Reverse 1999 Tuning – How It Works?

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Reverse 1999
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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2023)

A turn-based RPG like Reverse 1999 isn’t fit for everyone. The game follows a mysterious storyline that keeps you jumping from one spot to another back in time. And for games like these, tuning and level-ups are a must. 

If you are looking to become a seasoned pro at Reverse 1999, then this is your chance to shine because we have put together the perfect guide to make your journey through Reverse 1999 tuning a breeze.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear and follow along; we promise you will be an expert in no time.

1. Understanding The Elemental Chessboard

Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Reverse: 1999 is more than just a click-and-attack kind of game. It is a game that requires a strong strategy of characters and moves, and that is why understanding the game’s afflatus is the first step to success for every player. 

The game features six different Afflatus, of course, each one with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, but here is the catch. These strengths and weaknesses only apply to some elements. Here is a quick breakdown for you to have a clearer picture.

  • Beast: Strong as ever against plants, but minerals bring their vulnerable sides out. 
  • Plant: Fights without fear against Star but surrenders to the beast.
  • Star: Outshines Mineral but doesn’t stand a chance against Plant. 
  • Mineral: Could easily win against Beast but bows down to the Plant. 
  • Spirit: Shares a somewhat hate-love relationship with Intellect but is neutral to others. 
Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Get what we are trying to say here? By knowing the dynamics of these elements, you can easily draw up a strategy that lets all elements rule in your favor. 

2. Tuning Skills In Reverse 1999

Think of Tuning Skills as your special toolkit amidst all the turns and battles, and to make the most out of these skills, meet Vertin, your trusty timekeeper, and his mysterious bag of tricks.

The good thing about tuning skills is that they do not require any Moxine at all. All good and gains? Hard to believe right? 

Tuning can help you upgrade your abilities, heal your damage, and throw crazy moves at your opponent with debuffs. Imagine all taking a powerful, crazy move is swiping a few cards here and there, and you are good to go.

And the best part? Your moxine stays untouched! This is the kind of magic Tuning skills you bring to the table; thus, use them wisely, and you will be a boss in no time! 

Reverse 1999
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3. Team Formation Strategy: Where You Stand Matters

In Reverse 1999, your position on the team could either make or break the game. While the game claims that the spawns are completely random, characters at left have a higher chance of getting picked, so position accordingly.

Think of team formation as arranging your pieces on a chessboard; the better the strategy, the higher the chance of winning. 

4. Healers and Buffers: Your MVPs in the Game

If you want to be a pro at Reverse 1999, then this tip is a must-do. Take as many healers, buffers, and shielding characters as you possibly can. They won’t just act as your safety shields but also as a one-way ticket to securing 3-star clears on multiple stages.

Healers make sure that your opponents are fit and thriving to avoid their unplanned deaths. So whenever in doubt, bring the healers and buffers in.

Reverse 1999
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5. Daily Missions: Your Gateway to In-Game Riches

Like any other turn-based RPG, Reverse 1999 isn’t complete without its daily missions. Don’t take these missions as chores but rather as an opportunity to hit a daily jackpot.

Completing daily missions does not just establish you as a pro gamer but can also do wonders for your in-game rewards. 

Coins and Unilogs are up for grabs, and the best part? They keep resetting every day. So, make it a habit to tick these off your to-do list and watch the rewards roll in like a daily dose of virtual goodies.

6. Mastering the Moxie Mechanics: Fueling Your Journey

Reverse 1999
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In Reverse 1999, Moxie is the lifeblood powering your character’s actions and abilities. Understanding how Moxie works is the key to progressing in the game thus throughout the game, keep checking your Moxie meter since most players lose track of it in the heat of the battle and ultimately lose. 

Strategize how you will use your Moxie. Avoid using it all at once in fact, save it for crucial moments when the battle has reached a life-or-death situation. Also, check out the Moxie upgrade system to boost your reserves.

Being smart with how you handle your Moxie can make a huge impact on whether you just scrape by with a win or face a total defeat.

Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Bottom Line

And that was our guide on Reverse 1999 Tuning and how to level up in the game. We hope this guide helped you in having a clearer view of the game dynamics. 

Remember, the game is all about drawing up a strategy that works in your favor.

With effective team formation, strategic use of tuning skills, loading on the healers and buffers, and staying consistent with your daily missions, you can ace the game in no time! 

Obviously, you are not going to become a pro in a single game, but if you continue to stick to these strategies, then we promise victory is not that far ahead. So keep strategizing and keep playing.

You can download Reverse 1999 on the Google Play Store.

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Best Of Luck! 

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