Purrfect Tale Walkthrough and Guide

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Purrfect Tale is more than just a cat collecting game. It’s also a charming visual novel about a girl and a cat who can magically transform into a human.  The visual novel is divided into acts and each act has several chapters. In each chapter, you will have to complete certain tasks and simple puzzles to progress through the story. You will need hearts to unlock a new story. To know more about hearts, cods and how to get them, check out our Purrfect Tale guide.

Purrfect Tale Walkthrough

To access the story mode, tap on journal on the bottom of the screen. In a particular chapter, tasks and puzzles are very easy. However, interacting with objects isn’t limited to tapping/touching the screen. You will have to drag your fingers over objects to open them, solve jigsaw puzzles and sift through objects to find hidden items. In case you are stuck on a particular task, tap the hint button on the top-left corner of the screen or read our Purrfect Tale walkthrough if you need solutions for tasks and puzzles:

Act 1: Chapter 01 – Replay

Tap “stop” on the smartphone to stop the alarm.

Press and drag clothes from the wooden chair to your bed to discard them. Do this until you find the blue uniform.  Only the blue uniform should remain on the chair. Now tap on the blue uniform to wear it.

There will be pink notes on top of the yellow sticky note. Drag them away to read the sticky note. Tap on the yellow note to read it. Mom will tell you to have some milk and eggs for breakfast. It’s written on the yellow note.

Yellow note
Read the note left by mom.

Press and drag the magnified sky blue cabinet on the bottom to open it. Remember you have to press and drag your finger on the blue cabinet to open it. Inside the cabinet you will find a bottle of milk. Tap to take it

Tap on magnified food and milk on the bottom to eat them. Tap on the loaf and other item until there’s none. Tap on the egg to peel it. Now tap on the peeled egg, but your character won’t eat it. There will be words scrolling on the screen saying “It’s Gross” “I won’t eat it”. Finally tap on the glass of milk to drink it.

In the school bus, your character checks WeCat, a social networking site. Scroll the smartphone screen to the bottom to read all WeCat posts. Keep scrolling until you reach the end.

In the classroom, tap on the sitting girl (your character) and a teacher hands over the paper/notes to her. Tap the screen again. The teacher appreciates your attempt to solve the exam. Keep tapping the screen to read the conversation between your teacher and you.

In the next screen, your character checks her smartphone. Tap on the app that has a red dot to open it.

Open the messaging app and read mom’s message. You can either choose “Okay got it” or “I can take care of myself. Don’t worry”. It’s your wish. Don’t think it may affect the story in any way.

Tap on chat app

Read the conversation with mom, especially the laundry detergent part. You will have to buy that from the store/supermarket.

Next, you will be taken to the map. It has three locations – School (you are here currently), supermarket and home. Tap on supermarket.

On the lower-left is the shopping list. It reads – Instant Noodle, laundry Detergent and Pineapple Bun. You will notice that the list also has tiny pictures next to them, but they are of no use.

Drag and drop the correct ingredient in the green basket. Pineapple bun is in the second row from top. Laundry detergent is the blue on the bottom row. Take any instant noodles cup from the third row.

On the map, tap on “Home” to reach your house.

Open the flap of cup noodles. Drag your finger over the flap to open it.

In the next paragraph, drag your finger over dotted lines to cut the plastic.

Take the jug to pour water on the cup noodles. Drag your finger over the jug to pick it up and pour hot water on the cup noodles.

Tap on the noodles repeatedly to eat it until it’s empty.

Scroll the WeCat app to browse posts until you reach the end.

Your character is feeling sleepy. Move the clothes from the bed onto the chair to set up your bed first.

Pull the string on the night lamp to turn it off.

Next morning: Tap stop on the smartphone.

In the classroom, tap on the like button on your smartphone repeatedly, but be careful. The teacher will be alerted. Make sure you stop tapping the like button when the red exclamation mark appears above your teacher. Keep tapping the like button to fill the pink bar. Try to pause after a few taps and do this regularly. Make sure you tap a few times and stop before the exclamation mark appears on top of him. Sometimes the exclamation mark appears quite frequently, so pay attention to this. It’s a fun mini-game, and you will have to be quick and cautious wile tapping the like button.

Press the like button before the exclamation mark appears above the teacher

When the teacher calls you at his desk. Tap on the sentences in the white box on bottom of the screen. When you tap on a sentence, it scrolls on the screen horizontally, showing what’s on her mind.

