Raising Poseidon – Idle RPG: Gameplay, Tips & Tricks

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Raising Poseidon Idle RPG - Game Guide with Tips
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

Raising Poseidon is all about becoming king of the sea. Throw your very own spear and create some massive waves with all of your power.

Players will be able to control and send sharks and water dragons into battle to establish their presence in the ocean.

Players can also unlock property skills, fight with summoned creatures, unlock skills, explore dungeons, strengthen characters, and do level-up battles.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the gameplay, tips for new players, and additional information about the game.

Raising Poseidon - Battle and Boss Fights
Photo: Kim Myungjun

Entering Raising Poseidon

When players first enter the game, they are required to sign in with Game Center on IOS or with Google Play on Android. Players can also sign in as a guest.

Players will start off their Raising Poseidon journey with a tutorial of the gameplay and all of the game’s features.

The first part of the tutorial is the boss challenge where players will ride a shark and battle against the boss.

Players will receive diamonds for each boss they defeat in the game.

The next step is to enhance your character to increase their abilities in battle. This can be done by using coins.

Players will continue to fight bosses to earn more diamonds and progress further in the game.

Players of Raising Poseidon can then start summoning weapons for battle and equip skills. This can be used in battle to destroy enemy fish at a quicker rate.

Players will be able to select auto skills. This can automate the battle process without the player needing to click on anything.

Entering the game - Battles and weapons
Photo: Kim Myungjun

Summon Section

The summon section in Raising Poseidon is where players will be able to summon different new weapons to use in the battle.

Players will be able to summon their first weapon that is unlocked in the tutorial 30 times by paying 3000 diamonds.

This will ensure players will win every battle they enter and can later summon new and more unique weapons.

The summoning process can be automated, and players can then just sit back and relax while the game makes progress for them.

The Summon Section - Summon Weapons
Photo: Kim Myungjun

Skill Section

The skill section of Raising Poseidon is where players will equip the weapons that they have summoned.

This section will indicate each weapon’s information for example the spear has five shots, deals 80% damage, and has a cool-down time of three seconds.

This weapon can later be upgraded with additional skills to use in the game. For example, a player can upgrade the weapon to launch nine spears at a time.

The Skill Section - Players can select skills
Photo: Kim Myungjun

Equip Section

The equip section is where players can equip different rare weapons, necklaces, rings, costumes, Auras, and Rune.

This is where all of the purchased items will feature from the store and players can simply select which one they want to use.

Players can also upgrade certain items in this section and then add them to the preset to use in the battle.

Equip Section - Players can select their weapons
Photo: Kim Myungjun

Enhance Section

The Enhance section is where players will be able to make upgrades to their characters by using the in-game currency that is collected via battles.

Players can simply click on what they would like to upgrade like ATK or Critical Probability and can continue upgrading until they don’t have any funds left.

Players can also upgrade their stats points in this section with Raising Poseidon in-game currency.

Players can also view the details on what is required to upgrade to a new level and what new abilities they will require.

Enhance Section - Players can upgrade their characters
Photo: Kim Myungjun

The Store

The Store features a variety of options for players to purchase new things like packages, diamonds, mileage, events, costumes, fish, sea medals, and pirate coins.


The store offers a free package where players will get additional diamonds and other resources to use for upgrades.

Players will also be able to buy a remove-adds package to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

There are also a lot of other packages that contain diamonds, gems, and other resources that are important in Raising Poseidon.

Store Section - Players can buy various things
Photo: Kim Myungjun


Raising Poseidon features some amazing costumes for their characters to purchase in the store.

There are many different options available like Watermelon, Lady, Aloha, and many more.

All of these costumes can be purchased by using real money.


The store also features many different events. Currently, the store has Halloween and Thanksgiving as the main events.

Players will be able to purchase different packages for example the Pumpkin Ghost Package for Halloween, and the Full Moon Package for Thanksgiving.

The Store - Event packages
Photo: Kim Myungjun

Other Purchases

Players also have the option to buy other resources for the game with real money like diamonds and fish.

Players should closely look at all of the different package offerings before making a final purchasing decision.

Mileage, Sea Medals, and Pirate Coins can all be purchased by using in-game currency and do not require any real money.

Tips for new players

  1. Players will be able to claim a diamond bonus every day for logging into the game. This can be done on the attendance register.
  2. Players will receive offline awards. This will be done through the Automatic Hunting feature of the game.
  3. Players need to remember to check the quests section which will feature claimable rewards.
  4. Players will be able to redeem rewards by simply watching ads in the store section.
Raising Poseidon - Receive Offline Rewards - Tips
Photo: Kim Myungjun


Raising Poseidon – Idle RPG is a game full of battles and upgrades.

Players can simply sit back and relax with the automation feature to progress in the game and conquer the oceans.

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