Return To Earth: Ultimate Game Guide & Codes

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Return To Earth

A dynamic shooter subgenre of “survival.” In Return To Earth, you are Armed solely with your reliable laser gun and sharp intellect. You descend down the space elevator to confront the adversaries to return to Earth.

As you navigate the challenges, you unravel a nefarious plot behind the assault, and the responsibility to thwart it falls squarely on your shoulders.

Return to Earth 1
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Venture on an epic journey to conquer formidable foes and gather powerful equipment! Fortify yourself with diverse chips and gears, all to pave the path back home.

Join the thrill of gaming with this comprehensive guide, delving into the simple yet captivating gameplay and mechanics of Return To Earth.

Equip yourself with insider tips tailored for new players, and uncover a wealth of additional information that will elevate your gaming experience.

Return To Earth: Gameplay

Retrun To Earth‘s challenge lies in navigating the intricate passage filled with a swarm of armed enemies. Descending the stairs will plunge you into a chaotic battleground where relentless robot enemies will attempt to impede your progress.

While many mobile games employ the traditional d-pad key for character movement, this game offers a refreshing and intuitive approach using the swipe-to-move mechanic.

Return to Earth 2
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Drag your finger across the screen to direct your character, immersing you in the action in a natural and engaging way.

Guide Arrows

Return to Earth 3
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As you traverse each stage floor, keep an eye out for the illuminating blue arrows. These beacons will guide you towards the staircases that usher you to the next level of your adventure.


Once you’ve triumphantly conquered all the stage floors, you’ll encounter a Starlift, a shimmering portal that will transport you to the next level of your quest.

Return to Earth 4
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However, this passage requires energy to activate, so ensure you’ve stocked up on the necessary power before embarking on your ascent. Alternatively, you may encounter a unique floor or dungeon that demands keys as the entry fee.


Before embarking on your next stage adventure in Return to Earth, you’ll be ushered into the Lobby, a hub of preparation and strategizing.

Return to Earth 5
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Here, you can meticulously sort and purchase valuable Chips, put your DPS to the test against a resilient training dummy, refine your Tech skills and equipment to their full potential, and indulge in the enticing offerings of the Shop.


As you engage in combat, a semi-transparent circle will appear around your character, marking your attack range.

Return to Earth 6
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When enemies venture into this zone, your character automatically unleashes a flurry of attacks, keeping them at bay.


Each floor presents a gauntlet of relentless enemy bots, eager to halt your progress. But fear not, for you possess a powerful Ultimate Skill, a game-changer capable of turning the tide in your favor in Return To Earth.

Return to Earth 7
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This awe-inspiring ability recharges with every enemy you vanquish, ensuring you’re never without a trump card in your arsenal. So unleash its devastating power when the situation demands, and watch as your foes crumble before its might.


Keep a watchful eye on your health bar, located prominently above your character. When you find yourself in need of a quick recovery, reach for the trusty medicine bag, conveniently positioned at the lower right corner of your screen.

Return to Earth 8
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These life-saving items are dropped by your vanquished foes in Return To Earth, ensuring you have a steady supply of healing power at your disposal.

Loot and Crates

As you defeat your foes, they’ll leave a bounty of valuable loot, including coins, chips, and equipment. But that’s not all! Keep your eyes peeled for crates scattered throughout the floors.

Return to Earth 9
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These mysterious containers promise serendipitous discoveries, offering a chance to acquire a treasure trove of random loot.


Completing quests in Return to Earth yields valuable rewards, including additional gold for leveling up, chips, equipment, and even keys that unlock access to dungeons.

Return to Earth 10
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Quests are located on the left side of the screen and can be hidden by tapping on the arrow.

Floors and Bosses

Return to Earth 11
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Upon entering the designated stage, you’ll encounter five floors to navigate, with the fifth floor serving as the arena for an epic boss battle. The closer you approach the boss, the more challenging the enemies become.

Return to Earth 12
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Bosses on the fifth floor pack a punch with high HP and unique attack patterns. Strategize your attacks, dodge swiftly, and unleash your ultimate when the time is right.


Return to Earth 13
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Tech represents your character’s passive abilities, which can be improved using gold. In Return to Earth, each level unlocks a new passive ability, including regeneration, heightened defense, increased move speed, and more, all of which you can further fortify.


Return to Earth 14
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Obtaining equipment is possible by clearing special stages that demand keys for entry. Additionally, it can be acquired through loot boxes in the shop. Enhancing these items is achievable with the use of gold and upgrade materials.


Chips are Tetris-like blocks that can be inserted into your chip slots. These blocks provide additional stats upon being equipped. When chips with the same bonus type are placed adjacent to each other, that stat gains an additional multiplier.

Return to Earth 15
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Chips are acquired from floor enemies and bosses, and they are also available for purchase from the blue robot in the lobby.


Return to Earth offers an in-app purchase shop for players seeking to expedite their progress.

Return to Earth 16
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This shop provides loot crates containing rare equipment, gold coins, gems, dungeon keys, and even new playable characters, allowing players to enhance their experience and acquire valuable resources without extensive grinding.


Regrettably, Return to Earth has not yet provided in-game codes for its players, and the redemption code feature has not been implemented. However, since the game is still in its early stages, there is room for potential changes.

Stay informed about their latest news and events by joining their Discord community.


Return to Earth is a haven for dungeon-crawling enthusiasts and those who relish the thrill of grinding their way to the pinnacle of power. Head out on a journey to amass the finest equipment and chips, transforming your character into a powerful space explorer.

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