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Razorback Boss - Warframe

You can complete the Razorback Armada Event by crafting a Razorback Cipher and defeating the Razorback boss! Read ahead to see a step-by-step guide on crafting the ciphers and defeating the event boss!

Razorback Armada Event Step-by-Step Guide

1. Farm Cryptographic Alu

Jupiter, Galilea - Warframe
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Cryptographic Alu is a special resource that can be obtained from Corpus Archwing enemies. It is only available during the Razorback Armada event, and cannot be pre-farmed prior to the start of the event.

How to Get Cryptographic Alu

Acquiring Cryptographic Alu - Warframe
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In my experience, best place to farm Cryptographic Alu is in Galilea on Jupiter. Enemies in this sector are weak, and the mission can be completed fairly quickly.

2. Craft Razorback Ciphers

Crafting Razorback Cipher - Warframe
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Razorback Cipher Crafting Requirements
Polymer Bundle x 1,500Gallium x 3Cryptographic Alu x 4

The blueprints for Razorback Ciphers are automatically added to your account during the start of the Razorback Armada event. All that’s left is to craft them at the Foundry.

You will need to farm the above materials a total of 3 times, since the entire Razorback Armada Event needs a total of 3 Razorback Ciphers.

3. Add Razorback Ciphers to Gear Wheel

Gear Wheel - Warframe
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Head to the Arsenal and go to the Gear Wheel menu to equip Razorback Ciphers. These Razorback Ciphers are a pre-requisite to attempting the event and must be equipped before players can enter the mission.

4. Defeat the Razorback

Razorback Armada Node - Warframe
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Progress through the tile set until you reach a corpus console that cannot be hacked manually. You will need to use a Razorback Cipher in order to successfully hack this console.

Once inside, you will be faced with the Razorback boss.

How to Beat Razorback

Step 1. Hack Either Console

Console Alcoves - Warframe
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There are alcoves situated on either side of the boss room housing hackable consoles. Hack these consoles to spawn a Bursa Drone into the boss arena.

Step 2. Defeat the Bursa

Bursa Drone - Warframe
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Once the Bursa Drone spawns into the room, dispatch it to make it vulnerable to hacks. Run behind the drone and attempt to hack the drone.

Step 3. Stagger the Boss and Deal Damage

Staggered Razorback - Warframe
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Successfully hack the drone and it will attack the Razorback. Only the drone’s attacks can stagger the boss.

Once the Razorback gets staggered, only then will it be vulnerable to damage. It will only be staggered temporarily, so deal some damage while you can!

Step 4. Repeat

Repeat the process from Step 1 to hack another bursa drone, and repeat the cycle until you’ve depleted the Razorback’s HP.

Tips and Tricks

Bring a Tanky Warframe

Rhino Prime - Warframe
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Warframes like Rhino, Revenant, and Hildryn can make clearing this event fairly easy. As long as you can stay alive long enough to continually hack consoles and bursa drones, you should be able to clear the mission!


Completing the Razorback Armada Event is fairly simple, if only slightly tedious because of the multiple steps that players need to take. Just remember to bring a tanky Warframe along, and mod your weapons to deal more damage to Corpus units.

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