Reverse 1999 Examination: Pass All Three Exams

Nikola Stevanovic
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

Reverse 1999 was released on October 26, 2023, and was developed by Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

This RPG adventure game that features strategic combat will have you fight numerous battles, but before you do so, it requires the player to pass the combat exam so to help you pass with flying colors, we have created this handy guide on how to pass all three Reverse 1999 exams.

If you want to take part in these exams and see what else the game has to offer, you can download it here.

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What is the Reverse 1999 Examination

The Reverse 1999 Examination is a series of three tutorials that the player needs to complete. These three tutorials are designed to teach the player all about the game’s battle system and consist of:

  • Targeting Exam
  • Play a Waiting Game
  • Visionary Insights
Select Exam
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd. – YouTube

Targeting Exam

The targeting Exam is the first of three tutorial stages and revolves around teaching the player the basics of targeting. The exam itself requires the player to focus on a certain enemy at a specific time in order to take the enemy down as soon as possible, protecting your ally from getting hurt in the process.

The main goal of this stage is to keep all your allies from dying and in order to do that, you will need to take out a bunch of enemies.

The key to succeeding at this stage is to prioritize attacking enemies that are going to attack first, which you can see by the number of cards displayed above them.  It is recommended to do this once you reach level ten. 

Exam 1
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Play a Waiting Game

This particular stage of the examination is all about testing your ability to read your foes and interpret their next move. It is all about defeating enemies who are about to attack you first in order to avoid taking damage and keep your allies alive.

Just like in the previous stage, you can use the cards above your enemies to determine the quickest attackers and prioritize taking them down.

The main goal of the stage is of course to keep your allies alive so a good strategy to use is to prioritize healing them if they take any damage.

It is also recommended that you take this exam once you reach level ten. 

Exam 2
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Visionary Insights

The final stage of the examination focuses on testing your ability to fight against powerful enemies and in order to do so, it requires the player to focus on using various buffs and debuffs in order to achieve victory.

This exam requires the player to use their support units in order to increase the damage of their allies and decrease the incoming damage from enemies.

Using the previous two strategies like attacking the enemies who will attack you first, and healing your allies who are low on health will benefit you greatly, however, your main focus should be debuffing the most powerful enemies.

Like the two previous exams, it is recommended for the player to reach level ten before attempting this one. 

Exam 3 Reverse 1999
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This concludes our guide on how to pass all three exams in Reverse 1999. We hope you found this guide useful and wish you the best of luck during your upcoming exams.

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