Resortopia Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Resortopia Guide

Resortopia has the same level of cuteness as seen on Animal Restaurant. And why shouldn’t it be so adorable? After all, it’s by DH-Publishers! You will play the role of a jobless guy named Udon. He stumbles upon a rundown resort and meets a middle-aged ghost cat named Pineapple who talks to him through a picture frame. Now how weird that can be?


Pineapple assigns Udon to manage the ramshackle holiday retreat. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Udon needs to renovate it to attract a sizeable number of guests, earn enough to repair and place new furniture, unlock more rooms and furnish them to make them look more appealing to visitors. Read our Resortopia tips, tricks and strategies to help him turn this spooky-looking retreat into a world class resort.

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Getting Started

The lounge will be the first room to be unlocked in this game. Your first guest will be the Red Riding Hood. Because this is a resort simulation game, comfort should be your priority for guests, which is why you should be setting up beds in the lounge. Visitors will arrive at the lounge, sleep on the bed and pay cookies after a nice day’s/night’s rest. The more visitors you have, the higher your income. Cookies are in-game currency and the total number of cookies is displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen.

The Lounge

To set up beds, go inside the lounge and tap on the yellow helmet icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to access “Facilities”. This is where you can purchase new furnishings apart from beds. Furnishings are categorized under Beds, Cabinets, Massage Chairs, Welcome Area, Entertainment Area, Sofa, Vending Machines etc. You can purchase them using the cookies earned from guests.

The first bed is free to set up. Once you start earning cookies from your first bed (guests will leave cookies after sleeping on bed), start building other beds. Under facilities, scroll down to find all “Bed” categories. Build all “Basic Beds” in each category since they are cheaper than other beds in the same category. For example, under Facilities > Bed No. 2, the first set of Basic Beds costs only 5 cookies whereas the next set of beds (“Soft Beds”) in the same category costs 3600 cookies. There are four bed categories.

You might be thinking why beds when there are other facilities that can also generate income? Of course, you should also build those. In fact, the next facility you will be placing in the lounge is the entryway cabinet in the tutorial game mode. Beds should be your priority because guests will always pay cookies immediately after resting on them and the more beds you have, the more cookies you will earn. Having more beds will also avoid unwanted queues. You really don’t want visitors waiting for their turn to sleep after attracting a lot of them to your resort.

Now that you have at least 2 sets of beds, the next step would be to attract more visitors. The more guests you have, the higher will be your income. Outside the building, tap on those cute cookie people strolling the street. When you tap on a cookie man, the green bar above him should fill up to reveal the mystery guest. Keep tapping on a cookie man to reveal the guest and only then you can attract him/her to your resort.

Tapping on cookie men consumes energy (displayed as neon blue lightning icon). The max energy is 50. The energy count is shown in the reception/front desk where Udon sits outside the resort. Every time you tap on a cookie man, you consume some energy. Energy refills over time as shown by the yellow bar underneath the front desk.  

Energy displayed on the front desk
Total energy displayed below Udon, in the front desk

Don’t forget to tap on cookies in the lounge to collect them. Once you have enough cookies earned from visitors, you can start placing new facilities. Tap on the yellow helmet icon inside the lounge to place facilities. Always read the description before purchasing a new facility. Certain furniture enables passive cookie earnings, which we will explain in detail in the next few sections of this guide. Expand Table of Contents in this article to get a complete list of sections.

As you attract more and more guests, you will unlock new visitors that will tip for your services. Tapping on cookie men will unlock them. The first special guest will be “Uncle Hammer”. He will pay maximum 13 cookie as tip after he finishes his stay in your resort. When you unlock him, Uncle Hammer’s portrait will appear on the screen. Tap on the details button to know more about him.

Every time a new guest unlocks, a large portrait will pop up on the screen. Tap on the details to know more about the new guest, including the tip he/she will provide under “Guest Characteristics”.

Guests are unique in their appearance and the bonuses they grant. Continue tapping on cookie men to unlock them. Guests are also categorized under Basic, Bonze, Silver and Gold rarity. Basic guests are the most common guest and Gold category are rare guests. In the beginning you will unlock basic guests and as you progress through the game, you will see higher rarity guests appearing in the later stages as you keep renovating the resort and clicking on cookie men to attract visitors. To get a list of unlocked guests, tap on the postage stamp icon below settings (cog) on the upper-right corner of the screen. Here all guests that you have unlocked so far will be displayed based on their rarity.