Keep tapping sentences inside the white box until you have used all of them.

In the time table, stick your feelings about these classes on the timetable. There be several feelings appearing on the bottom of the screen, such as a sad smiley, poo, crying smiley etc. indicating you are bored with all these subjects.

There will be two feelings displayed as smileys on the white box. Drag any one of the feelings on each subject. Pay attention to the dotted circles and drag each smiley that appears on the bottom towards each subject to “pin” your feelings for them.

In the wardrobe puzzle, put all clothes in the box. These include the ones hanging and the folded ones. Put them one by one in the box.

In the classroom, you will be reading a comic. Again tap on the comic before the exclamation mark appears above the professor/teacher. Tapping the comic book flips the pages. In such mini-games, you need to have patience. Pause a bit before the exclamation mark appears. If you tap on the comic book when the exclamation mark appears, your teacher will throw a chalk at you and you will lose some points/the pink bar will decrease.

The next task will be a memory game. Tap on identical icons on the pictorial timetable to remove them. Be quick in tapping identical icons if you want to remove them from the timetable.

Chapter 02 – A Quarrel

When mom knocks at the door, tap on the door to open it.

Tap on each food item to eat them. In between, your mom scolds you, answer her by selecting the appropriate choice. Tap on food items until all are eaten up.

Next, there will be the same classroom mini-game – tap to browse your smartphone before the exclamation mark appears above the teacher. Tap the like button on the in-game smartphone until the pink bar above the smartphone fills up. Stop tapping the smartphone when you see the exclamation mark. You would be much safe if you stop tapping the smartphone even before the exclamation mark appears.

Note: I realized that filling the pink bar in the classroom mini-game doesn’t have any affect. Even if you fill the pink bar, your teacher will still reprimand you. It’s just a mini-task. That’s it.

When the teacher tries to snatch your artwork, tap on the artwork. When the pink bar fills, your drawing tears into two. The teacher then calls your mom and complains to her about you.

Tap on the dialogues in the white box. They will scrolls on top of your character’s head. Tap on each sentence until all are used up.

On the dining table, tap on food items to eat them.

While eating, your mom will try to talk to you, choose your answers carefully. Answers which you feel are appropriate for that situation. Speak your mind.

Tap on the closed door to open it and go outside. You had an argument with your mom, so you need some fresh air.

Outside, you will play the road mini-game. Avoid obstacles by tapping on clear lanes, i.e. lanes that don’t have obstacles. There will be 3 lanes. Avoid vehicles, roadblocks and barricades. Do this until the pink bar on top of the screen fills up.

Traffic mini-game
Play the traffic mini-game

If you hit a roadblock or any other obstacle, the pink bar decreases a bit. Hit a vehicle, and your character will be dazed. It will take a few seconds to regain her balance from the accident.

You stop near a garbage area. After hearing a faint meow near the garbage bin, tap on the garbage bags to find the cat. The kitty will be inside a white box. Tap on all items until only the white box remains.

Tap on the white box twice to hear meow again.

Drag your finger to open the box. You will see an adorable cat.

Next, move the target icon towards the cat icon. Keep the icon over the cat until the pink bar fills up. Soon after this, the cat icon will move, move the target icon over the moving cat. Every time you move the target on top of the cat icon, the pink bar fills up a bit. Keep doing this until the pink bar fills the second time. When you do this, the cat turns into human.

Follow the cat and move the target
Move the target along with the cat icon.

The next mini-game will be around the empty beverage can. Follow the above steps and the can will hit the human.

Follow the can

Follow the conversation between your character and the cat-turned-human. While conversing with him, choose dialogues that you think will help you know the mysterious cat and his whereabouts better.

When the cat says “please calm down. Here, get up and I’ll explain everything” and lends a helping hand, drag your finger to move your character’s hand to hold his hand.

Extend hand to help

Follow the conversation and choose the right dialogues to know him better. Tap on one of the dialogues to continue with the story.

You keep the cat/human’s name as Oliver.

Now you get up and extend your hand. Drag your finger to move Oliver’s hand to hold your character’s hand.

Oliver gets help

In the map screen, tap on “Home” and you and Oliver will walk towards your home.

After completing Act 1, chapter 2 in Purrfect Tale, You will also receive a “Mysterious Catcha”. Open it to obtain Oliver the Cat. This cat will be placed in your home.

Chapter 03 – Memories

You will need 30 hearts to unlock this chapter.

