Reverse 1999 – Worn Teeth and Old Marks Event Guide

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Reverse 1999
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In “The Worn Teeth and Old Marks,” the gripping event presented in the phase 1 update of “A Nightmare at Green Lake” – Reverse 1999.

While camping nearby, critters stole some teeth and it is the job of players who perform the duties of Tooth Fairy in this game.

In the game, the Tooth Fairy performs clever moves going through hurdles and surprise attacks, which lead her through different stages where she rescues her lost teeth.

Players are given action points upon finishing the levels and achieving different goals. The prizes include character skills, specialty items, etc.

Reverse 1999
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Event Basics

Reverse 1999 “Worn Teeth and Old Marks” event occurs across three separate areas.

Players move as the Tooth Fairy collects teeth from the wild animals.

This includes Clear Drops, Abilities, and AP which is a new feature that makes the gameplay even more interesting.

Reverse 1999
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Three Distinct Areas

All the areas present their different challenges in Reverse 1999.

Players have to create different tactics for Campsite Forest, Cottage Perimeter, as well as Critter Dwelling.

The central part of the event is to travel through these places to make the play interesting and exciting.

Reverse 1999
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Role of the Player as the Tooth Fairy

In Reverse 1999 Worn Teeth and Old Marks event, players become the ‘Tooth Fairy’.

Players are supposed to collect the stolen tooth from the stated places using stealth, tactics, and some extra skills to get back all the lost tooth belonging to the tooth fairy.

The story and games surrounding the event strongly focus on playing as a ‘Tooth Fairy’.

Reverse 1999
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Clear Drops, Abilities, and Action Points

The Tooth Fairy’s powers can be unlocked and improved when finishing stages on Clear Drops.

For instance, they feature skills like Invisibility and Intersect that help deal with hurdles and opponents.

Every goal you perform gets you action points that help in opening prize packs for further transformation of the tooth fairy making this event a non-stop progress until the end.

Reverse 1999
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Stages in Worn Teeth and Old Marks

There are missions in Reverse 1999 on “Campsite Forest” composed of eight stages with different challenges.

Each part has its own set of strategy problems, combined with some nasty enemy

This is followed by “The Cottage Perimeter” missions stages 9-16 that demand players to deal with “Tough Competition” and choose between two equally important goals.

Lastly, it ends with “Critter Dwelling” mission stages such as stages 17 to 21, and a breathtaking last mission “The Search is Over”.

Reverse 1999
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Players use various skills of a tooth fairy – “Invisibility” or “Intersect” – to beat their enemies in Revers 1999 and complete goals resulting in a rich and vivid play in Reverse 1999.

Campsite Forest Missions

  • Stage 1 – Brake Failure
  • Stage 2 – Hold Your Breath
  • Stage 3 – Reckless Driving
  • Stage 4 – Secret Operation
  • Stage 5 – Little by Little
  • Stage 6 – Wailing Wall
  • Stage 7 – The Importance of Being Punctual
  • Stage 8 – Under the Surface

Cottage Perimeter Missions

  • Stage 9 – Fierce Competition
  • Stage 10 – Castling
  • Stage 11 – Steeplechase
  • Stage 12 – Desperate Struggle
  • Stage 13 – Symphony of Dots and Lines
  • Stage 14 – Trepidation
  • Stage 15 – Border Exploration
  • Stage 16 – Crucial Choice

Critter Dwelling Missions

  • Stage 17 – The Long and Winding Road
  • Stage 18 – Close Up
  • Stage 19 – Waiting for the Green Light
  • Stage 20 – Pincer
  • Stage 21 – The Search is Over
Reverse 1999
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Wild Critters and Tooth Fairies

Watch out for the fiends roaming the different floors! A level will be ruled a failure if, in their field of view, the Tooth Fairy appears.

Nonetheless, players can come from the side of these creatures and hit down with a stealth attack!

The end of some levels also contains tooth fairies, whose goal is to finish off in the fastest possible way.

Reverse 1999
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They act normally before meeting death’s grip; hence, they can be hit by a sneaky attack at last.

Nevertheless, once they get to the end of the line, you have to participate in a battle to go on with them.

When a Tooth Fairy approaches at levels with more than one Tooth Fairy to reach the end, it is only the first to reach the goal who starts a meeting.

Rewards in Reverse 1999 Event

Reverse 1999
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Having some teeth helps bring back the magic powers of the Tooth Fairy whilst releasing special abilities in Reverse 1999.

Players get to move through levels and as they achieve their goals, they are given action points. It is satisfying when you collect appropriate action points.

Action PointRewards
830 Clear Drops, 2 Liquefied Terror, 2 Enlighten 2
1230 Clear Drops, 1 Salted Mandrake, 10,000 Dust
1830 Clear Drops, 2 Solidus, 2 Enlighten 2
2430 Clear Drops, 1 Salted Mandrake, 10,000 Sharpodonty
3030 Clear Drops, 2 Liquefied Terror, 2 Enlighten 2
3330 Clear Drops, 1 Salted Mandrake, 10,000 Dust
3730 Clear Drops, 2 Solidus, 2 Enlighten 2
4030 Clear Drops, 1 Bifurcated Skeleton, 10,000 Sharpodonty
Total Rewards240 Clear Drops, 20,000 Sharpodonty, 20,000 Dust, 8 Enlighten 2, 3 Salted Mandrake, 1 Bifurcated Skeleton, 4 Liquefied Terror, 4 Solidus
Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch


Lastly, Reverse 1999 – Worn Teeth and Old Marks is indeed an arresting game event that comes under the first phase update named “A Nightmare at Green Lake”.

Players take on the part of the Tooth Fairy, going on a strategic trip across three distinct areas.

Strategies include utilizing features like stealth and overlap to face difficult levels and fierce animals.

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