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Reverse 1999 stands out as one of the industry’s most visually stunning and captivating turn-based mobile games. With its dazzling characters, strategic combat, and engaging narrative, the game promises a lot to players.

While the game provides ample entertainment, it also throws challenges at players. One such challenge comes in the form of tutorials, aptly named training.

These are essentially puzzles as they demand an understanding of abilities to triumph. In this Reverse 1999 Visionary Insights Guide, we’ll teach you how to ace this one in particular.

How to Access Training

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To access the training in Reverse 1999, you need to be on the main story interface, regardless of the chapter. Join a chapter and then search for the notebook icon in the top right corner.

The main training interface shows your completion of all categories, as well as the rewards gained if you manage to complete everything.

Doing all of them is recommended since these trainings teach you the intricacies of Reverse 1999’s turn-based combat. With numerous heroes and distinct abilities, mastering them all ensures victory.

Accessing the Visionary Insights

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The Visionary Insights training in Reverse 1999 was one of the latest additions and is within the Examination category. Therefore, you must complete almost all the preceding ones to reach it.

The player only needs to complete the first Tactics, Incantation Stars, Control Statuses, and Ultimates training. But you must complete both training sessions of Tuning and Solutions.

Finally, you’ll have access to the Examination category. Inside it are three training sessions: Targeting Exam, Play A Waiting Game, and Visionary Insights.

Initially, let’s teach the guide for Visionary Insights, as it is the subject at hand. But we’ll also teach you how to pass the previous sessions if necessary.

Visionary Insights Guide

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Like every training in Reverse 1999, your characters and drawn abilities are predetermined. What’s left for the player is to manipulate them correctly to defeat the enemies before any ally dies.

I will indicate the enemies as left, middle, and right to facilitate understanding. I will mention the names of the appropriate abilities, so tap and hold to know which is which.

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The Reverse 1999 Visionary Insights training focuses on the order of your abilities and teaches us how being visionary can prevent our team party from dying and continuing in the fray. We’ll teach you which abilities you should use to win this training.

Start by using the Exhortation IX buff to increase the damage of your subsequent attacks. Then, cast Commandment V and Treat for the Ears on the right enemy about to attack. He will die.

Next, move Commandment V to another identical one to create a 2-star ability and turn it into a debuff. This will make Challenge for the Eyes also become a 2-star card.

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Use Commandment V first and Challenge for the Eyes second. The debuff will disarm the enemy and prevent it from attacking. Then, apply the ultimate and other attack abilities to defeat the enemy easily.

A final opponent will spawn. Here, there are some variations of the abilities you can initiate. Sometimes with an ultimate, sometimes without it. But there’s no secret: use your attack abilities, aim for 2-star, and soon the enemy will perish.

With this, you will have completed the Visionary Insights of Reverse 1999 and the Examination category. You can claim the reward from the category as well as from all the previous training sessions if you’ve completed them.

Reverse 1999 – Targeting Exam Guide

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The special condition of the Targeting Exam is that when an enemy character dies, it restores the HP of its allies. This is already a hint of what we must do to achieve victory.

Start by targeting the right enemy and use Custom Bottle and Sweet Gloves, the two abilities in the right corner that are stronger against this enemy.

Then, tap on the middle enemy and use Challenge for the Eyes to hit the two remaining enemies, as the first will die in the first two attacks. Another creature will spawn in the place of the ones that die.

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Focus on the middle enemy and use the 2-star Treat for the Ears. This will cause the Old Pocket Watch to blend and turn into 2 stars as well. Tap on the left wolf and use another Treat for the Ears and the newly created 2-star Old Pocket Watch. This combo should kill the two wolves.

Two more creatures will spawn. Here, we have a problem because the behavior of the enemies is random, and the attacker changes at will. The good news is that this doesn’t change anything in our attack strategy.

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Start by using the ultimate Sleepless Rave. This will make the 2-star Challenge for The Eyes blend and become a 3-star ability. But before that, tap on the right enemy and use Sweet Gloves.

Then, use the 3-star Challenge for The Eyes and watch your enemies melt before your eyes, securing victory for you. Phew, onto the next one.

Play A Waiting Game Guide

In this Reverse 1999 battle, enemies attack a different ally each turn. The trick is to build a strategy based on this knowledge.

Start by using One with Guns on the right enemy to increase all the damage taken by it by 20%. Then, use Sinner and Old Pocket Watch. The enemy won’t die and will attack your party, but if you use the right abilities, everyone will survive by a hair.

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Next, focus on the right enemy and use the right Treat for the Ears ability. Then, tap on the middle enemy and use Challenge for the Eyes. If you use the right spells, you’ll gain a 2-star Finger Lens, which should be used immediately.

All three enemies will die, and a new enemy will spawn. Start by using the debuff One with Guns. Then, complement with an Old Pocket Watch and, finally, a Treat for the Ears. This is enough to complete the A Waiting Game training.


Winning all the training in a Reverse 1999 category guarantees you some Clear Drops, while beating them all rewards you with a Grand Orchestra and its new Incantations, as well as an Artifice of Sonetto.

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Moreover, you’ll be much more prepared to face the trials and challenges of Reverse 1999 now that you’ve completed its training arc. I hope our Reverse 1999 guide has helped you!

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