Reverse 1999 Update Guide – What’s New In 1.1?

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Reverse 1999
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(Last Updated On: November 12, 2023)

If you have been a Reverse 1999 player for quite a while now, the latest update, version 1.1,  has got a lot in the bag for you. Think of this update as the mobile game getting a whole new makeover.

In this guide, we will take you through all the cool features the game has for you and how to take maximum advantage of them. So without further ado, let’s dive in. 

When Is The Reverse 1999 1.1 Update?

The update was launched on 9th November 2023 along with a load of new content and features. While the update was grand, it’s not the end of the introduction of features for this year, the game is said to have another grand drop on 23rd November. Therefore stay tuned to the game to get first-hand access to the up-and-coming features. 

Why Reverse 1999 Update Matters?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s tackle the burning question: why bother with Reverse 1999 updates in the first place? Well, think of updates as the secret sauce that keeps your gaming experience spicy.

They bring in new content, fix bugs, and generally make your gaming adventure more awesome.

In the case of Reverse 1999, version 1.1 is a game-changer. It’s not just about fixing the glitches; it is about transforming your gaming journey! 

What’s In The Reverse 1999 1.1 Update? 

Think of the 1.1 update as the shiny new swing set in a playground! This update is packed with wholesome goodies that will make your gaming experience even more thrilling. Here is a breakdown of everything included in the new update. 

  • The Theft of the Rimet Cup
Reverse 1999
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The Theft of the Rimet Cup is the first in-game event to drop after the Reverse 1999 grand update. The event carries inspiration from the Theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy incident of 1966 which happened shortly before the FIFA World Cup in England. 

Unfortunately, the thief was never caught but mysteriously enough the cup was found with a dog named Pickles after a few days.

However do not expect the storyline to be the same since Reverse 1999 has coupled it with its twists, turns, and characters. 

Reverse 1999
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Throughout the event, you will be able to gain clear drops and puppy coins, which can later be exchanged for “ Luxurious Leisure” and other such rewards. 

Reverse 1999
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  • Main Event Content: 

Now let’s move on to the Reverse 1999 main event, whose storyline is like a rollercoaster with 16 stages. Don’t worry, we have the details.  

Now, pay attention; stages 3, 6, 15, and 16 are the juicy plot bits, and the rest? Well, they are battle levels—the real test of your gaming skills.

Now, let’s talk about difficulty levels. The Story mode? Easy peasy. You just need characters at insight 1, level 30, and you are good to go. Feeling a bit daring? Jump into Arduous mode, but make sure you have a minimum level of I2 Lv. 20 for a full clear. 

Reverse 1999
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And if you are craving more adventure, Crisis mode is where you belong, but you better bring your A-game with characters at I2 Lv. 40.

Now the question is, what do you get out of clearing all these stages? Well, the answer is 1320 clear drops. You can go on a full in-game shopping spree with that amount of clear drops! 

Before we get on to the next event, here is a little tip: this event is like the VIP party for Beast, Plant, and Mental DMG characters. So if you have one of those on your team, then let them go full attack mode on the battlefield! 

  • Shop Items
Reverse 1999
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By now, one thing is clear: the new update is going to shower its players with rewards. But what exactly do you spend these awards on? Here’s the insider’s guide to spending wisely in the game. While you should stick to these recommendations while shopping, also remember your tastes and preferences! 

  • Grab The VIPs: the moment you have enough clear drops or puppy coins, get your hands on 6-star Psychube “Luxurious Leisure,” which, not to forget, is a limited edition item, Fruit of Good and Evil, Murmur of Insanity, and Plutonium Ouija. Even if you do not need these items at the moment, just grab a handful and stockpile, and trust me, you are going to thank yourself later. 
  • The Exclusives: Up next aim for Sonorous Kernel, Brief Cacophony, Solidus, and Wilderness Pieces. These items are not just extremely rare in the game but also your in-ticket to most gaming parties—the ones where only the cool kids are allowed! 
  • Mid-range goodies: This category contains Unilog, Holy Silver, Milled Magnesia, Esoteric Bones, Enlighten II, LF Polarization, and Moment of Dissonance. These items will keep your boat afloat in the gaming world; however, since they are a bit hard to find, stockpile them in one go.
  • Low-tier Materials: If you still have some rewards to spend after getting all the above items, then try going for one of the low-tier items like Prophetic Bird, Wilderness Shell, Dust, or Sharpodonty. They work best when coupled with one of the above items!
Reverse 1999
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Bottom Line

And that was all for our guide on the Latest 1.1 Update. While the game has a lot to bring to the table, it is also crucial to understand that do not go grabbing for everything at once.

Instead, try learning about the new content and the best way to use it and then step onto the battlefield. We promise the victory is all yours!

You can download Reverse 1999 on the Google Play Store.

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Best of Luck!

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