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Reverse 1999
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The captivating mobile game Reverse 1999 includes several different characters having specific skills and strengths.

Notably, Voyager is the best 6-Star Star Mental hurt who has a name in giving support and crowd control.

Reverse 1999 shows a gripping turn-based RPG world with fight efficiency relying on clever character combos.

Also allows critical hits to grow for friends, attacks a certain pattern of enemies, and strips off ‘moxie’ from opponents to cause more damage to targets puzzled.

Reverse 1999
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She also has a passive skill that seals enemies which makes her more of a crowd-control expert.

Skills and Abilities of Voyager

Voyager, a Star Arcanist in Reverse 1999 holds unique skills that make her a flexible secondary character in the film. Here’s a full summary of her skills:

Reverse 1999
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Starlight Sonata:

  • Description: This improves the chance of fellow teammates gaining critical hits by improving one’s skill level.
  • Contribution to Role: Critical teams – critical in increasing the power of their allies’ hits and special moves. Gives tactical depth by focusing on deep hits.

Concerto in D-fense:

  • Description: Makes Voyager one of the best backup DPS characters for the enemy with a multi-attack routine.
  • Contribution to Role: Utility for attack and defense as well. Inflicts damage in addition to applying Confusion which breaks up the enemies’ forms.

Song for the Bad Tooth:

  • Description: She also has ultimate power which is an important part of fights. Even when the target is Confusion, still gives another 100% damage.
  • Contribution to Role: The total damage of Amplifier Crowd Control. Cleans Moxie’s Moxie, making it fitting that it’s Moxie who is taken from the team.

Taken together, this gives her the unique role of a flexible supporting character who can help deliver critical hits, damage, and soar.

Reverse 1999
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Her role extends beyond a conventional DPS character, making her a strategic asset in a variety of team compositions in the Reverse 1999 universe.

Passive and Synergies

The passive skill of Refrain plays an important part in Reverse 1999 for Voyager.

Three moves and Refrain shuts up all foes blocking buffs and counters. Additionally, it can block opponents’ ults, giving an additional layer of strategy in team comps.

Reverse 1999
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Whereas Refrain brings silence on its own, it also works together with Voyager’s whole kit. This eventually makes an impact, in many cases, and makes explorer quite useful.

Impact of Refrain:

  1. Silencing Effect: Primarily, Refrain causes multi-turn quiet on the enemy, stopping them from triggering buffs/counter abilities after 3 moves.
  2. Ultimate Sealing: The silence will give access to their super and closing it is very important as they cannot burst the damage of their enemies.
Reverse 1999
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Synergies with Other Characters:

  1. Moxie Removal Teams: Voyager leads in removing moles. Lastly, she has a last that gets rid of Moxie and goes well with characters such as Centurion.
  2. Confusion Application: Using these interactions with other characters like Lilya and Centurion gives the benefit of exploiting the confusion caused by Voyager.
  3. Crowd Control Teams: She has teamed up with crowd managing experts such as Balloon Party and An-an Lee which makes the plan more complete.
Reverse 1999
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Tips and Strategies:

  • Ultimate Timing: Use Voyager’s final move to push out Moxie and deal extra Voyage damage while striking confused targets at key places.
  • Team Composition: Make use of Voyager’s powers by building teams committed to removing Moxie, applying chaos, or controlling groups.
  • Ultimate Sealing Priority: Ponder about the last seal of Refrain that would block some enemies’ ultimates and might change the result of fights.
Reverse 1999
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Tips for Voyager in Reverse 1999

Voyager is an effective support and crowd control character in Reverse 1999 but you need to play smartly with her.

Here are key tips for effectively utilizing Voyager in Reverse 1999:

  • Ultimate Timing: Voyager’s ultimate, Galactic on Strings, removes enemy Moxie and deals extra damage to confused targets.
  • Team Composition: Build teams around Voyager that complement her skills. Pair her with characters like Centurion and Eternity, who can apply debuffs like Weakness and Confusion, synergizing well with her crowd control abilities.
Reverse 1999
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  • Psychube Selection: Equip Voyager with Psychubes that enhance her debuff capabilities. Psychubes like Yearning Desire and Blasphemer of Night boost her damage against enemies with negative statuses.
  • Active Playstyle: Voyager’s bonus effects at Insight levels encourage an active playstyle. Take advantage of this by consistently applying her debuffs.
  • Strategic Silence: Utilize Voyager’s passive, Refrain, strategically. After three actions, Refrain silences all enemies and can seal ultimate.
Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Incorporating these tips will elevate Voyager’s performance, making her a valuable asset in battles within the Reverse 1999 game.


Voyager emerges as a pivotal character in Reverse 1999, offering unique strengths in support and crowd control.

Her ability to remove enemies’ Moxie, apply confusion, and silence opponents showcases her versatility.

The provided guides emphasize her compatibility with various team compositions, from moxie removal-focused setups to budget-friendly options.

While her kit proves versatile, strategic team building is crucial to avoid redundancy with existing characters.

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