Rayman Adventures: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Rayman Adventures
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Rayman Adventures is the newest mobile platformer from Ubisoft. It’s a fast-paced run-and-jump game featuring our beloved adventurer and his travel companions. Oh and Incrediballs! These adorable critters can help Rayman fight enemies, find secrets and collect lums, lots of them. Your goal is to help him rescue all creatures and make the sacred flower bloom once again.

An adventure contains an egg, which needs to be rescued from enemies. You will need to complete several levels in an adventure to reach a caged egg and save it from its kidnappers. Each level is a puzzle on its own. There are traps, environmental hazards and objects to interact with, plus a creature or two that can assist you in your mission. Check out our helpful tips, hints and strategies to win levels and collect more incrediballs:

1. Know Your Creatures

They are called “Incrediballs” and they can be of immense help in any level. Creatures can be broadly classified into three types: Seekers, Protectors and Inhalers. There will be new types and more creatures (there are a total of 110 creatures to collect and keep in your sacred tree), but for now these are the three main types that may help you complete levels. Here’s how to use them:

Rayman Adventures


Creatures with a magnifying glass icon beside their names belong to the Seeker type of critters. They can be used to find trapped critters, coins and secrets. Take a seeker with you when there are missions that let you search and rescue teensies or just take them to find extra items, coins etc. that are hidden in a level.

A seeker can search up to 3 objects. Keep an eye on a cute seeker as he or she points his fingers to the hidden teensy or item. Take more seekers with you. This will help you find more than 3 secrets. Green Pieces and The Pinkies belong to the Seeker type of critters.


These cute critters protect Rayman, Barbara and other characters from enemy attacks or traps for a short duration. A shield will protect your character from any attack or hazard. Take them to “Brawler” levels (hand icon) and use them when destroying enemies. The Rhinos and the Sooties are examples of Protectors.


Inhalers can be used to breathe in nearby lums and coins. Use them in levels with an image of a lum. Take multiple inhalers with you to increase their inhaling power. You will be able to collect more lums, which will improve your score and grant more rewards. The Snifflers belong to the Inhaler category of monsters.

Creatures also give you extra points at the end of a level. Before starting a level, tap on the creature to take him on your adventure. Before taking a creature with you, check the level icon. A level with a magnifying glass icon above it indicates that it’s an exploration level and so you will need a seeker to find teensies and other secrets.

A hand icon on a red background shows that it’s a brawler level and you may need protectors to help you fight enemies. Lum levels are shown with a lum on a yellow background. They are the easiest of all levels and require you to take a bunch of Inhalers to suck all lums and score points.

2. You Can’t Replay a Level If You Tap on the Flying Ship

An adventure contains several Brawler, Exploration or Sniffer levels. A bonus level may also appear mid-way. Once you have completed all levels in an adventure, you will need to drag the egg to the incubator and an “Adventure Finished” banner will be displayed. A flying ship will appear in place of the caged egg and tapping on it will take you to the world map where new adventures will start appearing.

Tap the Flying Ship to Replay

These new adventures will be shown in the form of eggs. However, the current adventure will be locked and you won’t be able to replay its levels if you tap on any new adventure i.e. on a caged egg. In a nutshell, you won’t be able to go back to all previously played adventures if you accept a new adventure.

Replaying an adventure’s level has one benefit. You know all the ins and outs, traps, hazards and enemies and playing it again will be a piece of cake. Plus you may even beat your previous score and earn extra prizes.

Don’t tap on the flying ship if you want to play all levels once again. Stay on the level map. You may choose a different character to replay the levels. Before tapping on the ship, replay those levels where you feel there is a chance to beat your previous score and earn more rewards.

3. Ways to Get Gems

Gems lets you purchase unlocked costumes; buy a lucky ticket, which may contain more gems, elixirs and eggs. Using gems, you can purchase Beatbox saving slots to save more musical masterpieces of your creature band and elixirs. Here’s how you can earn gems in Rayman Adventures:


You will receive 5 guaranteed gems as a “Daily Reward”. You can double the amount of gems by watching a video. Choose the latter and you will receive 10 gems.

Get Gems from Daily Rewards

The number of gems you have earned so far can be seen at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on the plus sign beside it to get access to various gem packs. Among them, there’s a free option that gives you gems for watching a video.

Certain achievements can grant you up to 25 gems. On your level map, tap on your character’s portrait at the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap on the trophy icon to get a list of achievements. Under each achievement there will be a list of tasks that needs to be completed to get gems or food. For example: Under “Gotta Hatch ‘Em All” you will need to hatch 10 eggs to get 20 gems.

Play and replay levels to score points. In each level, there are certain score targets that you need to reach if you want to earn gems. The score target and prizes will be displayed at the beginning of a level. Reaching the highest score target can earn you a treasure chest full of gems. You can replay a level if you haven’t reached higher score targets. Make sure you replay it before tapping on the flying ship. To know more about levels and adventures, read Tip No. 2.

4. How to Find Creatures and Where to Find Them

Creatures play a key role in this game. You will need them to find trapped teensies, secrets, collect lums and make you invincible for a shorter duration. You receive an egg after you complete all levels in an adventure. The egg is then tossed to an incubator and may take time to hatch. Once complete, tap on the egg to get a new creature. To find all creatures, check out these hints:

Some creatures can be found in specific regions. You will have to complete adventures in those regions to rescue them:

The Sooties (Protectors) can be found in Medieval Mayhem and Olympus Maximus (Check world map to find these regions)

The Pinkies (Explorers) can be found in Toad Story and Olympus Maximus

The Rhinoz can be found in Medieval Mayhem and Olypus Maximus.

The Green Pieces can be found only in Medieval Mayhem

The Snifflers can be found in Toad Story and Medieval Mayhem.

