 

Revue Starlight Re Live’s Theater is where stage girls talk, gossip and fight, but it’s also a great place to get bonus items, such as lesson tickets and coins. You can also interact with stage girls to receive random rewards like stamina. Just tap those characters that have a “Talk” callout above them, listen to their conversation or just skip them to quickly get your rewards.  

Revue Starlight Theater

There are certain items placed on the theater that generate coins, tickets and gift boxes from time to time. These are: Green Coin Andrew Piggy Bank (produces green theater coins), Gold Coin Andrew Piggy Bank, Notice Board (get lesson tickets from this item) and Parcel Delivery Box. The parcel delivery box generates gifts every few hours and can store up to 4 gifts, make sure you tap it when a gift box is shown above it to claim your gifts.  

Tap each item to know what bonus items they produce. Upgrading these theater items can either increase the amount of bonus items they generate or reduce the production time. You can upgrade these items using green theater coins, which you get from the green Andrew Piggy Bank. 

You can decorate the theater with additional furniture, flooring, walls and decor. Purchase them using green theater coins.  

10. How to get Stage Girls  

There are a few ways to get characters for free in Revue Starlight Re Live 

If you have pre-registered for this game, you can get stage girls as pre-registration bonus rewards. To claim your rewards, tap “presents” on the left side of the home screen and then scroll down until you see a list of characters. Tap “Receive” to collect them. Make sure you claim them before expiration.  

Get Stage Girls as Pre-Reg Rewards

You can also get stage girls from the gacha. Tap “Gacha” on the lower-right corner of the screen to obtain characters and memoirs using friend points and star gems. You receive friend points (FP) when you choose a guest character before battle.  Chances of getting items and memoirs are more when using the FP gacha, although you might also get a stage girl. You will need a certain number of FPs to use the friend point gacha. Keep recruiting guests in every mission to acquire friend points.  

Keep an eye on various gachas on the left side of the screen for new offers. Currently there’s a special limited-time 4-star stage girl guarantee offer for “Featured Gachas”. There’s also an event gacha called “Sweet Halloween” which has higher drop rates for new Halloween 3 star+ stage girls and memoirs. New offers will keep arriving in the gacha section.  

We hope you will find these beginner-level tips, hints and strategies useful. Follow each tip, including equipping memoirs, leveling up and unlocking skill panels to make your stage girls more powerful. This will help you win more story missions and PvP matches.