In Purrfect Tale’s next chapter, there will be a numeric door code. Follow the green prompts over each number and tap on them to open the door.

Door code in Purrfect Tale
Follow the green prompts to find the code

Note down the number that glows green and then enter the code in the same sequence one by one. If you miss a number, just tap on the pink curved arrow on the upper-right corner of the door lock to replay the code sequence.

When mom confronts you, drag the finger over your character on the bottom box to reveal what’s near her feet. It’s Oliver, the cat. Continue your conversation with mom.

Oliver next to you

Night: Pull the string on the lamp to turn off the lamp.

Next morning: Press “Stop” to stop the alarm.

Select any one dialogue: “Get up” or “It’s morning”. You will be whispering these words to Oliver.

Tap on Oliver. He will stretch a bit. Keep tapping him until your character wakes him up fully.

Drag the scrubber to Oliver to clean him. Keep scrubbing until the pink bar fills up.

Scrubbing the cat clean

Drag the hair dryer towards the wet cat to dry him. You will have to move the hair dryer left and right to fill the pink bar. The result will be a cute fluffball!

The window is condensed. Drag your finger over the window to get rid of moisture from it.

Put items into the yellow box named Plant. Note that you cannot put all items. Here’s a list of objects that goes into the “Plant” box:

– Potted plant

– Sunflower frame behind the toy duck, second row.

– Clover leaf, top row.

Here’s a list of items that goes into the “Anime Merch” box

– Anime character figurine. It’s in the top row of the shelf.

– On the bottom cabinet, slide the cabinet to the right and put the bluish object into the box.

– Poke ball.

– Green shorts.

– Hat.

These are the items that goes into the “Animals” box:

 – Toy duck

 – Toy cat set (on the bottom rack)

 – Oliver the cat.

Items that go into the “Pink Things” box

 – Nintendo Switch-like device (a hand-held video game)

 – Pink book/album on the topmost shelf (you won’t be able to put this)

Tap on the pink book at the top of the rack repeatedly and Oliver says: What’s that?

You try to pick that up but it’s too high. Tap on your character a few times. You will see Oliver magically transforming into a human and helping you pick that book on the topmost shelf.

The pink book is actually an album. Your childhood pictures are in it.

While turning the pages of the album, Oliver will ask questions. Choose appropriate answers.

When you are on a page that has a torn photo. Oliver asks “why’s a piece of this photo torn off?”

Tap on the torn photo a few times will take you to flashback of your childhood. In the flashback screen, tap on the screen multiple times to enlarge the image of a man trying to hit the woman.

In the next segment, tap the woman and she will tear the photo. The torn photo will be dropped between several torn photos. You will have to piece together all ripped photos. It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.

Torn photos - jigsaw puzzle

After piecing all photos together, drag your finger over the piece of folded paper to reveal what’s inside. It’s a painting you drew when you were a kid. Tap on the drawing. Follow the conversation with the cat.  

In the Pet shop scene, tap the screen to reveal segments where the poor street kitten Oliver watches passersby, someone offers food to him. Tap on food pieces on the person’s hand to let the cat eat them.

Tap on food particles

The person then takes him to a pet shop, where he and other kitties watches people looking at him. One by one all cats are adopted except for him. He longs for someone to adopt him but none come forward to take the cute fluffball. 

Oliver then sees the door open and quietly escapes the pet shop.

Tap on the right and left paws to make him walk. As he walks, he sees someone celebrating her birthday with her parents, a TV show showing a man petting the dog, food behind glass displays.

Tap on the right and then the left paw to make cat walk

After a brief conversation with Oliver, tap the door to open it. Your mom enters your Home. With that childhood painting in his mouth, the cat approaches her.

In the inset (box) on the bottom of the screen, drag the painting with your finger to let your mother check it. Mother remembers that you gave the painting to her as a birthday present.

Drag all cards, such as “Art Class Enrollment Brochure” and “Art Student Training” until they vanish. It seems mom finally will allow you to take up/attend art classes.

In the kitchen, tap on mom and your character will hug her. Oliver quietly purrs beside you. Your mother promises to make your favorite food for you and your pet kitty.

Chapter 4: Slice of Heaven

Tap the teacher. He will leave the classroom. There will be a countdown to the exam posted on the wall. The calendar displays the remaining days for national exam to begin. There are hardly 99 days for the examination to begin. Tap the calendar to proceed.

Drag the pink napkin from the yellow bag to your characters hand. You will have to hide it in her sleeve.

