Red Hunt – Ultimate Gameplay Guide & Tips

Nikola Stevanovic

What is Red Hunt?

Red Hunt is a top down-air combat shooter that is currently available for all mobile users.

The plot of the game revolves around an advanced AI that has managed to take over all technology and is hellbent on destroying humanity with all of the tanks, drones, and robots that are under its control.

It is up to the player to take to the skies with their air fighter, stop the AI in its tracks, and save the planet.

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Photo: PlayStormRed

Red Hunt – Gameplay

As we mentioned above, the player assumes control of a single aircraft and is tasked with completing a variety of missions.

Each of these missions has the player navigate through hail of bullets and projectiles and features multiple objectives that the player needs to complete in order to advance.

These objectives can range from destroying a certain percentage of enemies, rescuing friendly agents, and not taking any damage, to eliminating every single threat.

Each mission culminates with a boss battle where players need to take out various weak spots in order to bring the boss down.

For each mission that they complete, players will receive resources and collect fragments that they can use to upgrade their jets at the hangar and increase their stats. 

Photo: PlayStromRed
Photo: PlayStormRed


The aircraft that you control will be shooting its weapons automatically which means that the player is only in charge of moving the aircraft in any direction.

This means that players should focus on avoiding enemy fire in Red Hunt and other threats thrown in their direction, and try to aim as best as they can in an effort to quickly eliminate all threats.

Besides that, players should also concentrate on finding and rescuing friendly agents. In order to rescue an agent, players need to spend a specific amount of time hovering right above them. 

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Photo: PlayStormRed

The Hangar

The hangar in Red Hunt is where your aircraft is parked when you are not actively taking part in any missions.

It is also the place where you can switch between your jets and modify your aircraft to your personal preferences.

The hangar lets you make modifications to your jet’s equipment such as its weapons, armor, drones, and boosters which in turn changes its stats like power, armor, or speed.

In addition to that, players can also assign drones to their aircraft as well as add boosters.

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Photo: PlayStormRed


Jets are parked at the hangar and are essentially aircraft that you control during your missions.

Each jet can be modified at the hangar and made unique by adding all kinds of equipment to it such as primary and secondary weapons, armor, boosters, and drones.

Each jet comes with its own stats such as power, armor, and speed. Some jets also come with their own special abilities that offer unique advantages such as increased star collecting or increased drone damage.

Additional jets can be either crafted with fragments or purchased for real money. 

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Photo: PlayStormRed


Equipment in Red Hunt is items that can be attached to your aircraft in order to change its stats and modify its weaponry. There are different kinds of equipment available so let’s take a closer look at it. 

Main Weapon – The main weapon is your primary source of dealing damage to enemies and as such you want to prioritize upgrading it. Depending on your choices, your main weapon can be a gun that fires bullets, a laser, or any of the other projectiles available in the game. 

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Photo: PlayStormRed

Secondary Weapon –  Your secondary weapon and an additional source of damage that can come in different forms such as rockets.

Armor – Your aircraft’s main defenses that increase the amount of damage that your jet can take.

Drones – Drones are smaller aircraft that accompany your main jet on missions and provide support.

Boosters – Boosters are a type of equipment that increases the speed of your jet. 



The crates tab is essentially the gacha mechanic of Red Hunt. It features all different kinds of crates that players can purchase and open.

There are multiple different types of crates such as Supply crates, Tactical crates, Booster crates, etc.

The contents of the crate, as well as their prices, are determined by the crate’s type. Players can purchase crates in exchange for gold, or get them for free in a limited amount by watching ads.

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Photo: PlayStormRed


The storage is pretty self-explanatory. Within this tab, players can keep track of all the equipment and resources that they have made and collected while playing the game. Lead, polymer, accumulators, chips, uranium, nanites, if you have encountered it, you will find it here.

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Photo: PlayStormRed


The reactor is where players can use various resources in order to create other resources and parts which they can then use to upgrade different elements of their aircraft such as weapons, armor, and boosters.

Depending on what you are aiming to create, you can use either the create mode or fission mode. It is worth noting that in order to use the reactor, players will need to spend uranium. 

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Photo: PlayStormRed


Like most mobile games, Red Hunt features its own currency system so let’s take a closer look at it. 

Oil – The main form of currency required to go on missions.

Coins – The primary currency of the game that allows you to purchase crates, buy upgrades, and much more.

Resources – Resources are different items that players can use to upgrade their equipment. These include but are not limited to accumulators, chips, uranium, lead, etc. 

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Photo: PlayStormRed


Red Hunt Challenges are specific tasks that players can complete in order to receive all kinds of rewards. They can range from completing a certain number of missions and eliminating a specific number of bosses to upgrading certain equipment. Completing challenges will grant the player currency, cases, stars, and other resources.

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Photo: PlayStormRed


We hope that you have enjoyed our Red Hunt Ultimate Gameplay Guide and wish you the best of luck on your next flying mission.

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