Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery Guide – How to get Fixers to Assemble a Collection

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery is Mytona’s newest hidden object game for Android. The game has a deep storyline, lots of hidden object scene and match-3 puzzles and fun mini-games to keep you busy for hours. Puzzles are not easy to complete as there are several variations or modes, such as “match mode” where you will have to search for identical objects in a room and “reflection”, where all objects are mirrored. You will also solve scenes where the objects’ names are jumbled up and dark clouds float around in a room, blocking your view. Hidden object scenes are very challenging and it won’t be easy to solve a puzzle. Objects will be randomly placed in every new game and tapping anywhere on a scene will deduct a few seconds from the timer.

Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery is divided into several chapters. To complete a chapter, you will have to complete quests by collecting items. Completing a collection of items provides more hints about the disappearances of residents of Ravenhill or other mysteries surrounding the ghost town. With the help of this guide, you will know what “fixers” are and how to get them to craft new items:

1. Complete storyline quests to get collection items. They play a crucial role in solving a chapter. You can solve hidden object and match-3 puzzles to get collection items. When you get one, it will be shown in the list of items you have collected so far.


2. All items in a collection need to be assembled to craft a special item, which will provide a vital clue in solving a mystery. However, you will also need “Fixers”, if you want to finish assembling a collection to get that special item. Fixers are special materials. Without them you can’t craft a special item. As of writing this guide, there are two types of fixers: Twine and Rose. You will come across different types of fixers as you progress through chapters.

3. Your first goal is to collect all items of a storyline quest. The best way to quickly find them is to tap the triangular play  button, read the dialogues and then touch “accept” to go directly to a puzzle where you can get that story-based item. Once you get all items, it’s time to find fixers.

4. To get fixers in Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery, you will have to banish monsters. A banished monster drops fixers and XP. Monsters can be usually found on the outskirts of the ghost town, on the extreme left or right side of your game’s map.

Ravenhill Map


5. Banishing monsters won’t be easy as you will need certain materials to get rid of them. For example, to banish “Red Cap”, the frog monster or “Pixie” you will need “bulb horn”. Red Cap drops “Twine” – a material required to complete assembling a collection. You can acquire bulb horn from certain hidden object scenes and match-3 puzzles, such as the Wonderstudio match-3 puzzle scene or the Reception room hidden object scene.

How to get Fixers in Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery

Similarly, to banish Charmwing or Sphinx monsters, you will need Mirror Ball. Charmwing drops “Rose”, which is also used in crafting a new item in a collection.

Find Materials for Banishing Monsters

6. To find materials for banishing monsters, you will have to tap each unlocked building and check the list of items on the right side of the screen under the “Can be Found” section. It shows a random list of three items you might get when you finish a hidden object scene or a match-3 puzzle game. The above screenshot shows a list of items, including the bulb horn, which is used to get rid of the Red Cap monster. You will get the material once you successfully complete a scene or puzzle.

Finding a Material

Make sure you have plenty of materials for banishing monsters. Many times, monsters won’t drop the required fixer and you will have to use materials again to banish them to get it. You can tap a monster and then tap on the material’s icon. Now tap the “Find” button to know its location and complete the puzzle to get it.

  1. I just started to play today and all my past months hard work getting to virturoso has gone. Is there anything I can do?

  2. This game changes all the time. They speed up time so you can’t get all of the items you need. Very frustrating game. I’m done with it.

    1. Blue stars are experience points. You collect them when you complete various quests. Blue stars help you level up in the game.

  3. I will not be buying anything to help me get on with your games…been trying for days to get over one hurdle, and all it says is to buy the helpful item needed…will be deleting the game since the needed item seems only to be available through the use of a magnifying glass…I’m on level 47, but not paying to go further!

  4. Lots problems with this game, not loading results and just leaving a rotating circle, can’t tell if points are being credited or not after using many lives! Last check I had 285 arrows and was number 22 now after much playing where am I?

  5. Where are the entrance tickets stored and how can I access/use them? Thanks very much!

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