Another obstacle mini-game will appear on the screen. Avoid obstacles by tapping on empty lanes. This mini-game takes place in your school gallery. There will be chairs and other objects scattered all over the floor. Keep dodging obstacles by moving your character to the empty lanes until the pink bar above your character fills up.

At the end of the school gallery you will meet Oliver. You ask him why is he here. He says he wants to attend the school. He asks whether you are feeling good or not. There will be two choices. Choose any one from the two answers.

Oliver does not listen to you. He holds your hand and tells you let’s get fresh air outside.

The Door Lock Code

Now let’s solve Purrfect Tale’s door puzzle. This is the second puzzle that will require you to guess the correct numeric combination to open the school’s main door:

Drag your finger over the lock to spin the numbers. If you slide over to the correct number the lock will shake instantly giving you a hint that the number is correct.

Door lock puzzle

In my case, the correct number combination to open the door lock is 147. This number combination could be random, but in my game it was 147.

Next will be tile swap puzzle in the form of a diamond shaped grill. Tap on smaller Diamond shapes to swap them. It’s actually a Jigsaw puzzle where you will have to swap the diamonds by tapping on them to unjumble the scene.

Tile Swap Puzzle

You may opt to skip this puzzle by tapping on the skip button on the upper left corner of the screen. The game will auto complete it for you but you may have to watch a 30 second video skip. If you are not fond of swapping tiles then you may surely skip this one.  After watching the 30-second video, tap on the skip button. The game will do the hard work for you and slowly solve it for you.

Next take a pic of the scene. The in-game camera icon must be tapped to take a picture. Enter your thoughts by typing a few words to describe the scene and press the post button.

Oliver gives his favorite human food to you. You will have to open the triangular packet to eat Salmon fish. Drag your finger in the middle to open the plastic packet from the middle, now slide your thumb over the left and right plastic to completely remove them. Tap on the Salman fish and both Oliver and you will start eating it.

When your character gives a Pinky promise by showing her little finger, tap on the white box and Oliver will also show his little finger to honor the promise. Drag Oliver’s hand towards the girls hand to give a Pinky promise.

Tap on the national exam time calendar to start the countdown. Tap the calendar multiple times to reduce the number of days. In the next scene you will be seeing the girl preparing very hard for the exams studying hard. Beside her is Oliver, the cat perched atop a pile of books.

Tap on the sleepy Oliver and he will switch positions. Next you will see the cat lie next to the girl writing notes. Tap on the cat again and the cute cat will sleep on her head.

In the painting puzzle, drag your finger away from the canvas to a group of objects next to the window. A tracing paper with the outline of objects will appear below the real objects placed on the table.

This task will require you how to use a stylus as you will have to draw the cat on the tracing paper below the real objects. You may try just the outline of the cat roughly and then fill it by coloring and it will trigger a new position of the cat. As you finish drawing the cat’s first position, he will change his position. Draw each new position on the tracing paper. Make sure you fill the outline with your finger/stylus and don’t forget to draw the tail.

A Sketchbook will be placed on the table. Tap on the Sketchbook to flip the pages.

In the next word puzzle we will have to guess the letter to complete words. The words are randomly generated. They will be different each time you replay the same chapter. Tap on a letter to fill in the blank and complete the word. These words are easy to guess.

Chapter 5: Exam

Hardly seven days are remaining for the exam. Tap on the calendar to begin the countdown. Keep tapping until the days countdown reaches zero.

Put the ruler, ID and the transparent pencil case into the blue school bag. Just drag and drop the rest of the objects mentioned in the sticky note:

 – The blue ruler is in the pen stand. Drag the ruler in the school bag. Next, tap on the drawer to open it.

 – Inside the drawer you will find the transparent pencil case and your ID. Put them all in the blue bag.

 – The next list will show a small digital clock, a pencil and an exam admission ticket. The pencil will be under the page of a book on top of the table. Tap the page to flip it and take the pencil. The small digital clock is on the top shelf, near the butterfly photo frame. The examination ticket is pasted on the wall.

 – The next 2 items to collect are eraser and fountain pen. The eraser will be on top of the table lamp’s base and the fountain pen will be on top of a pile of notes on the table.

 – Wait there’s more. The next items to collect are: Artist palette, pencil box and the exam admission ticket. Exam admission ticket will be pasted above the Canvas. The palette is on top of the desk and the pencil box is near the window.

