Reverse 1999 Best Team – Who Is The Best?

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Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch
(Last Updated On: November 5, 2023)

While playing Reverse 1999, your team is your biggest asset therefore while building your team you need to be cautious to create a well-rounded team that can ace the toughest of battles. And to make this task easier for you, we have curated the perfect Reverse 1999 team guide for you. 

Reverse 1999 is an adventure-filled game where you get to travel back to the post-apocalyptic era. From the ancient time to the modern era, you get to hop into different centuries and meet unique characters on your way.

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to wage a war against a catastrophic mystery? Well, now you will know.

You can download Reverse 1999 from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Building Your Best Reverse 1999 Team

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

In Reverse 1999, your team needs to have 3 members including a core damage dealer, a defender, and a healer to keep your team going.

You can also try alternating the healer position with a secondary damage dealer or defender but a healer would balance out the team well. 

With that out of the way, here is a list of characters you can include in your team. 

The Damage Dealer –

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

Meet Regulus, one of the cool cats you will encounter early on in Reverse 1999. However, do not let the pirate DJ vibes fool you. She is a star player who can multitask like nobody’s business and as a cherry on top, she can fit into any team in no time.

Regulus does decently well in the damage department and when she decides to use her Challenge For The Eyes skill, it’s time for the opponents to accept defeat and run. 

Additionally, her ever-famous dance move, Sleepless Rave does not only result in awesome damage but also lets your team enjoy the “Riot and Roll” status meaning they become undamageable (with the exception of ultimate attacks) for one whole round.

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

The Support – Baby Blue

When we say Baby Blue is a game-changer, we are not kidding! She is a supporting character who gets extra points on our guide for her charm and adorable assistant cat. This lady knows just how to get her way around the battlefield and make your opponents think twice before launching their shot. 

But here is where it gets even more interesting. Baby Blue has a nifty trick up her lacy sleeve. While the name may suggest otherwise, her “Tea with Friends” skill is not your average tea party but a heavy dose of “karma” served hot to those who tried coming in her way. 

Any of the opposing players affected by this status won’t be able to punch anyone unless someone from the team decides to do the same. Justice is well served, right? 

Thus with Baby Blue in your team, it is safe to say that the zombies are in a bit of trouble! 

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

The Healer – Medicine Pocket

And now let us introduce you all to the Medicine Pocket, your go-to healing expert. But before we go any further, let’s be clear on one thing: these healers can do much more than just treat boo-boos! There are some extraordinary skills packed in those coat pockets!

First off, they are a master of mass healing, which means they can patch up your whole team within a short time. But wait, it gets even better from here. They do not just heal but also temporarily put a shield over your team. Consider these healers your in-game fairy godmother! 

And when it comes to offense, the Medicine Pocket never disappoints. The ’26 Secondary Reactions’ skill is a real showstopper, hits right on point, and leaves your enemies traumatized! One knockout punch and they will be left wondering what just happened for a long while. 

With the Medicine Pocket on your team, the chances of your enemies winning gets really thin. And not to forget, the coat is quite amazing as well. 

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

Reverse 1999: The Substitute Slot – Whoever You Like!

When building a team in Reverse 1999, there is always that one character you wish you could have on your time without losing any of the existing ones. This is exactly where the Substitute Slot comes into play.

This is like your wild card which lets you choose a fourth character to tag along with your main trio. 

Now this player doesn’t get on the field right away, instead, they are more of a backup player. When one of the front-line players dies down, they step in to save the day. 

But here is the catch, don’t spend your substitute slot on a skilled valuable character. The spotlight belongs to your MVPs and you need to keep it that way. 

Choose a character who is always ready to back up the team without having to take the main stage. 

You can use this slot to build a bond with a character you adore but who might not be the best in battle. It is like saying, “I love you, but you won’t make it to the starting lineup.”

So the next time someone tells you, you can’t have it all. Simply show them your slot character. 

Reverse 1999
Image: Bluepoch

Bottom Line

And that wraps up our guide on Reverse 1999 teams. Remember, you need to have a team that you can count on in every situation. Make sure you choose the main roles wisely as well as the substitute slot. 

All in all, you cannot expect to make a picture perfect on the first try, but you will surely get there with time. Best of luck! 

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