When you unlock a new guest for the first time you will receive a “greeting gift” from him/her. To claim the gift, tap on the postage stamp icon, below the cog icon (settings) on the upper-right corner of the screen and tap on the gift box icon on the new guest’s portrait to claim your rewards. When a new guest unlocks, a small red dot appears on the postage stamp icon, suggesting rewards are available.

You can forge a strong bond with unique guests, such as Uncle Hammer, by providing certain items as and when they need. Earn hearts from them and increase their friendship level to boost tips from these unique guests and get bonus rewards. More on special guests and friendships later.

After the short tutorial ends, make sure you complete all Pineapple (the picture frame ghost cat) quests. Tap on Pineapple’s icon on the lower-right corner of the screen to access “Pineapple’s Wish”. Complete all quests under his wishes one by one to earn cookie rewards.

At the top-left side corner of the home screen, you will find:

A. Cookies: The primary currency of this game. You will earn cookies from guests who visit your resort. You can purchase furniture and other items using cookies and place them in the lounge and other rooms to increase your services for visitors and in turn earn more cookies from these items. The total number of cookies is displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen.

B. Red Candles: They denote the total popularity of your resort. Popularity is useful to unlock new rooms, cleaning/repairing the resort and unlocking new in-game features. Placing new furniture in the lounge and other rooms increases popularity. Before placing new furniture, pay attention to the popularity points (PP) it grants once placing it in the lounge. Please note that the PP you gain from placing a furniture is one-time and not recurring or passive. This applies to most facilities.

C. Candies: These bluish purple wrapped candies are used to upgrade certain features under “Resort Attributes” in the build menu. So if you want to increase the storage space of the tip jar, you can use 5 candies to increase the tips cap from 50 to 450.  You can obtain candies by completing tasks or from the 7-day login rewards. Play the game every day to get your login rewards at the beginning of a new day for seven days. You will get candies on day 1 and day 3. You can also earn candies from curry’s adventure.

7-Day Login Rewards
Get candies as seven day sign in bonus

D. Pinwheel: The rainbow pinwheel is used to purchase skipping scissors. Can be obtained from the shop. Once unlocked, tap the yellow shopping bag icon on the bottom of the screen to open the Shop page. You can obtain 10 pinwheels for free every day (check the screenshot below):

Pinwheel and Skipping Scissors
Get 10 pinwheels daily and use them to purchase skipping scissors. You can then use scissors to refill chef’s energy at the restaurant.

Once you have collected 60 pinwheels, use them to obtain 5 skipping scissors. You can then use scissors at the restaurant to refill the chef’s energy.

Facilities and Bonuses

The lounge is the first room where you will be placing new facilities for guests to earn a lot of cookies. As you collect more cookies and progress through the game, you will unlock new rooms in this game.

The lounge is located on the lower-left corner of the resort. Enter this room and tap on the yellow helmet icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will see a list of items under “Facilities”.

Each facility/furniture item provides certain bonuses that will help you earn cookies and popularity. You can view those bonuses by tapping on a facility. You will obtain these bonuses once you purchase/place them in a room.

For example: When you purchase the basic bed under “Bed No. 1”, you will receive a one-time bonus of +2 cookies and +2 popularity after placing it in the lounge.

However, certain facilities ensure recurrent cookie earnings every minute. They provide passive in-game income. Invest your hard-earned cookies in such facilities.

Examples of such facilities are:

Entryway Cabinets: You will obtain a certain number of cookies every minute. If you place the Wood Entryway Cabinet in the lounge room, you will earn 2 cookies per minute. Cookies earned per minute will be added to your total cookies displayed on the top-left corner of the screen.

As you progress, build better quality and more stylish entryway cabinet which will replace your current cabinet. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also grant more cookies every minute. Once you purchase the beautiful Japanese Entryway Cabinet for 3800 cookies, you will start earning +4 cookies per minute. Advanced furniture items of the same type, whether bed or entryway cabinet, will always cost more but provide great bonuses to increase income and popularity.

Note: The Sofa section under Facilities also provide regular income in the form of cookies per minute. You should also consider adding sofas in the lounge to increase the number cookies earned per minute.

“Welcome Area” Furniture: These are umbrella stands, slipper racks ottoman etc. They look so beautiful when placed at the entryway in the lounge. Each welcome area furniture looks more gorgeous than the other, but also costs more cookies. The first item will be Daruma Doll. When you place it in the lounge, you will obtain +3 cookies per minute.