On the level map, look for suspicious objects. These objects will usually have a glow powder sprinkled on top of them. Tap on them to find a hidden creature.

Many times, you will get a duplicate creature. If you want a brand new creature, use “New Creature Elixir”. It costs 195 gems. You can also purchase a Golden Egg elixir that can transform a rescued bronze or silver egg into a golden egg. Golden eggs may contain a rare or a royal creature.

Look for free reveals on the world map. Tap on the free reveal button to discover eggs. All black eggs will reveal their true colors. A golden egg may contain a rare or a royal incrediball, silver will contain an uncommon creature and a bronze will contain a common creature.

5. Elixirs: What Are They and When Should You Use Them

Elixirs help you get new and rare creatures and decrease hatching time. There are four main types of elixirs: Golden Egg, Speed Time, New Creature and Silver Egg. The first elixir can turn a silver or bronze egg into a golden egg. The second elixir can speed up hatching time, the third elixir can grant an egg that guarantees a new, never-before-seen Incrediball and the fourth one turns a bronze egg into a silver egg.

If you received a bronze egg from an adventure, use the golden or silver egg elixir to turn it into a golden or silver egg. With a bronze egg, you will get a guaranteed common creature whereas with silver or golden egg you may receive uncommon or rare/ royal creatures. However, there are chances of getting a duplicate creature.

If you are afraid that the above elixirs may grant a duplicate creature, then instead of using them, use the New Creature elixir to get a brand new common, rare or uncommon Incrediball.

Some eggs may take time to hatch. Use Speed Time to reduce the hatching speed by 30 minutes. You will get more Speed Time elixirs by scratching lucky tickets.

There are two main ways to get elixirs – via lucky tickets and by spending gems. You will receive 1 free lucky ticket if you rescue all creatures of a family. I got one after rescuing all creatures of The Green Pieces family. You can also purchase a lucky ticket by paying gems via shop.

6. How to Make Your Sacred Tree Grow Taller Than Other Online Players

Your Sacred Tree can be accessed by tapping on the bud icon, which is located at the top left corner of the level map screen. Tap on the leaderboard beside your tree to check your rank.

Sacred Tree

You are ranked based on your sacred tree’s height, so your main goal is to make your tree taller than other players to rank up the leaderboard.

Making your tree taller not only lets you rank higher, but also earn extra rewards. Your tree must reach a certain height to touch a gift box. Once it touches the box, you will receive prizes.

To increase your sacred tree’s height, start rescuing creatures or search for them hidden on the level map. Every new creature will increase your tree’s height.

Keep rescuing creatures to fill your tree’s height meter. Once full, it will upgrade your tree to another level. Duplicate creatures won’t increase your tree’s height.

Common creatures increase your tree‘s height by 10 meters. Uncommon creatures increase its height by 20 meters. Rare creatures increase its height by 30 meters and Royal creatures increase your tree’s height by 40 meters. Use “new creature” or golden egg elixirs to get rare creatures. The rarer a creature, the taller your sacred tree will grow.

7. Make Awesome Beatbox Tracks

In Rayman Adventures, incrediballs can help you make splendid Beatbox tracks for you. Beatbox unlocks once you rescue all creatures of a family. You can then create mind-blowing tracks using your rescued animals.

Use Creatures to Create Beatbox Tracks

Go to your sacred tree and tap on the yellow vinyl player icon located at the left side of the screen. Once the countdown ends, start tapping on creatures to create your own music. Once you have created a masterpiece, tap on the yellow menu at the top-right corner of the screen to save your track.

There are two empty slots where you can save your Beatbox tracks. Tap on the “save” icon to store your track on an empty slot. You may even overwrite an existing saved track with a new one or add more slots using gems via the Shop menu.

8. Ask Your Friends or Watch a Video to Get Food for Your Creatures

Creatures can become tired and curl into a ball. You can’t take a tired creature with you to a level. You will need to feed him/her first. Drag and drop the chicken leg to feed him. You can feed him when it’s perched on your sacred tree or before swiping right to start a level.

Food is your first tier prize that you get when you reach a certain score target. You will get one guaranteed food after completing a level if you reach the required score goal. You can also receive food by asking friends or watching a video. Go to your sacred tree and scroll down to your creature homes. Tap on the plus sign beside the chicken leg to access options that grant free food.

9. Fill the Clone-O-Meter to Get Extra Rewards

There are a total of 110 creatures that you can rescue, but many of them will be duplicate creatures. Thankfully, there’s’ a place for duplicate creatures – it’s called the Clone-o-Meter.

A duplicate creature will go straight to this meter. Once the meter reaches a target, you will get a prize. But if you wait for the meter to go full, you will receive even better prizes.

Additional Tips and Hints

Swiping down on breakable obstacles such as a pile of bones triggers a crush attack, breaking them into pieces and giving your character access to an underground level. Crush Attacks can also be used on bouncy objects to bounce higher. Use crush attacks to destroy multiple enemies standing on top of each other.

Take advantage of walls. Tap to jump on a wall to jump off it and grab a ring/vine or step on a new platform.

When Rayman grabs a ring, he may be facing the opposite side of a platform or another ring. To make him face the direction of a platform or ring, make a short swipe on that direction and then hold to make him glide for a few seconds. While gliding he will face the direction of your swipe and quickly hold the ring. Don’t tap else your hero will lose grip and jump down.

You will need to swipe to punch cages to free teensies.

You can unlock a costume by reaching a costume score target. This score target can be seen in the rewards section that appears just after completing a level. Look at the tiny character portraits to your left and the points below them.

Reaching a certain score target will unlock a new costume. You can then purchase the unlocked costume by pressing the shop icon on the level map. A costume costs gems. However, there is one free costume that can be equipped if you log in to Facebook.