 – Now collect paper tape, watercolor brushes and the water pail. The green water pail is on the ground and the watercolor brushes are on top of the table, in the brush/pen stand. Open the lower drawer and take the paper tape inside it.

 – Next you will have to collect the paint box and white paint. The multi-color paint box is in the first drawer. The white paint bottle is in the second drawer.

Talk to your mom, eat your food and bid goodbye to Oliver. Your character will pet him and give him some food to eat. Tap on the crumbs around the cat’s mouth to remove them.

The next mini game will remind you of Crossy Road. Tap the street when the traffic is clear so that you can cross safely. There will be obstacles in the form of moving vehicles, train and wooden logs floating on the water. Pay Attention to the railway signal when crossing the railway track. Stop when the signal is red and proceed when it’s green. When moving from one Footpath to the other make sure you move your character to the non-grassy Footpath. If you are hit by a vehicle, you go back to the last footpath you reached. It’s good that you don’t have to start from the very beginning. So if you reach the 3rd Footpath and then get hit by a vehicle or a train you move back to the 3rd Footpath and not back to the first one. Keep crossing the road safely until the pink bar on the top of the screen fills completely.

Examination Hall: Solutions

Here are the answers and solutions to all exams in Purrfect Tale:

Enter the Blossom City school building. Enter the examination hall through the green door.

A. Color

1. Move the sharpening knife over the pencil and gently drag your finger over the pencil to sharpen it. Do this until the pink bar fills up.

Make sure you are careful while doing this. If you sharpen quickly, then the pencil lead will be broken and you will have to start again.

Continue sharpening the pencil until the pink bar above the screen fills up.

2. Drag your finger over the empty Canvas to draw a beautiful scene of two little cats viewing the evening sky. You will just have to move your finger on the canvas and the art will emerge.

B. Mathematics

1. Enter the examination hall, take note of the admission ticket number and enter the numbers using the OMR sheet. Tap on each number on each column to enter.

The ticket number is 602413. Tap on 6 in the first column of the OMR sheet, 0 in the second column, 2 on the third, 4 on the fourth and so on.

C. Comprehensive Liberal Arts

You will have to answer a few questions in this subject:

Select the symbolic object associated with the highlighted country. Here’s how to solve this:

You will see a world map with a country highlighted in red and a few objects on the bottom of the screen. Just tap on the object associated with the highlighted country on the world map. So if the highlighted country is Australia and you have two choices a doughnut and Koala bear choose the Koala bear is native to Australia. Here are the answers:

1. Panda

2. Football/Soccer ball

3. Koala Bear

4. Pyramids

5. Check the screenshot below:

After finishing all exams, exit the examination hall to see a big crowd on the streets. Move groups of people by dragging them away from the crown until you see your mother waving at you. You will see Oliver in her arm.

Chapter 6: Travel

Before taking a picture of you and Oliver the cat, tap on the pose icon to change the Pose of you and your cat. You will different types of poses, some cute some beautiful.

Tap the Cat

In the scrapbook enter your favorite food, favorite person and the favorite place you would like to visit the most. You will have to type in on the empty box to tell your favorites.

Next, drag the emoji to the comment box and also post a comment on the big box.

Finally it’s the convocation ceremony and its celebration time. In the next scene, drag your favorite food from the buffet plates. Drag one piece of food from each plate and put it in your empty plate. Fill your plate with the most delicious food to trigger the next scene.

Swipe the screen to move the buffet plates and then drag your finger over the food to the empty plate. Don’t forget to finish your food. When all students stand up for the toast move the drink upwards and touch their glasses.

In the bus stop, tap on the screen until all students go away. Only you and Oliver will remain.

Back home, while watching TV, use the in-game remote control to switch between channels until the TV displays a food channel. You discuss about this delicious food and where you can find it. It’s in Mount Emei. There’s also a nice “Panda Valley” in mount Emei. You and Oliver decide to travel to this exotic locale through train.

On your screen you will see several train tickets on display. You wonder which ticket to choose? Oliver gives you a hint. He advises not to board the night trains and to pick the fastest and the most economical one since the best time to see the pandas is early in the morning.

If you choose a wrong ticket Oliver will disapprove your choice. The best ticket in the list is k109. Tap on the price beside k109 to choose the ticket. Press the confirm purchase button. You will get a ticket purchase confirmation notification on your in-game smartphone.

Finding the Number Combination in the Briefcase

The next puzzle in Purrfect Tale is to find the correct suitcase code.