Tip: Just like welcome area facilities, entertainment area facilities also let you earn a certain number of cookies per month. All you have to do is purchase/unlock them using cookies and see your earnings increase. Facilities under “Tea Break Area” also provide similar bonuses once you unlock them.  

Massage Chairs: It’s all about providing the best services to guests and so you will be needing massage chairs. A massage chair not only lets you earn a certain amount of cookies every minute, but also lets you earn cookies every time a guest uses it. Yes, there will be facilities like massage chairs that can be used by guests and they will pay you cookies every time they use these items. The first items – Clearance Massage Chair, provides a passive income of +1 cookie per minute and also provides +4 cookies each time a guest uses it. As you progress and earn more cookies, unlock advanced massage chairs to increase passive as well as usage income.

Washers: They will allow you to earn cookies purely on usage basis. You will obtain cookies only when a guest uses a washer for laundry.

Vending Machines: The best way to rake in cookies every 30 seconds is to build a vending machine. Its bonus offering is different from the rest of the facilities. Once you build one, it will drop cookies at regular intervals. The basic vending machine will drop 6 cookies every 30 seconds. Make sure you tap on cookies around a vending machine to collect it. Build better quality vending machines to increase the drop rate of cookies every thirty seconds.

Beds: While beds don’t provide recurrent cooking earnings, they do increase guest’s comfort. Except the first basic bed, all bed types increase the resting efficiency of guests by a certain percentage, thereby increasing your income as guests will pay more cookies if they sleep on ultra-comfy beds, such as the soft bed, marshmallow bed, spring bed etc. 

Note: Most of the lounge facilities grant one-time popularity points. This means that you will obtain popularity only once when you unlock a facility.

Build and Upgrade the Tip Jar ASAP

The best way to increase your cookie earnings is to unlock a guest’s ability to tip you for your services. Here’s how a simple tip jar can help you do this:

1. When a new guest unlocks, a player can view his/her details by tapping on the postage stamp icon on the upper-right corner of the screen, below settings (cog icon).

2. Just tap on the unlocked guest’s icon to reveal check the number of cookies he/she will tip. You can find this information under Guest Characteristics on the visitor’s profile page as shown in the screenshot below:

Guest Profile Page
Guest Characteristics. Check the tip paid by Giggles.

3. Guests will tip every time they exit your resort. You must build a Tip Jar to ensure they tip regularly. To do this tap on the build menu (house icon) on the lower-left corner of the screen and tap on the tip jar under “Resort Maintenance”. You will need 60 cookies to unlock it.

Note: Make sure you tap the tip jar to collect cookies from it.

Tip Jar
The Tip Jar

4. The house icon appears on the home screen when you are not in the lounge or in any other room. Once unlocked, a guest will go near the tip jar to drop some cookies after spending a day or night at your resort. A basic guest will tip you fewer cookies than a bronze guest, so it all depends on the rarity of the guest. For example: Uncle Hammer, the first guest, will tip 13 cookies.

Don’t forget to upgrade the tip jar. There’s a limit to the number of cookies store in a tip jar. As you unlock more and more guests, they will keep tipping by dropping cookies in the jar. You should increase the storage cap from 50 to 450 in the beginning so that maximum cookies are stored in the jar. To do this, follow these steps:

a. You will need five those bluish purple wrapped candies to upgrade the tip jar. To get them, complete one of Pineapple’s quest. To access the quest screen, tap on pineapple’s icon on the lower-right corner of the screen and complete the “Unlock Massage Chair” quest to obtain x5 candies. Basically, you will have to purchase the basic massage chair in the lounge to earn this reward. You can also obtain x10 candies from the 7-day sign in reward. You will get them on the very first day of playing this game.

b. Once you have obtained candies, tap on the house icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen to access the Resort Attributes and Maintenance section.

c. Under Resort Attributes, tap on the upward pointing arrow in “TIPS CAP” to level it up. Now press the upgrade button. That’s it, you have upgraded the jar to raise the storage cap.

Level Up Guest Friendship

As you progress, you will unlock new guests. Each guest has a unique personality. Cookies given as tip differ from one guest to another. Guests are also categorized under color-coded rarity: Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Basic guests tip fewer cookies and offer less additional buffs/bonuses unlike Silver or Gold guests. You can view them in the gallery (postal stamp icon below settings on the right side of the screen).

Gallery of unlocked guests
A gallery of esteemed guests

As you progress and unlock rooms, attract more visitors, you will have unlock new guests.

