Reverse 1999 Tier List Update – December 2023: New Characters

Paul Moronfola
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(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

The November 2023 update of the famous RPG game Reverse 1999, called “The Theft of the Rimet Cup new things to the game. The most important to this article are the three newly added characters: Melania, Pickles, and Digger.

reverse 1999 tier list update characters. melania, pickles, and digger
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This Reverse 1999 tier list update aims to discuss the characters and group them into different tier lists regarding their abilities. Here are the newly added characters in the game in November 2023.

Reverse 1999 – Melania

melania in reverse 1999
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Dubbed the “Thief of all thieves,” Melania is a new Reverse 1999 character introduced in the Reverse 1999 Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup. She belongs to the class A tier list based on abilities which is in turn centered on her swift hand.

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Melania’s skills are Silent Takedown, Clockwork Rats, and Ridiculous Eyewitness Testimony. Each skill can generate an attack aimed at single or multiple enemies, dealing Mental Damage (Mental DMG) to the enemy.

Furthermore, in the Thief Master state, she can also steal a certain amount of Moxie from the enemy.

melania in squirrel form
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Melania is a powerful character best used in long and short battles for bosses susceptible to Mental DMG.

Her ability to steal Moxie from enemies and fill her reserves allows her to unleash her ultimate skill quickly. Furthermore, as the battle drags on, Melania strengthens because of her passive ability called the Defined Plan.

Reverse 1999 – Pickles

pickles in reverse 1999
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For dog lovers who do not care about an A.I generated voice, Pickles will likely be your best friend companion in Reverse 1999 Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup update.

pickles in a reverse 1999 poster card
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Pickles belongs to our class S tier list and has three skills: Nihilism Abuse, Hedonism Implement, and Thus Spoke Pickles. He is a strong character who can dispel attacks and buff allies DMG.

pickles’ first arcane skill animations
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Based on allies getting a DMG Dealt buff at Pickles’ ultimate, he is a better companion with allies such as Centurion, Melania, and Sotheby. Furthermore, unlike Sonetto, Pickles deals more damage and provides more AP for allies.

Reverse 1999 – Diggers

digger in reverse 1999
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Being a jack of all trades, Diggers debuted in the B-class tier. Nevertheless, he is an asset to many teams. A fun fact is that his skills and ultimate animations are very cool and stylish.

diggers poster card
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Of the three new characters in this Reverse 1999 tier list update, Diggers has the most versatility.

He is suitable for offensive and defensive roles and is critical in teams that need a character to debuff enemies’ Reality DEF and Mental DEF. Furthermore, he can also inflict [Weakness] and [Nightmare] on targets.

diggers doing the bubble combo
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Diggers, as a support character provides valuable assistance to the main DPS carry. Together with his ability to deal damage to enemies, he also contributes to the offensive power of the team.

Before an opponent initiates and executes their actions, Diggers’ “Bubbleism” can reduce their DEF and make them more vulnerable to your attacks.

Final Thoughts

We introduced the new characters in Reverse 1999 version 1.1. We tried to place them in a tier list that reflects their abilities.

Looking for a Reverse 1999 guide or the best team and combat system in the game? We have everything you need to know to build an effective team.

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