Reverse 1999 – Ultimate Reroll Guide

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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2023)

Reverse 1999 is an RPG game based on the 20th century and focuses on time travel.

This game is popular amongst time travel and futuristic game lovers. The game was developed by Bluepoch.

Your mission as a timekeeper in the game is to travel through eras to find other Arcanists and save them from being removed from the timeline.

Reverse 1999 is available for download on the IOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Reverse 1999 - Introduction - Reroll guide
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What is Reroll?

Reroll is the process of getting new cards within Reverse 1999. Players usually use this to get the best or their favorite cards from the start.

The process of rerolling usually means resetting accounts to get better rewards to use in the game.

Rerolling in Reverse 1999 is a straightforward process but will require multiple accounts.

Legendary characters are hard to obtain in Reverse 1999, and rerolling can help players start with legendary characters.

Log in - Reverse 1999 - Email
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Benefits of a Reroll in Reverse 1999

Rerolls are a great method to use to get a head start at the start of Reverse 1999.

Having a high-ranked legendary character at such an early stage allows players to speed through the campaign.

This will also be beneficial in the long term because players can take this legendary character all the way to the end game.

Benefits of reroll - Reverse 1999
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Reroll for Android and IOS Users

The rerolling process for Android and IOS is easy and should not be hard to do. When players start the summoning system, they will receive the character Regulus for free.

Various summoning options will become available after starting the summoning system.

Players should focus on the Beginner’s Summon when rerolling. This is also called the First Drop of Rain.

This will guarantee players a legendary character after 30 pulls.

This pull count can easily be achieved at the beginning of the game because of a lot of free rewards at the start of the game.

If players dislike the legendary character they have received, players can create a new Bluepoch account or use other third-party platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Players can use these methods to reroll multiple times to receive their desired legendary character.

Legendary Characters - Lilya - Eternity - Regulus
Photo: Bluepoch Co.,LTD

Android users can follow the following steps:

  1. Players will need to log in with their email address.
  2. The next step is to finish the tutorial on Reverse 1999. This tutorial won’t take longer than one hour to finish.
  3. When the tutorial is finished, players should get the Unilog in the game mail for Gacha pulls.
  4. Players can then use the Unilog to summon their legendary character.
  5. These are the recommended steps to follow for players to ensure a legendary character with fewer summons requirements.
Unilog required for 10x Pulls
Photo: Bluepoch Co.,LTD

IOS users can follow the following steps:

  1. Log in with your email address.
  2. Finish the hour-long tutorial on Reverse 1999.
  3. Open the Unilog in the game mail of Reverse 1999 for your Gacha Pulls.
  4. IOS users can then use the Unilog to summon their favorite legendary character.

Once all of these steps are done, players can link different email addresses to a guest account.

The steps above for both Android and IOS should be repeated to receive another legendary character.

When the player is happy with their pulls they can bind their account on Facebook, Twitter, or Google of the legendary character they like and can start playing.

Unilog x1 for rerolls - Revers 1999
Photo: Bluepoch Co.,LTD

Characters players can Reroll for:

There are different legendary characters that players of Reverse 1999 can reroll for.

The first banner called “The First Drop of Rain” features 3 6* Legendary characters namely, Regulas, Eternity, and Lilia.

All of these characters are really good in Reverse 1999. It will come down to personal preference which legendary character you choose.


This character is well suited for crit-oriented teams. She has a +50% crit bonus. She can also reduce the moxie of different opponents with her conceal skill.

If you as a player are looking to build a crit-focused team, Regulas is a great character to use.

Reverse 1999 - Regulas - Legendary Character
Photo: Bluepoch Co.,LTD


Eternity is one of the more versatile characters that will work well in a lot of different team setups.

Eternity is most useful for tanking and is immune to a lot of status effects like corrode, bleed, and poison.

If you as a player are looking for a character that can handle a lot of situations, Eternity is for you.

Eternity - Legendary Character
Photo: Bluepoch Co.,LTD


Lilya is a character that focuses on DPS and she has the highest single-target DPS in the game.

She does not offer any other utility so she would not fit every team.

If you as a player are looking for a character that does a lot of damage to opponents then Lilia is a great option.

Lilya - Legendary Character
Photo: Bluepoch Co.,LTD


Rerolling in Reverse 1999 can only be a benefit to a player. This method of receiving a good legendary character will kick off your Reverse 1999 journey with a bang!

The methods to reroll used both for Android and IOS are easy and user-friendly and no player should struggle to reroll.

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