For example: Bun, a “Basic” guest, pays 23 tips and has a 5 percent chance of giving 5 times more cookies in any room. But, Stella, a “Silver Guest” pays 88 tips and has a 20 percent chance of giving 5 times more tips in any room she stays.

Tap the stamp icon on the right side of the screen to open “Gallery”. The gallery stamp icon is just below settings (cog icon). The gallery is where you will find information about all unlocked guests, based on their rarity.  Tap on a guest’s picture to open his/her page. Under Characteristics, you will see the number of cookies a guest will tip in the tip jar. You can increase this amount by levelling up friendship with a guest. Here’s how you can do this:

Keep an eye on callouts above guests. These callouts will contain pictures of items that they want. Tap on the item above a guest head to give that item to him and earn hearts. Make sure you have the items demanded by guests. Read on to know how to get items in the sext section.

Whenever you earn heart from a guest, the heart bar above him fills up a bit. You can also view heart gauge/bar of each guest when you tap on the postage stamp icon under settings on the right side of the screen and tap on the guest icon to open his page. Fill the heart bar to increase friendship level with guests and increase their tip. Click on “Next Level Preview” on the guest’s page to know the tip boost.

Increasing friendship level of a guest named giggles.
Leveling Up Friendship with Giggles and Increasing tip. He will drop 49 cookies at the tip jar after leveling him up.

How to get Items

You will also get an item set in Resortopia’s tutorial mode. Pineapple the ghost cat will present x20 newspapers, x8 cup of teas, x10 cutlery and x15 teddy bears. There will be more opportunities to obtain such items in the future. You may also receive items from the 7-day login bonus page. Get them from curry’s adventure or purchase them from Wow the Merchant.

Wow's Shop
Purchase Items from Wow’s Stock

Play Curry’s Adventure

Curry’s Adventure is a board game inspired mini-game in Resortopia. There will be tiles and a meter with a rapidly moving pointer instead of dice. You can win prizes when the cute birdie lands on tiles. Reach resort popularity 80 to unlock Curry’s Adventure.

Curry's Adventure

In this game, there will tiles on the top of the screen and prizes on each tile. A meter with a rapidly moving pointer is at the bottom of the screen. Tap the meter to make the pointer stop at a number. If it stops at 1, Curry will hop to a single tile. If the pointer stops at 3, curry will hop to the third tile. You will get prizes on tiles on which curry lands. But not all tiles contain prizes. Some may contain penalties, such as the sad dwarf. Such penalties are temporary and will remain active for some time.

In curry’s adventure, you will obtain prizes such as items that can be gifted to guests to raise their friendship level, cookies, candies, bonus guests, furniture and popularity.

How to Increase Popularity

Popularity plays an important role in making your dilapidated retreat into a world class resort. With a red candle symbol, it lets you unlock new facilities in the lounge and guest rooms, repair flooring, reception, unlock rooms, the restaurant and new scenes. 

You can’t unlock certain facilities until you have the required Popularity Points (PP) as displayed on the top-left corner of the screen, just beside the total cookie counter. You will also need to reach a certain PP value to unlock new rooms, scenes and restaurant. Here are some ways to increase popularity in Resortopia:

1. When you are in the lounge, purchase/unlock the first two items under each category in Facilities. You will need cookies to unlock them. The first two items in a particular facility are always cheaper than other items under the same facility. Tap on the yellow helmet icon when you are inside the lounge to access the facilities menu. You can do this easily as it’s not so difficult to earn cookies in this game. Check out the list of cheaper facilities and the popularity they grant once unlocked/placed in the lounge. You will earn 67 popularity once you have placed them in the lounge.

Cheaper lounge facilities and the popularity points they grant once you place them.
The first two items under lounge facilities are cheap and can increase your resort’s popularity pretty fast

2. As you keep unlocking the first two furniture items in the lounge facility, unlock Room 201 immediately once you reach 15 popularity. Besides that, you should also have at least 500 cookies to unlock this room. To unlock rooms, tap on the house icon on the lower-left corner of the home screen to open the resort attributes and maintenance section.

Unlocking room 201 will allow you to collect more popularity points. This is because new rooms have their own set of furniture and each item grants a certain number of PP every time you place them on the room.

Room 201 will be on the second floor, extreme left side. Tap on this room and then tap on the couch icon on the lower-right corner of the screen to access all facilities of that room. Try the same strategy as you did with the lounge facilities – purchasing the first two furniture items. You will obtain 60 more popularity points.

Try to unlock more rooms in your resort and buy the cheapest furniture to get more popularity.

