Reverse 1999 – Game Introduction: What You Need To Know

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Reverse: 1999
(Last Updated On: October 29, 2023)

Reverse 1999, a recent release, has taken the gaming world by storm. With breathtaking visuals, compelling characters, and a unique gameplay experience accompanied by immersive music and storytelling, this game will captivate you.

Bluepoch crafted this masterpiece as their debut game, and it has garnered widespread adoration from players.

You can acquire the game from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows PC.

Reverse 1999 intro
Photo: Bluepoch

In this article, we offer a quick and concise introduction to this captivating game, Reverse 1999, delving straight into its narrative, game mechanics, gacha system, and more.

Giving you a sneak peek into the world of this remarkable masterpiece with no spoilers. Providing you with ample room to explore and commence your journey without any hindrances.

Reverse 1999 Narrative

Reverse 1999 Story
Photo: Bluepoch

The narrative unfolds within an extraordinary world where humans share their existence with Arcanists.

These Arcanists possess the exceptional power to manipulate magic, and they manifest as supernatural beings, encompassing everything from mythical creatures and formless entities to sentient objects with independent minds.

Reverse 1999 Arc
Photo: Bluepoch

You assume the role of our central character, Vertin, hailing from the St. Pavlov Foundation, the very place where she spent her formative years alongside the investigators you encounter early in the game.

Her role within the Foundation is that of a Timekeeper, responsible for documenting the passage of time in the outside world.

Reverse 1999 Vertin
Photo: Bluepoch

Nevertheless, Vertin’s task extended beyond merely documenting commonplace occurrences. She meticulously recorded individuals whose actions would set in motion a chain of significant events that would shape the course of the world.

As the player of Reverse 1999, you will have the opportunity to bear witness and actively partake in the unfolding journey to unravel the enigma that underlies it all.

Game Mechanics

Reverse 1999 combat
Photo: Bluepoch

Reverse 1999 stands out as a distinctive turn-based strategy game that leverages a card-based combat system. In this game, every character comes equipped with passive skills, along with two incantation cards and one ultimate card in their arsenal.

Afflatus Relations

Reverse 1999 Afflatus
Photo: Bluepoch

In Reverse 1999, there are six primary Afflatus, each symbolizing a distinct elemental impulse associated with the characters. These Afflatus exhibit a rock-paper-scissors dynamic of strengths and weaknesses, as follows:

  • Beast prevails over Plant.
  • Plant prevails over Star.
  • Star prevails over Mineral.
  • Mineral prevails over Beast.
  • Spirit and Intelligence are vulnerabilities to one another.
Reverse 1999 Afflatus Relationship
Photo: Bluepoch

When applied into combat, your character deals 30% more DMG against enemies with a weaker Afflatus. When your incantation card is strong against a locked target, it will show a sign that reads “Stronger.”

Reverse 1999 Afflatus
Photo: Bluepoch

If you’re looking for your character’s Affinity in Reverse 1999, you can easily find it in your “Crew” section. It’s prominently displayed in the upper left corner of the character frame or can also be accessed by opening their respective document.

Reverse 1999 Tennant
Photo: Bluepoch

Arcane Skill Type

In Reverse 1999, there are six distinct types of incantation cards, and during combat, you can discern both the type and level of incantation cards the enemy is about to employ.

Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch

Leverage this information to your advantage by strategically planning your next move.

Arcane Skill Details

During combat, your available incantations for the current round can be located in the lower right corner of the screen, providing all the necessary information.

A simple tap on the card will unleash the incantation, while a long press will open a detailed information window.

Reverse 1999 Incantation Info
Photo: Bluepoch

To enhance your incantation’s star level, select the card by pressing it and then drag it next to the identical incantation and star rating to merge. Incantations can be upgraded to a maximum of 3 stars.

Reverse 1999 merge
Photo: Bluepoch

Basic Combat Terms

Reverse 1999 Basic Combat
Photo: Bluepoch
APAction Points. Every round, there is a finite amount of Action Points (AP) available for card activation and movement. The quantity of AP is directly linked to the number of characters you have on the battlefield.
MoxieThe Moxie gauge can be located beneath your characters’ HP bars. You can accumulate Moxie by using cards, performing merges, or shifting them. When your Moxie meter is fully charged, you will be granted an Ultimate.
Incantation Star LevelLocated above your incantation, the Incantation Star Level rises as you merge identical incantations with matching star levels.
Incantation TypeAttack – Deal DMG directly to enemies.

Counter – Trigger powerful effects under certain conditions.

Debuff – Weaken enemies. Some also deal DMG.

Buff – Allies gain Stats Up and Pos Status

Health – Restorr HP for allies.

Ultimate – Deal high DMG or trigger special effects.
AfflatusUsed as a term for elements within Reverse 1999, there are six categories present in the game: Beast, Plant, Star, Mineral, Spirit, and Intellect.

Character Progression

Reverse 1999 Character Prog
Photo: Bluepoch

There are several ways to enhance your characters in the game. The first and fundamental method is to raise their level. As their level increases, their stats improve.

In Reverse 1999, if a character reaches the maximum level, you have the option to raise their Insight Level. Advancing the Insight Level necessitates specific materials that you can obtain by farming stages in the game.

Gacha System

Reverse 1999 is player-friendly in its gacha system. Players who engage with the story chapters receive ample resources to reach the guaranteed pull.

Additionally, the game provides daily log-in bonuses, further enhancing the player’s access to resources for gacha rolls.

Reverse 1999 Gacha
Photo: Bluepoch

Each summon costs either 180 Clear Drops or one Unilog, and the fundamental drop rate is determined by the star rating of the characters you’re aiming to obtain.

Summon Rates

Every ten summons guarantees at least one 4✦ or better character. Generally, the basic rate applies to all characters. Under certain circumstances, such as Rate Up or Guarantee.

Reverse 1999 Gacha
Photo: Bluepoch

After every 70 summons, unless stated in the special banner (Rookie banner guarantees after 30 summons), you’re assured of receiving a 6✦ character. Once you’ve acquired a 6✦ character, the chance rate resets to 1.5%.

Reverse 1999 banner
Photo: Bluepoch

On limited and rate-up banners, there’s a 50% probability of obtaining the featured character. If, by chance, you don’t secure the featured character on the first 50/50 attempt, the subsequent 6✦ character you obtain is guaranteed to be the featured character.


This enthralling world not only draws you in with its breathtaking artistry but also seamlessly weaves together an engaging story, a well-crafted battle system, and character progression.

It’s a masterpiece crafted with unwavering passion and dedication. Undoubtedly, it is a hidden gem among turn-based games.

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