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Reverse 1999
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2023)

Get ready to delve into the enigmatic world of Reverse 1999, a mesmerizing 20th-century Time-Travel Strategic RPG developed by Bluepoch Co., Ltd. You can download it right now from the App Store or Play Store and embark on this epic adventure!

Reverse 1999 - Intro
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

Reverse 1999 takes you on a mind-bending journey through history. Step into the shoes of the Timekeeper, a guardian of the ages, free to traverse different eras. 

Navigate time and space to unravel the enigma behind the “Storm” and the secrets of the pivotal year 1999.

Assemble your team, harness the art of spellcasting, and wield arcane abilities to conquer your foes. 

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Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

And now, we’ve prepared a tier list that classifies the Sustain characters in Reverse 1999 according to their performance.

Sustain heroes are the backbone of your team, specializing in healing and defense, ensuring your squad’s survival throughout the game.

These characters come in various forms, often taking on the role of healers who play a pivotal part in maintaining your team’s resilience. 

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Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

Get ready to explore the Sustain tier list and fortify your team with these invaluable assets!

S-Tier: Unquestionably Outstanding

Exceptional characters in Reverse 1999 who stand head and shoulders above the rest. They’re the ones you can count on in almost any scenario.

These champions are the true game-changers.

Medicine Pocket

RarityAfflatusDMG Type

Can apply the Daze debuff, rendering enemies unable to act. Increases the damage taken by your foes.Can provide substantial healing to your allies while simultaneously reducing the damage they take.

Balloon Party

RarityAfflatusDMG Type

Grants your team substantial damage reduction and healing. Excels as a formidable healer and buffs your squad’s damage reduction.


RarityAfflatusDMG Type

A character of great versatility, known for their exceptional mass healing. Can also cleanse debuffs and bestow debilitation immunity upon your allies. Can hold their own as a decent DPS as well.

A-Tier: Still Exceptional

Formidable bunch, offering excellent performance that’s just a step behind the legendary S-Tier.

These heroes are no slouch and can make a significant impact in a wide range of situations in the realm of Reverse 1999.


RarityAfflatus DMG Type

Can both poison enemies and provide healing to allies. Her unique abilities allow her to damage enemies while periodically healing your team. 

A fantastic addition to your squad, delivering damage and healing in one package.


Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Excels in synergy with Reality damage dealers by reducing enemies’ resistances to this specific damage type. Can bestow substantial shields upon your entire team. 

Tennant’s ability to debuff enemy DEF and grant protective shields makes her a valuable asset in battles.

B-Tier: Worth Your Consideration

While not quite top-tier among other Reverse 1999 characters, these characters still offer solid performance and can be valuable additions to your squad in specific situations.

They may not steal the show, but they’re certainly not to be overlooked.

Ms. New Babel

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Can provide allies with substantial shields, but she also taunts her enemies. Her playstyle is somewhat situational, and she requires a high investment to reach her potential.

Consider her for specific scenarios where taunting and shielding are needed.


Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Effective against certain encounters, thanks to his abilities with specific restrictions. Can reduce the damage taken by allies, but only against Reality damage.

Can also reduce an enemy’s damage, but only if it targets a single opponent.


Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

A unique character with the ability to grant additional health to the ally with the lowest HP. However, this ability is highly situational, and you’ll need the right circumstances to make the most of it.


Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Can boost Damage Taken Reduction but only after she’s been attacked. Can reduce enemy healing. Her abilities are reactive and can be effective in the right situations.

Oliver Fog

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Oliver Fog’s Damage Taken Reduction boost is only activated after he’s attacked. Consider him for scenarios where his reactive abilities can be strategically useful.

C-Tier: Situational Performers

These Reverse 1999 C-tier characters may have niche uses, but they generally fall short in terms of performance compared to higher-tier characters.

They might find a place in specific situations or strategies but aren’t recommended for all scenarios.

La Source

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Performs decently in the early stages of the game. However, her scaling is not as effective in the late game, making her less suitable for more challenging encounters.

The Fool

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

The Fool’s overall stats don’t match up with higher rarity defenders. This makes it difficult for him to withstand tougher enemy attacks, and his Taunt ability, which should be a strength, becomes a vulnerability.

D-Tier: Subpar Performers

Characters in the D-Tier are typically very situational and are not recommended unless you have a specific scenario or personal preference that aligns with their use.

Their overall performance may be lacking, and there are usually better options available.

Ms. Moissan

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Ms. Moisson is overshadowed by other defenders who provide better survivability and more useful abilities. Her capacity to dispel Counters is situational and doesn’t make her a top choice.


Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

Poltergeist doesn’t contribute much in terms of damage or supporting the team. Their primary role is to stay alive, which limits their utility in various situations.

aliEn T

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

aliEn T primarily acts as a damage sponge but doesn’t offer substantial utility to the team in other aspects. Their use is specific and limited.

John Titor

Rarity Afflatus DMG Type

John Titor doesn’t offer much beyond their Ultimate ability. Their overall utility and contribution to the team are minimal.

Conclusion: Reverse 1999

This tier list serves as a valuable resource to help you make efficient plans regarding which characters to invest your resources in or target during character pulls.

However, Reverse 1999 places a significant emphasis on team building and strategic gameplay. As a result, character performance can vary based on the current team composition and in-game scenario.

Reverse 1999 - Conclusion
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

Keep in mind that many characters truly shine when they have the opportunity to synergize effectively with their allies to unlock their full potential.

Happy gaming, and may your adventures through time be filled with success and enjoyment!

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