To do this, you will have to find out your mom’s birthday. Tap on the calendar in your room to enlarge it. Note down the month and the encircled date. That is your mom’s birthday and birth month. Enter the number combination on the suitcase lock. It is 1021.

What Goes in the Briefcase?

After opening the suitcase, pay attention to the sticker above the suitcase. The first sticker will be that of a cap. These stickers are the items that need to be packed in your travel bag. Find the cap and drag it into the suitcase. Move the curtains or draw the curtains to find the t-shirt and drag it into the suitcase.

The water bottle will be on the table and it will be empty. Move the bottle to the water dispenser on the left to fill it up.

The next and the most important item is your ID. You will have a hard time finding your ID as it’s in your wallet. The wallet is lying somewhere in the corner of the room, on the left side between the water dispenser and the table leg. Tap on the wallet when you find it and then drag your finger upwards to take out the ID card from the wallet. Put the wallet in your suitcase.

Next will be your AirPod pouch. Find both AirPods and drag them into the empty pouch. The pouch is placed on the desk. After putting the AirPods in the pouch, drag the pouch in the briefcase.

The next object will be your smartphone. You will have to charge your smartphone first before you can put it in your briefcase. Find the charger/data cable first. It’s next to the desk hanging from the wall. Plug the charger into the extension board and drag the smartphone towards the plugged in charger. The battery icon on your smartphone will turn green. Now put the smartphone in your suitcase put charged smartphone in your briefcase.

Next will be toiletries. Put the brush and toothpaste into the transparent zip pouch. Now put the zip pouch in the suitcase.

Find the blue and green hand wash on the top shelf next to right side of the mirror. Since those two bottles will be too heavy, you will have to pour them into smaller bottles. You will find two small empty bottles just below the wash basin. Put the blue liquid into the bigger empty bottle and the green liquid into the second empty bottle. Now drag those smaller bottles onto the travel suitcase.

Take the yellow capped bottle from the right cabinet underneath the washbasin. Next, take the green scrubber hanging from the hook above the commode. You just can’t directly put the wet green scrubber into the suitcase. Shake the green scrubber using your finger – Long press on the green scrubber and move your finger over the screen rapidly to dry it.

In the automated ticket machine enter the numbers as shown on your smartphone screen. The numbers are 1386. Next drag your ID onto the scanner. The train ticket will come out of the slot tab to take it.

On your trip to Panda Valley, you will find cute pandas in the park tap. Tap on each panda bear to count them all.

Take a picture of Oliver picking up a cute Panda. Purchase Panda souvenir from the shop. Note that you will have only $93 remaining, so purchase wisely. You can buy anything under/max $93.

Use arrow keys to navigate the Blue Arrow to the destination marked by an orange marker on the GPS. Using the navigation buttons can be a bit tricky. Make sure you pay attention to the direction of the Blue Arrow when you tap the navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen. You can skip this task altogether by tapping on the question mark icon on the upper left corner of the screen. In the game, you will have to watch a 30 second video and only then you can skip this task.

Once you reach the orange marker on the map, you will enter The Crescent Mountain BBQ. Scroll up until you find both Oliver and your character looking at the menu.

There are so many delicious things to eat at the Crescent Mountain BBQ. Drag the food items on the empty rectangular plate and then press the pink arrow button to proceed.

In the cake image, drag all the smaller delicious food pieces from the table on top of the cake. Not a single piece should be left on the table. Everything should be on top of the cake, in any order you want.

It’s a cake for Oliver and it’s his birthday. Tab on the napkin to place the cake on top of it. Take a pic of Oliver cutting the cake. Enter Happy Birthday Oliver on the status message and press the post button.

Tap on the cake to blow the candle. Tap on the birthday present to open it. It’s a photo frame of you Oliver and a random Panda bear.

Tired from the trip, you and Oliver are sleeping on the bed. Drag the blanket on top of him.

Open the envelope by moving your finger horizontally over the top of the envelope.

After completing the 6 chapter of Act 1 in Purrfect Tale, swipe the screen left to move to Act 2. To unlock a chapter in Act 2 you will need at least 50 hearts.

More coming soon!

  1. Hi! I am a Purrfect Tale player and I love playing it, there’s just this one problem I can ‘t fix so I thought maybe I’ll ask someone about it. I am already in the Act 3-Chapter 13 and I can’t open it even though I have 100 hearts I still can’t open it, or is it just because it still not updated? Please, can you answer my question?

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