Reverse 1999 – Pre-Registration Rewards: What To Expect

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Reverse 1999 - Pre-registration rewards - in-game rewards
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2023)

Reverse 1999 is an exciting 20th Century Time-Travel RPG,(Role Playing Game) game.

Reverse 1999 is developed by Bluepoch Co., Ltd. The game is based on the last day of 1999 when a huge storm fell upon the world.

Reverse 1999 features full English voice-acting, cinematic experiences, and arcanists from different timelines who will help you on your journey.

In this article, we will list all of the rewards for pre-registration and all the details players need to know.

Reverse 1999 is available for download on the IOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Reverse 1999 - Pre-registration Rewards
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

What To Expect From Pre-Registration Rewards

The pre-registration campaign for Reverse 1999 began weeks before its official release date on October 26th.

The pre-registration rewards also include a variety of other in-game rewards that can help new players start off their journey in the game.

New players will receive rewards upon completion of certain milestones with Reverse 1999 signups within the game.

Players quickly reached a 1 million download goal that Bluepoch set for when the game officially launched.

All new players will be able to claim the rewards when they have finished the first few chapters of the game.

Reverse 1999 - Beginning of the tale - Tasks
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

Pre-registration and other rewards

The pre-registration rewards for Reverse 1999 are only available for players who have preregistered for the game before launch.

The following pre-registration rewards can be claimed in your in-game mailbox:

  1. The Five-Star Matilda: Matilda is a five-star character that can be used in-game. Her Afflatus is Star and her Damage Type is Mental.
  2. 1,800 Clear Drops: Clear Drops are the primary currency used in Reverse 1999 to summon characters in the game’s Gacha system.

Matilda is a great character to have at the start of the game as part of your team. The Clear Drops can also help players summon new characters to use in-game.

Reverse 1999 - Daily Activeness - Rewards and Tasks
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

Other rewards

Players will receive additional rewards when more progress is made in Reverse 1999. Players should receive these rewards after completing the first few battles in-game.

The additional rewards are the following:

  1. 20 Unilogs: Unilogs are similar to Clear Drops in the game. Unilogs will also be needed when summoning new characters.
  2. Picrasma Candy: The Pricrasma Candy has a five-star rarity level and is used to restore 120 Cellular Activity in the game.
  3. Growth Materials: These materials can be used to upgrade characters within the game.
Weekly rewards and tasks - Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

Reverse 1999 Starter rewards

The starter rewards can be unlocked when completing the “Starter Task” in the game.

The following rewards will become available when finishing the “Starter Task”:

  1. 10 Unilogs: As mentioned above, Unilogs are used in the summoning system.
  2. Growth Material: Additional growth material used for upgrades.
  3. 1,900 Clear Drops: Clear Drops are the primary currency in Reverse 1999.
  4. Two Five-Star Psychubes: Psychubes are some of the most wanted items in the game and will increase your character’s stats and abilities.
  5. Parade Anthem Commemorative Garment: This is used for your character’s appearance.
Gift from the feast reward - Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

Login Rewards

Players of Reverse 1999 will receive the following rewards if they log into their account for eight days while the launch event is underway.

The following three rewards are available:

  1. 23 Unilogs: Unilogs are important to have in Reverse 1999 to use for summoning purposes.
  2. Five-Star Dikke: Dikke is a character in the game. Dikke’s Afflatus is Beast and the damage type is Mental.
  3. Six-Star Psychube: This is a valuable item to have as it will help upgrade your character’s stats and abilities.
Reverse 1999 - First login reward
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

How to Claim Pre-registration rewards and other rewards

To claim any of the pre-registration rewards players will need to keep an eye on their in-game mailbox.

In the mail received players should be able to see the details of the reward and a button to claim the rewards.

When players first open the game, they will need to complete a few missions before they will get access to the mailbox.

The mail can be found in the envelope icon on the left side of the home screen of Reverse 1999.

Reverse 1999 - Home menu - Mailbox for rewards
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd

All types of rewards can be found in the mailbox section of the game. Players should regularly check their mail to see if they have any outstanding rewards.

These additional rewards can be unlocked by completed tasks and missions within the game.

If players are too late for pre-registration, they will still be able to claim other rewards in the game.

Having a high amount of Clear Drops and Unilogs at the start of the game is recommended for all new players of Reverse 1999.

The more of these currencies you have the more upgrades you can make to all characters to ensure victory in every battle of the game.

Character upgrades - Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd


Players should always keep a lookout when pre-registration becomes available for a game. The rewards given can only be beneficial for all new players.

If players were not able to pre-register in time, other exciting rewards are still available for completing your in-game tasks and challenges.

Enjoy Reverse 1999 with your new rewards and start upgrading your characters to become one of the best players!

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