Reverse 1999 – A Knight Guide

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Reverse 1999 - A Knight Guide
(Last Updated On: November 3, 2023)

Reverse 1999 is a mobile game that everyone needs on their phone. Reverse 1999 is an RPG(Role Playing Game) that takes place in the 20th century.

Reverse 1999 focuses on strategic time travel through different eras as the timekeeper in the game.

On the last day of 1999, a massive storm fell upon the world as we know it. Your mission is to save other Arcanists before they are wiped out from the timeline.

Reverse 1999 was developed by Bluepoch Co., Ltd. and is available for download on the IOS App Store as well as the Android Play Store.

Reverse 1999 - A Knight Guide - Best Knights to use
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

What is a Knight?

A Knight in Reverse 1999 is a powerful six-star unit featured in-game that allows players to obtain it at a boosted drop rate using the game’s currency Clear Drops or Unilog.

The character will deal a lot of Reality Damage with a sword and it regularly cleans by using a Quetzal Handkerchief.

This character also possesses Spirit Afflatus and by having Intellect Afflatus, the character will be able to fit in almost any team.

The character also has amazing abilities and skills that give damage bonuses to allies and generate Moxie.

A Knight - Character profile and skills
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

A Knight’s Skills

The Knight in Reverse 1999 is powerful and possesses a variety of damaging and effective skills.


The first skill the Knight has up its sleeve is Glory. The Glory attack focuses on mass attack damage.

It will deal damage to two enemies and will deal the same amount of Reality Damage as Justice at each of the star levels.

This Glory skill will also help a Knight generate one Moxie or two depending on the incantation level.

Reverse 1999 Knight - Glory Skill
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.


Justice focuses on targeting a single enemy on the battlefield. This skill will deal 150% Reality Damage at star levels one and two.

At star level three, this skill will do 225% damage to the enemies.

This skill will generate one Moxie at level one, two at level two, and will also generate three Moxie at star level three incantation.

Reverse 1999 Knight - Justice Skill
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

After AD 778

This is the most powerful skill a Knight possesses. This skill will unleash a mass attack on all of the enemies on the battlefield.

This attack will deal 400% Reality Damage.

If the skill is successful in defeating any enemy, it will give one stack of Rousing Morale that has the ability to enhance damage by 50%.

Reverse 1999 Knight - After AD 778
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

Pros and Cons of a Knight in Reverse 1999:


  1. The Knight is a versatile character in Reverse 1999. It will be able to fit well in any team.
  2. Ultimate will be able to apply +50% Damage to all of the allies while also dealing a huge amount of damage by himself.
  3. The Knight is fairly AP generous and also has a good Ultimate cycle.


  1. The Knight will not get the Afflatus Damage bonus regularly.
  2. The Knight’s base damage from all of his skills is not up to the standard of some other characters.

A Knight Portray

At level one after using the After AD 778, the effect of the skill will change to 500% Reality Damage.

At level two, the Justice effect will change to 200% Reality Damage at star level one, 275% at star level two, and 480% at star level three.

At level three, when using the After AD 778 Skill, the effect will change to 550% Reality Damage.

At level four the Glory Skill effect will change to 165% Reality Damage at star level one. At star level two Reality Damage will be 170% and at star level three Reality Damage will be 250%.

At level five using the After AD 778 skill, the effect will be that players will receive one stack of Rousing Morale if the attack defeats an enemy.

Reverse 1999 - A Knight Portray
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

A Knight Inheritance

The Knight in Reverse 1999 features the Inheritance Effect called Mercy. There are three levels of insight.

Insight I will deal +10% Damage for every HP lost by the enemy. The Max HP lost is x20%.

Insight II will ensure -8% Damage taken when the caster enters the battle.

Insight III will increase the penetration rate by +10% when HP is lost by the enemy. The maximum HP that be lost is x20%.

Reverse 1999 - Mercy - Insights
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.

Best Knight Psychubes

Some of the best Psychubes to use for a knight are Hopscotch, Brave New World, The Footloose, and His Bounden Duty.


Features Incantation Might level one is 12% and Incantation Might level 60 is 18%.

For each enemy defeated Ultimate Might will increase by +4% at level one. It can stack up to four times.

Brave New World

The Ultimate Might at level one will be 12% and 18% at level 60.

After she casts her Ultimate, her Incantation Might will increase by 20% at level one and 40% at level five.

The Footloose

The Ultimate Might at level one will be 9% and 15% at level 60.

When the carrier attacks and the enemy’s HP is above 40%, then the damage dealt will increase by +8%.

His Bounden Duty

The Damage Bonus will be 6% at level one and 12% at level 60.

For each of the enemies defeated by the carrier, the HP and the ATK will increase by x60% at level one.

A Knight Skills - Reverse 1999
Photo: Bluepoch Co., Ltd.


Reverse 1999 is a must-play game and this Knight guide can help you succeed in battle.

The Knight is a powerful character to have and can bring a lot of advantages to your team in the game.

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