Radiation City Guide: 8 Quick Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Radiation City

Atypical Games’ Radiation City is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game that lets you explore a massive open world populated by the undead. Your search for your loved one leads you to a desolate city filled with zombies. You must survive and uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of a journalist team headed by Lauren. But staying alive could be a big challenge as danger lurks on every corner.

Besides fighting the infected, you will also have to scavenge for food and resources to stay alive. You will have to select the right gear, craft the right items and choose whether to hide from the infected or take them head on. These beginner-level tips and strategies will help you survive longer in the city of Pripyat:

1. In most survival games, combat is heavily de-emphasized and avoiding direct confrontation with an enemy is one of the best ways to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Just like most survival games, Radiation City also emphasizes more on survival and less on combat, so yes you can still stay alive without fighting the undead. Battling zombies won’t be a good option if you are ill-equipped. In such situations, fleeing the scene until you are out of a zombie’s field of view would be an ideal way to tackle the undead. Keep running until it stops following you and then come back. You can hide somewhere safe if you spot a zombie.

2. Try to run only when you confront enemies. Simply running around without any reason will deplete your stamina levels. To make things worse, you might encounter a zombie and with drained stamina levels, it won’t be easy for you to run away.

Radiation City
3. If you have the right weapons, then you may fight a zombie. But beware! If you don’t put up a good fight, then this may lead to an unavoidable infection. Try to get rid of the infection using medicines. Search for meds and save them for grave injuries.

4. When you level up, you receive skill points. You can distribute points to character attributes such as health, speed, and stamina. While it’s up to you to decide which attribute needs an upgrade, assigning points to stamina would be a wise decision. An increased stamina will help you explore areas and your character won’t be exhausted early. Also, don’t forget to spend points on health if you want to survive longer.

5. As you keep exploring the nuclear wasteland and try harder to survive, leveling up won’t be too easy. So make sure you choose the right skills to upgrade early on. Chances of dying because of thirst and hunger are more than getting killed by the infected, so you can spend points on resistance levels (thirst and hunger). To sum it up, distribute skill points to health, stamina and resistance levels if you want to survive longer.

6. Food is essential to stay alive so I would advise you to stock up on food (find a rucksack first. You can then store more food inside it). After getting a backpack, you should start searching for food and water as these two will be crucial for survival. You can easily avoid a zombie encounter, but you cannot avoid hunger and thirst and so you will have to keep searching for food to stay alive.

7. Look around for empty bottles lying around. You are going to need one soon as you can fill it up with water. You are lucky if you find a water pump or a well. If you spot one, quickly go near it and fill the empty bottle with water. You can easily find a well in a village.

8. A rucksack is an essential gear in most survival games. In Radiation City also, a rucksack is a must-have item as you would be storing a lot of supplies that will help you stay hydrated and full. Your backpack will also let you store other items that will be helpful in your journey and fight against the undead. If you have just began playing, then look around and find a rucksack as soon as possible. This will help you increase your storage capacity.