Reverse 1999 Limbo – Artificial Somnambulism Explained

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Reverse 1999 Limbo
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

In Reverse 1999, you assume the role of the Timekeeper in an alternate 20th century, guiding a team of individuals dedicated to safeguarding the fabric of reality.

Crafted by Bluepoch, this stunning masterpiece is a turn-based tactical role-playing game that boasts a visually stunning and intricately woven narrative.

Reverse 1999 Somnambulism
Photo: Bluepoch

You can download this incredible game from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows PC.

In this article, I will delve into the specifics of unlocking Artificial Somnambulism, its mechanics, and the rewards awaiting you upon completing its stages.

Reverse 1999: What is Artificial Somnambulism?

Reverse 1999 Artificial
Photo: Bluepoch

In Reverse 1999, Artificial Somnambulism is a thrilling endgame game mode designed for you to challenge both yourself and your characters as you navigate through its two stages: the Surface and Limbo.

You will be rewarded accordingly upon clearing the stages and collecting enough stars.

How to Unlock Artificial Somnambulism?

Reverse 1999 Ch3
Photo: Bluepoch

To access Artificial Somnambulism in Reverse 1999, complete the captivating Chapter Two, “Tender is the Night,” and delve into the early sections of Chapter Three, “Nouvelles et Textes pour rien.” This will also activate the Resonate feature.

How does Artificial Somnambulism work?

Reverse 1999 Surface
Photo: Bluepoch

Engaging in the Artificial Somnambulism challenge offers rewards like Clear Drops and Resonate Materials. The experience is composed of multiple dreams, each presenting a distinct narrative. Upon entering a stage, you become immersed in and explore the characters’ unique stories in Reverse 1999.

Reverse 1999 Dream
Photo: Bluepoch

In the Dream, you can review the rewards and stage information. The latter includes a list of enemies, their afflatus, and even the stage’s unique extra condition, allowing you to plan before the battle in Reverse 1999.

Reverse 1999 Rewards
Photo: Bluepoch

Your rewards are determined by the total number of stars you collect. The more challenges you clear, the greater the rewards you’ll receive. New valuable rewards become available on a weekly basis, and your reward progress will not reset.

Surface and Limbo

Reverse 1999 Surface and Limbo
Photo: Bluepoch

In Reverse 1999, Artificial Somnambulism comprises two segments: Surface and Limbo, both featuring multiple dreams for you to explore and collect stars within.


In the Surface, you must complete one dream to unlock the next. Once a challenge is cleared, you can claim rewards in the Dream Corridor. The progress in the Dream Corridor for the Surface will not be reset.


Limbo represents the more challenging iteration of the Surface and is accessible after successfully clearing all ten Surface stages. The number of stars collected is irrelevant; the primary requirement for unlocking Limbo is completing ORD10.

The Limbo dream stages are scheduled for regular resets at 5:00 a.m. (UTC-5) on the 1st and 16th day of each month. Completion of each stage in the Limbo Experiment will yield rewards.

These rewards will also reset in tandem with the Limbo’s reset.

Reverse 1999 Offline
Photo: Bluepoch

Offline System

Starting from the 6th floor in the Surface and onwards, the Offline System is in effect. Within this system, certain characters will go offline after you win a battle, rendering them unable to participate in the next match in Reverse 1999.

The deeper you delve into the Dreams, the greater the number of characters that go offline.

It’s important to note that the Offline System within each Dream operates independently, meaning that the system in one Dream does not affect your characters in another.

Reverse 1999 Reset
Photo: Bluepoch

Reset System

Within Artificial Somnambulism in Reverse 1999, you can reset any previously cleared fragment and the subsequent Dreams.

It’s worth noting that even after a Dream is reset, offline characters will remain offline, and the total number of stars you’ve collected will remain unchanged. Resetting a Dream does not impact the unlocked rewards.

Artificial Somnambulism Rewards

Reverse 1999 AS Rewards
Photo: Bluepoch

The Dream Task Reward, which resets every week, includes Oneiric Fluid, Sharpodonty, and Moment of Dissonance.

In contrast, the Dream Corridor Reward provides a guaranteed Clear Drop, Oneiric Fluid, Sharpodonty, and Moment of Dissonance.

It’s important to note that the Dream Corridor does not reset.

Clear DropA priceless arcanum currency. It can be used for summoning or restoring Cellular Activity.
Oneiric FluidIt is used to exchange for items in the Oneirc Shop found in the Bank.
SharopodontyAn acceptable current amongst the arcanist. Used for leveling or upgrading your character.
Moment of DissonanceA material for leveling up Character Resonate.

Why should you complete Limbo?

Reverse 1999 why limbo
Photo: Bluepoch

Completing Limbo in Reverse 1999 offers a gratifying reward in the form of premium gacha currency, Clear Drops. By clearing Limbo entirely each week, you can earn up to 600 Clear Drops.

This provides free-to-play (f2p) players with an effective opportunity to accumulate gacha currency for rolling on their favorite character banners.

However, it’s important to note that Limbo is widely regarded as challenging by most players and demands well-prepared, powerful characters to clear its stages successfully. The difficulty escalates as you delve deeper into the Dreams.


For free-to-play (f2p) players, accumulating Clear Drops through the standard completion of in-game chapters can be a slow process. However, with Artificial Somnambulism, you can collect Clear Drops weekly by clearing its stages.

Employing a well-devised strategy, leveling up your characters, and selecting the appropriate Psychube is life-changing. It will significantly aid in overcoming the challenges posed by the enemies.

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