Reverse 1999 – Codes List & How To Redeem Them

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Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2023)

Reverse 1999 is an action-packed game that takes you through an interesting journey of exploring the 20th century in a parallel universe. And to make things better, the entire world is filled with countless secrets. 

You can either download Reverse 1999 on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Developed by Bluepoach, the RPG gameplay features a fantastic card-based battle system coupled with graphics that won’t disappoint. And on top of that, there is the detailed time-travel storyline that takes you to different periods of history. 

To build your team, you have to use the gacha-style summon system and that’s where Reverse 1999 codes come in to help! 

These exchange codes offer players a load of freebies, such as the drop-style currency, which is vital when you wish to get a new character, and others like Dust and Sharpodonty which lets you upgrade your characters. 

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

What Are Redeem Codes?

Before we dive into the process of redeeming codes, let’s talk about what they are and why you need to get your hands on them.

Redeem or Exchange Codes are essentially a way to avail of some in-game goodies without having to fight tough battles or spend real-world money. They are like a hidden digital treasure waiting to be discovered. 

Where to Find Reverse 1999 Codes? 

Now the question is where do you find this pass to loads of freebies?

Well, the good news is that game developers often release them through various channels, especially on their official social media accounts, websites, and sometimes during special events.

Therefore, keep an eye out on these platforms since you never know when you will be in for a surprise, or, should we say wealth of codes?

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

The Reverse 1999 – Codes List

Alright, now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to dive in for the real treasure – the codes themselves. However, before we do so, keep in mind that codes can expire, so it’s smart to use them as soon as you get your hands on them. 

With that said, here is  a list of some common code types you might come across:

  • Starter Pack Codes: Consider these codes a welcome since they are usually offered to new players.  They typically contain resources that will help you ensure a smooth yet powerful start to your journey.  journey.
Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch
  • Event Codes: As mentioned above, in-game events are a great place to find redeem codes. These codes contain everything from premium items to in-game currency.
  • Promo Codes: Developers often release codes during marketing campaigns to increase players’ participation. They can be found in marketing emails, on the game’s official website, or even in collaboration with other brands.
  • Daily Reward Codes: Daily logins are probably the easiest way to avail of redeem codes. You can also claim additional rewards via these codes. 
  • Friendship Codes: Reverse 1999 values friendships Many games encourage players to invite friends. When your friends use your invitation code, both you and your friend can get rewards.

Reverse 1999 Codes (October 2023)

Reverse 1999 codes are useful for people who want to get the upper hand against their opponents:

  • 5YRBRF9: x19,999 Dust, x19,999 Sharpodonty and x3 Fine Insight Package (NEW!)
  • ENTERTHESHOW: x60 Clear Drop, 4k Dust, 3k Sharpodonty, x2 Bottle of Pages, x5 Enlighten I
  • 1999GIFT: x50 Clear Drop and x19,999 Dust

Don’t be shy about using these codes if you’re an experienced gamer. It’s a free bonus that’s quite useful!

How to Redeem Reverse 1999 Codes?

Assuming that now you have a bunch of codes in your hand, let’s learn how to redeem them.  Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Go to the Code Redemption Section: This Section is usually found in the game’s settings menu.

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

2. Enter your Code: Carefully type in the code, making sure it is accurate. They are case-sensitive, so be precise.

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

3. Verify your Redemption:  Click the “Redeem” or “Confirm” button after entering the code. Once you have done so,  the code validation process will begin.

4. Collect Your Rewards: Once the code is verified, you will receive your rewards. The rewards are directly sent to your in-game inventory.

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

5. Enjoy: You have received your new items, currency, or bonuses. Use them wisely and progress further in the game.

What Do You Get from These Codes?

Redeem codes offer a wide range of rewards however what you receive can vary depending on the game.

In Reverse 1999, you might get items like special weapons, currency, or even character outfits. 

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

The good thing about these codes is that they can provide the perfect boost to upgrade your gaming experience making your journey a bit more exciting.

Code Redemption Tips

Now that we have covered the process, it’s time for some tips that can help you make the most out of your redeem codes.

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the game’s official social media channels and website for the latest codes and announcements.
  • Code Sharing: If you find a great code, consider sharing it with your gaming buddies. They will surely appreciate the kind gesture, and you might even earn some referral rewards.
  • Time Sensitivity: Remember that codes can have expiration dates. Thus use them while they are still valid.
  • Avoid Scams: Be careful, while codes are gained from unofficial sources stay active on official channels to make sure you are not falling for a scam.
  • Double-Check: Before hitting that “Redeem” button, make sure you are entering the correct code. Typos can be frustrating.

Final Thoughts

And that was all for our guide on Reverse 1999. What makes mobile games exciting is the constant search for more clues and quests and Reverse 1999 offers exactly that. 

Redeem codes not only build a connection between the players and the developer but also keep the gamers hooked on the gameplay. 

So, as you start your journey on Reverse 1999’s retro-futuristic world, keep a sharp eye out for those codes. You never know what surprises are waiting ahead for you.

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