Reverse 1999 – Monetization – F2P And P2W

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Reverse 1999 - Introduction
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Reverse 1999 is a role-playing turn-based game. With humanity almost wiped out, you have to lead a team of Android girls to fight machine-like creatures. The game follows an investigation by your character. You can download this game from the AppStore and PlayStore. 

Reverse 1999 has a monetization concept where there both options for Free-2-Play and Pay-2-Win are available. We’ll help you clear out both the concepts and how you can avail both the concepts. 

Reverse 1999 - Gameplay
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Is the Monetization Method Any Good in Reverse 1999?

Yes, from the look of it, the monetization method looks very promising. There is so much to look forward to. The Battle Pass and Monthly Pass give you options to upgrade your character and abilities quickly. 

Both the free-2-play and pay-2-win have different importance. Pay-2-win is a more premium feature as compared to free-2-play, but that is obvious as pay-2-win is a paid method where players can unlock and get premium items. 

Reverse 1999 - Dust
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The Free-2-Play has three panels in the game. That panel is connected to the story mode of the game. As you progress in the game, materials get unlocked. The more you progress, the more materials and premium materials like gold coins get unlocked. 

In the campaign mode, when you finish certain events, it will unlock specific items like crystal drops and candies. Other items will open or unlock as well when you finish certain stages in the campaign. 

Reverse 1999 - Victory
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The items that open in these three panels are free of charge, and you don’t have to pay anything for those items; these items will ripen as you progress. There are rewards for progress, and all the rewards are free of charge.    

The Pawn Shop in the game offers you ten free pulls per month. You can extract any random reward or material from those pulls. Once you have exhausted the ten pulls for a month. You have to wait for the next month to try again. 

Reverse 1999 - Incantation types
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There are free daily log-in rewards as well. These rewards aren’t premium, but they do add to the daily collection of crystals or other materials.

When you play Reverse 1999 and get seven daily log-ins consecutively, on the eighth log-in pull, you will get a character to unlock – Dick. Dick is a good healer in the game and an asset to acquire. 

There are daily tasks as well that you can complete to earn free rewards. 


The P2W concept is as clear as crystal-clear water. Pay and unlock items. If you buy a Battle Pass, then you will acquire a bunch of pools. In those pools, there are multiple rewards, premium rewards, and materials that will be unlocked. 

Reverse 1999 - Teller machine
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The Battle Pass will require you to spend 10 Euros or the equivalent of whatever currency the player is playing with. With the Battle Pass, players get easy access to the materials, and that too in quite a bit of quantity.  

Items like Unilog, Sharpodonty, Enlighten, Trembling Tooth, Magnesia Crystal, Silver Ore, Shattered Bones, and much more can be obtained from Battle Pass.

All the mentioned items are tough to collect because some of them can only be unlocked after progressing to certain levels. 

In the Battle Pass, you can unlock rare items and materials in bulk. A paid subscription helps, and that is why players buy the Battle Pass to get these items. It is a tool to get these items by playing regular campaigns.  

Reverse 1999 - Shopping carnival
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You can also unlock characters and skins via a paid subscription. Limited items, such as the Roar Month calendar, can also be bought via a paid subscription. With the Roar Month Calendar, players will additionally get Clear Drops, Crystal Drops, and Candies.

Players can also purchase selected packs. In Selected Packs, you get Initial Summon Pack, Offer of the Month, Rookie Offer, Summon Sale Pack, Rooking Shopping Day, Wilderness Shopping Carnival, and then others can be unlocked after reaching specific Levels in the game. 

Reverse 1999 - Subscription
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The Monthly Pass is another paid subscription in the game where you have to pay around 5 Euros every month to get 300 Crystal Drops, which are delivered to your account.

After that, you will get 90 Crystal Drops daily for the next 30 days, which means in total you will get 3000 Crystal Drops in total for the whole month. You will get these items via email. 

Reverse 1999 - Roar Jukebox
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The Monthly Pass is a straightforward way to get Crystal Drops quickly. You can buy the monthly pass subscription at any point in the game and use the Crystal Drops to unlock items that will help you in your campaign. 

Is It Worth Spending Money on P2W?

Spending money on subscriptions gets you items quickly and progressively faster than toiling hard in the campaign and collecting the same items slowly. Other rare items can only be accessed via paid subscriptions, so the simple answer is – Yes, it is worth spending some money to redeem items quickly.  

It is, of course, everyone’s personal choice whether to spend money to get these subscriptions, as some do prefer to toil in the game to get the full in-game experience. 


Every game nowadays has a paid subscription, and Reverse 1999 is no different. The monetization method is quite promising in Reverse 1999 as the paid subscription does have substantial items that will actually help the players in the game. 

The Free-2-play concept is also quite rewarding, considering you can get daily rewards for log-ins. Then, there are rewards for completing events within the game as well. Overall, the Monetization concept of Reverse 1999 is promising. 

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