PVPets: Tank Battle Royale Guide – Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
PVPets Tank Battle Royale

PvPets.io is an action-packed battle royale game with tanks! Search and destroy enemy armored vehicles in quick 3-minute PvP matches. Each match has 20 players from all over the world, fighting to be the last tank standing. Choose your armored beast, collect power-ups and special rockets on your way to the play zone and shoot down any tank that comes in your way!  

There are lots of armored vehicles to unlock, and each tank has its own special attack. With these PVPets tips and strategies, we will show you how to make your tank more powerful, select the best armored vehicle and win all battles: 

Retreat but Keep Firing 

This is one of the best strategies for tank battle games like PVPets. When enemy tanks attack your armored vehicle, move away from the enemy, but don’t stop firing. Your tank automatically aims at the nearest enemy tank, so you don’t have to worry about aiming. Just tap the attack button rapidly to shoot the enemy tank while retreating or moving in circles.

You can also fire your special attack occasionally to deal more damage to the enemy.  Our gameplay video below shows how to move back but fire at enemies to win a PvP game.  

Make Your Tank More Powerful During Combat 

Keep picking up blue power-ups to make your tank more powerful.  

After collecting a certain number of power-ups, your tank grows bigger, which indicates that it has become stronger than before. A powerful tank can’t be easily destroyed.   

Beware of the Red Storm  

Pay attention to the red storm. Like most Battle Royale games, PVPets: Tank Battle Royale has a play-zone. This play-zone, or the circle, is an area where players have to stay and battle rivals.   

The area inside the white circle is PVPets’ play-zone. Always try to be inside the white circle. Pay attention to the warning sound and the “red storm is moving” text that flashes on top of the screen. A countdown timer follows this warning sign. You must quickly move your tank in the white circle before the timer hits zero. This is when the red storm engulfs anything outside the circle.  

Tanks take damage when they are in the red storm (red zone). The damage tanks receive will be much higher later in the match, when the white circle shrinks to a smaller area.  

How to Choose the Best Tank 

So, you have unlocked tanks using blueprints received from war chests? With so many PVPets tanks to choose from, it becomes difficult to select the best beast out of so many armored vehicles.  

To select the best tank, make sure you check stats of all unlocked armored vehicles. These stats are Attack, Fire Rate, Health and Speed. Also, don’t forget to compare the special attack stats of each tank and choose the one that deals high damage to enemies.  

Ideally, one would select a tank that has a high attack and fire rate (how fast it shoots at an enemy). However, players also look at other stats before deciding which one goes to the battlefield.  

Along with the above two stats, you should also look for speed and health. A slow-moving tank won’t be an ideal choice in this fast-paced game. By the time you move away from an attacking tank, you will take a lot of damage. A High HP tank won’t be easily destroyed during combat.

You must pay attention to all stats, including special attack, and choose the tank with the most balanced stats. You can then upgrade it using blueprints and coins to increase power and stats. A tank’s power shows how strong it.  

Pay Attention to a Tank’s Special Attack  

A tank’s special attack is shown just below the primary attack button on the lower left side of the screen. Special attack deals more damage than primary attack. You can use an armored vehicle’s special attack as soon as you collect special ammo (big red rocket). Like normal ammo, special ammo is scattered all over the map.  

Each tank has a unique special attack. For example, Renault’s special attack is the “Rapid Spray”, which shoots a barrage of multiple shots. When you choose a Renault as your battle tank and collect those special ammo, you can use its Rapid Spray special to reduce enemy vehicle’s HP at a much faster rate.  

When you unlock an armored beast using its blueprints, always check its special attack before selecting it as your main battle tank. You can do this by heading straight to the “Tanks” menu and then clicking on the tiny “i” (info) button beside “Special” on its page.

Check each special attack and then choose the best. My favorite battle tank is “Renault”. It has a hire fire rate, nice speed and its special, the “Rapid Spray” attack, can come really handy if I want to reduce enemy tanks HP faster, especially during the final few minutes of battle.