3. Repairing reception, flooring in certain areas within the resort also grants popularity. Tap on the house icon on the lower-left corner of the screen and check the maintenance section. In the beginning, repair reception, 1F flooring to earn 10 popularity.

4. Follow the above tips and you will easily reach 50 popularity to unlock the “Task System”. It has a notebook icon and is on the bottom of the home screen. Complete quests mentioned in the task system to earn candies and cookies. However, there will be certain tasks that grant popularity once you finish them. Keep completing the initial tasks to unlock more tasks, find those that grant popularity and complete them.

5. Purchase outfits for the main character, Udon.

6. Unlock Curry’s Adventure by reaching 80 popularity. Curry’s Adventure is a mini-game and playing it will allow you to earn more PP.

7. Login daily to obtain one of the “7 Day Sign-In” rewards. You will receive certain furniture items as gifts on certain days. Place them in the appropriate room to obtain popularity. Receive a bouncy bed when you play the game on day 2 and get a nice lamp on day 5. You need to place them in the lounge to get PP. Go to the lounge and tap the backpack on the right side of the screen. Next select an item and it will be placed in the lounge.

8. When you unlock the restaurant, you will get another opportunity to obtain PP. Reach 50 pop and spend 1000 cookies to unlock the restaurant. Once unlocked, unlock new dishes and upgrade them to earn PP. You can also earn more popularity by placing facilities exclusive to the restaurant. More on this in the next section of our guide.

Make the Most of the Restaurant

A resort is incomplete without a restaurant and Udon knows this. Help him build one to boost income and also gain popularity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to opening your first restaurant in Resortopia and increasing your earnings:

The Restaurant

1. There are a few prerequisites to unlock it. Firstly, repair the first floor. Tap on the house icon on the lower-left corner of the home screen. Next, under “Resort Maintenance”, tap on repair 1F Flooring. Make sure you have reached 35 popularity (pop) and have 700 candies to start repair.

2. Once you do this, you can begin unlocking the restaurant. You should reach 50 pop and have 1000 cookies to open the restaurant in the first floor.

3. The restaurant is located near the tip jar, on the right side of the screen. Tap to enter. Just like the lounge, the restaurant also has a unique set of facilities that grant popularity. Tap on the yellow helmet icon to access a list of facilities. You can place dining tables, kitchen, dessert cabinets, takeaway counters, and takeout section. Build the kitchen first followed by the dining table for guests to sit and dine.

4. After finding the dining place and placing a few facilities, you will immediately hire Titan the chef. Build a kitchen for Titan so that he can cook delicious food. Kitchen and other appliances can be built by tapping on the yellow helmet icon on the lower-right corner of the screen.

5. The next step is important, especially when you want to unlock new dishes and upgrade them to increase their price. You will have to play a Minesweeper-like mini game where you will have to tap on tiles in a grid to reveal certain items that can unlock new dishes. You can then serve unlocked dishes to guests and earn bonus cookies.

Tile Game

6. Tap on Chef Titan to play the mini-game. In the grid, tap on any square to reveal what’s hidden in it.  Tapping on tiles might reveal one of the four main items: spoon, veggies, meat and cheese. Use these items to unlock dishes in the “Menu”.

Unlock New Dishes
Use spoons and certain ingredients to unlock new dishes at the restaurant.

7. Tapping on squares consume energy. Noticed the total amount of energy above the chef’s head? Well, it reduces by 1 each time you tap on a square to reveal what’s inside. Energy is refilled over time. It takes 3 minutes to refill 1 energy. However, it can be refilled instantly. Tap the chef and then tap the battery icon at the top of the grid. You can watch an ad to refill energy or use skipping scissors. Check our Getting Started section to know how to obtain skipping scissors.

Tap on the Menu board in the restaurant and then tap on each locked dish to know its requirements. To main requirement to unlock dishes would be spoons. However, there will be additional requirements, such as veggies, cheese and meat to unlock them.

For example: Dish No. 4  “SHA-LA-LA-La Salad” will not only require 70 spoons but also 4 veggies. Dish no. 7 Strawberry Souffle will require 130 spoons and 5 meat to unlock.

8. Not all tiles contain ingredients. Some will be empty and still consume energy since you have used it to reveal what’s inside that tile. But keep an eye on certain boosters, such as the purple “?” tile and the magnifying glass tile. If you find the “?” tile, you will obtain a random ingredient or a spoon. If you stumble upon the magnifying glass, you will be able to view items within two tiles around the magnifying glass. The purple rocket flips all tiles in a row or column revealing several objects underneath them.

