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Whoever claims that Roblox is just for kids has yet to experience Residence Massacre, a survival horror game playable solo or in multiplayer mode. Players must defend themselves inside a house from an Anomaly relentlessly hunting them throughout the night.

As you well know, games on the Roblox platform aren’t known for their extensive tutorials.

Often, gameplay becomes obscure, taking time for a player to grasp all the rules of a game and explore everything it has to offer. That’s why we’re crafting this Residence Massacre Guide With Tips.

Join the Lobby

Upon entering the Roblox – Residence Massacre game, you’ll find yourself in a lobby whose theme changes according to the season. In this lobby, you can see other players, chat, customize your avatar, and, of course, start the game.

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The trucks around show how many players are needed to initiate a match. You can go solo or cooperate with up to four players. Just approach a truck, and you’ll join a group.

For solo play, a timer will appear, and the game will start shortly. For multiplayer, you must fill all the spots before the game begins. We suggest using the chat if you’re not finding enough players.

Starting Residence Massacre

Residence Massacre Guide With Tips
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Our initial suggestion is to play a solo Residence Massacre game to understand the mechanics and dynamics before diving into multiplayer. So, hop onto a solo player’s truck, and you’ll soon be in a match.

When the screen changes, you’ll be outside a house. The top right corner indicates your current objective. You can interact with elements by tapping them on the screen and can use on-screen commands to jump and run.

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Go to the house’s entrance and step inside. Your view will shift from the third person to the first person, and your goal will change to “listen to the radio.” However, before doing that, it’s ideal to hunt for all the loot scattered throughout the house.

Check inside closets, on top of drawers and their compartments, go upstairs, and search the rooms. Your goal is to grab a flashlight, batteries, Bloxy Cola, and the wrench.

Next, you’ll find the radio on the first floor, in a room with a circular red rug. As soon as you tap on the radio, the game will present a mini-tutorial of everything you can do, and the clock will start ticking. You have until 12 AM to bolster your defenses.

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In Residence Massacre multiplayer mode, it’s a good idea to communicate with players before listening to the radio and assign tasks to each one. But be aware that few do this, so you might have a frustrating experience playing cooperatively where not everyone is cooperating.

Barricading your House

Your first line of defense in Residence Massacre is to barricade your windows. In the first room on the second floor, there’s a hammer and planks on the floor, both serving the same function. With the hammer equipped, hit the windows to construct a barricade.

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You can build up to three barricades on each window, and the hammer breaks after being used three times. Then, you’ll need to return to the planks on the floor, tap on it, and grab another hammer to repeat the process. There’s a limit of 15 barricades in total, but it’s enough to cover all the windows at least once.

We suggest placing at least one barricade on all windows and three in the bathroom. Make use of the run feature because while you do this, your character may start to asphyxiate.

Refill the Generator

Outside your house in Residence Massacre, near your truck, there’s a shed. Inside it, there’s a generator with a fuel meter. You’ll need to refill it constantly if you want to breathe inside the house and not die of suffocation.

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Refilling the generator is as simple as tapping the gas can inside the shed and then on the generator. The process is straightforward but can be dangerous if you’re fleeing from the Anomaly in the middle of the night.

You’ll need to refill the generator multiple times during your dark survival, so try to identify a good opportunity while the Anomaly isn’t nearby and run to the shed.

Installing Security Cameras

Now, let’s install some eyes to watch the Anomaly in Residence Massacre, affectionately nicknamed Larry by fans. Outside the shed, there’s a ladder.

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Grab the ladder, and you’ll notice that some spots are highlighted with the ladder’s shape. This is where you can place the ladder to climb up and install the cameras.

There’s a tree next to the shed with a camera. Set the ladder there, climb it, and tap on the camera. Then, grab the ladder again, and right behind you is a spot on the house with another camera.

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The third camera is on a post on the other side of where you installed the second one. Activate your flashlight if needed and install the last camera.

You can check the camera images by tapping on the computer in the room on the second floor. There’s also a Flash command to scare the Anomaly.

Step into the Light

An efficient way to ward off the Anomaly is by turning on the lights in your house. Various switches scattered throughout produce a dim but focused light, creating a robust defense system and scaring the monster.

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However, don’t abuse this system too much in Residence Massacre. Otherwise, you’ll damage and break the electrical box. If this happens, all lights will go out, and you’ll be totally vulnerable.

To fix the electrical box, you must have a wrench in hand and find the breaker box outside the house. You’ll identify it because yellow sparks will be flying out of it.

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When you open the electrical box, you’ll see four colored wires. Click only on the one surrounded by yellow sparks. If you click the wrong one, your character will get shocked.


Basically, that’s it! Residence Massacre is a game that demands speed, caution, and cooperation if you’re playing in multiplayer. Don’t feel bad if the Anomaly kills you; it’s part of the process.

If you have some valuable tips to share, drop them in the comments! Let’s all survive together during one of the most perilous nights in Roblox.

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