Reverse 1999: Ultimate Incantation Guide

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Reverse - 1999
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Fasten your seat belts and get set for some awesome gaming thrills in Reverse 1999!

Developed by Bluepoch, It has made a great RPG with gorgeous graphics, wonderful characters, and unique gameplay.

By becoming an intergalactic time traveler, you’ll act as a savior in the game by playing as a timekeeper who rescues an arcanist from time problems.

On-the-go you can get it in Google Play, and the App Store.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Unveiling the Power of Incantations

The characteristic element of Reverse 1999 is the particular skill system called Incantations.

These are shown in form cards on the lower right side of your battle screen. The power and effectiveness value each card has gets represented by stars.

Matching identically placed cards together increases your damage eventuality while also activating your powers.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Mastering the Art of Combining Incantations

You should mix incantations carefully so that they will give good results.

Also, bear in mind that you are going to spend an AP (Action Points) if you slide a card with your hand into another spot. Hence, you must make smart moves to maximize your quantity of AP without waste.

Placing your cards carefully, and making powerful teams, is what will get you ahead during fights.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Types of Skills

There are six sorts of skills. These are attack, buff, debuff, healing, counter, and ultimate. Reverse – 1999 characters have three skills: one ultimate and two of the other sorts.

Most incantations will spawn at random, save for ultimates. An ultimate will only manifest when a hero’s Moxie is full. Moxie is depicted by yellow diamonds underneath the HP of each Arcanist.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Summoning Arcanists

Reverse 1999 players can select up to 4 Arcanists, with most fights needing only 3 Heroes.

The fourth one acts as a backup, and he/she joins the war after the first winner has been removed. Visit the Summon panel, which can be found on the home screen, to include extra Arcanists in your list.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

On such sites, one can come across different calling signs with high odds.

Calling up a double will give you one Artifice that is useful in the Portray function. Increase – This is a function that helps base up, making the character’s skills work better in a fight.

Unleashing the Power of Arcanists

You will be an Arcanist whose magic and supernatural abilities will be beyond comprehension.

As you proceed with play, you upgrade each Arcanist’s skills through a system that is unique for every character.

Through learning incantations and having mixed skills, you will fully utilize the Arcanist strength and can defeat the strongest enemies too.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Turn-Based Combat in Reverse 1999

In Reverse 1999, the combat system is turn-based hence adding a strategic flavor.

The enemies include other people’s demons you fight using your charms and thinking three moves ahead to beat your challengers.

In each battle, you need to make smart decisions, use available power effectively, and find out how much their weak points are.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Elements in Reverse 1999

In Reverse 1999, more element classes were included in the combat system, which provided different benefits to stat points according to their elements.

  • Mineral Element: On the other hand, characters that are linked to the Mineral Element do well in fights versus Beast-type foes.
  • Beast Element: When pitted against Plant-type elements, beast-type characters win out.
  • Plant Element: Plant-based characters are naturally advantaged in terms of star elements.
  • Star Element: These include that star-character type takes on Mineral-element opponents.
  • Spirit Element: They find strength in spirit and, hence have more than mere bodily prowess.
  • Intelligence Element: A typical intelligent-element character is better positioned than a spirit counterpart in a war.
Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

The Thrill of the Gacha System

Just like in any other RPG game, the Gacha system allows one to add new characters and items to Reverse 1999.

Characters available under the gacha system in Reverse 1999 have a varied numbering system that comes along with their particular talents and abilities.

You can also call figures through the Gacha system in order to improve your team as well as your entire gaming experience.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Leveling Up and Progression

Your character will grow stronger as they walk through this world called Reverse 1999. They’ll get XP from every fight and eventually level up.

When leveling up, you get new skills or abilities that allow you to customize your style of playing and suit it to various scenarios in combat.

As an added advantage, you can also improve on a character’s armor to increase their ability to fight effectively.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

The Importance of Team Composition

In Reverse 1999, building a strong and balanced team is crucial to success.

Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and by strategically selecting and combining characters, you can create a team that complements each other’s abilities.

Experiment with different team compositions and playstyles to find the perfect combination that suits your preferred playstyle

Immersive Storytelling Experience

Furthermore, Reverse 1999 tells a great story.

There is a lot of action, twists, and turns in the plot in them.

The game must be experienced from the start till the end, along with the storyline of discovering hidden things about the world.

Reverse - 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

In Conclusion

Reverse 1999 is a game with impressive graphics, interesting plot, and engrossing action, which makes it a memorable one.

The distinct skill system, tactical battle, and gripping plot make every RPG fanatic’s dream come true. Explore the magical and miracles of Reverse 1999.

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