9. Unlocking new dishes grants popularity. But that’s not all, you can also obtain bonus popularity if you upgrade the same dish. To level up, you will need spoons and/or any one of the three major ingredients – Veggies, Meat and Cheese. Upgrading an existing dish also increases price. Higher the dish price, more cookies to earn.

Restaurant Facilities and their Bonuses

Like the lounge, restaurant facilities also provide cookie bonuses. Some of them grant cookies at regular intervals, others drop cookies when guests use them. Facilities can be accessed by tapping the yellow helmet icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Make sure you place all facilities in the kitchen as some of them provide handsome bonuses:

Dining Table: Obtain cookies after guest finishes dining.

Advanced modular kitchen sets (Rustic Kitchen, Arctic Kitchen etc.): Earn cookies after guest finishes dining + chef’s cookie efficiency improved by a certain percentage.

Dessert Cabinets: In Resortopia, delicious desserts will be on display in these attractive cabinets inside the restaurant. A guest pays in cookies after purchasing sweets from the dessert cabinet. However, these shelves have a storage cap. The number of sweets on display reduces every time guests use these cabinets.

For example, the “Vintage Shelf” under Dessert Cabinets 1 has a storage cap of +30 desserts. You will earn +4 cookies when a guest uses it to obtain dessert. When a guest obtains a dessert, the total storage decreases by 1. This will keep happening until the storage is reduced to zero. A “+” symbol will appear above the dessert suggesting refill. Tap o it to instantly fill the cabinet with desserts.

Takeaway Counters and Takeout Section: Same as Dessert Cabinets

Bars: Earn cookies at regular intervals. You will obtain a certain number of cookies every minute once you place them in the restaurant.

List of Special Characters

In Resortopia, special characters appear from time to time. Some of them may be disruptive, others will be there to grant bonuses. Here’s a list of characters we have unlocked so far:

Special Characters in Resortopia

Squeaky: This cute mouse can be a nuisance and can gobble up cookies from your rooms. If you spot him, rapidly tap on him until he flees.  You will usually find him scuttling in the first and second floor of the resort.

Singing Sprite: Can help you attract a flurry of guests. When you spot one, tap on her to reveal a ring of light. Guests that are in the ring of light will immediately head towards your resort.

Bun Sprite: Udon requires energy to attract guest. It takes some time to recharge his energy. But you are lucky if you spot a bun sprite. Tap on him to instantly recharge your main character’s energy.

Wow the Merchant: This quirky character appears outside the resort. Tap him to open a shop of items. Purchase them using cookies. These items will be required as gifts to guests whenever they require. Giving gifts to guests increases friendship level. Higher the level, more tip you will receive.

Granny: Tap on granny and watch a 30-second video to attract a lot of guests in a short period of time. Granny’s promotion guarantees anywhere between 20 to 40 guests. Granny chills next to Udon, near the front desk.

God of Fortune: You are very lucky if you run into the God of Fortune. Tap him rapidly to make him drop a lot of cookies.

If you have unlocked more special characters, do let us know in the comments section below.

Leaderboard Rewards

Once you reach 65 popularity, you will unlock the Leaderboard. Reach the first place to earn huge rewards, such as x10000 cookies.

In Resortopia, Leaderboard rankings and rewards depend on your resort’s popularity. The higher your resort’s popularity, the higher you are ranked in the Leaderboard. Tap on the star medal on the right side of the screen and check the popularity requirement to secure a large reward. If you score 93 popularity, then you will win x10000 cookies! You can also compete with other players but for that you will have to login to the game via Facebook or Google.

Get Rewards from the Gacha Market

Once the Gacha Market is unlocked in Resortopia, you can obtain cool prizes from the gacha market, which is located on the lower-right corner of the screen. You will need 25 tickets to obtain rewards from the gacha machine. No worries if you don’t have tickets, watch a 30-second advertisement to get rewards from the gacha machine. You can obtain tickets as a 7-day login bonus or by completing reservation quests.

Pay Attention to Reservations

Tap on a guest whenever you notice a clock icon above him/her. A new reservation page opens. The guest will check in to the hotel after some hours and you may need to fulfill their requirements and be sure to login at the right check-in time to obtain reservation rewards.

Reservation Page
Check the reservation requirements of each guest before accepting. Usually you will have to log in as the right time to obtain rewards.

You might get gacha tickets, hearts and other rewards if you follow the directions in the reservation page. This is the best way to earn hearts from guests and increase friendship level with them.

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