Purrfect Tale: How to Unlock Stroll and Adopt Dogs

Anurag Ghosh
Stroll Map in Purrfect Tale

This cute pet keeping game is not just about kitties. It also allows players to meet and collect various other “mystery animals”, including adorable dogs.

To meet and adopt animals in Purrfect Tale, you will have to unlock stroll first:

1. By now, you must have completed several chapters in the story mode (Journal). Make sure you unlock Act 2, chapter 7 to start using stroll. If you have just started playing “Journal”, then do read our Purrfect Tale walkthrough and guide.

2. To unlock chapter 7: Acquaintance, you will need 50 hearts. Once you do this, go back home, scroll down until you find “Map”.

Purrfect Tale - All About Stroll and Dogs

3. Tap on the map on the signboard outside your home. Next, tap on stroll.

4. You will be taken to a new location, where you can meet animals. All you have to do is attract them by placing delicious food on one of the four empty slots. Tap on “Storage” and then tap and hold on a food item, drag it to the empty slot.

Place food
Drag food to one of the empty slots to place it

Wondering how to get food for attracting new animals? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

 – Tap on “Free” on the bottom-left corner of the screen in your home screen. Now tap on the free egg-shaped capsule under “Give Hearts” to get a surprise gift. You may receive snacks and other food items as a gift. Watch an in-game 30-second advert to get your gift.

Getting food as rewards

 – Interact with cats by playing with them and scrubbing them to gain affection points. Collect points to reach new affection levels with your feline friend to get a gift from her. The gift could be a food item.

 – You might also get edible items from the claw machine mini-game. Certain capsules may contain food.

 – Claim rewards from certain WeCat posts and you might receive food as rewards.

5. After placing food, you will have to wait for a mystery animal to eat it. You can increase the chances of attracting animals by placing their favorite food on the empty slots. For example: there’s a high chance of attracting a pug if you place an ice cream, corn or potato. You will find a list of animals and their favorite food at the end of this guide. 

However, there’s no guarantee that a particular animal will immediately arrive at the scene to gobble up his/her favorite food. Some birds and animals arrive on certain times during the day, so you will also have to keep that in mind while placing food.

6. Food will rot if placed outdoors for too long. You can know the time remaining for a food to rot by tapping on it.

Time remaining for the food (cupcake) to rot.
This cupcake will rot in 19 minutes.

Once the time limit is over, mice will eat the spoiled food.

Rat eating rotten ice cream
Flies around the rotten food and look who we have here. The pesky rat!

7. If you have placed an animal/bird’s favorite food, then there’s a chance of attracting them. They will eat the food and give you some cod as rewards.

8. Along with cods, you will also gain affection points. The same animal may come over and over again if you place his favorite food, thereby increasing his affection towards you. Always check the yellow bar above an animal to know its current affection status. Each time you gain his affection, you obtain points and the yellow bar fills up.

9. You will gain trust if the affection bar reaches a certain level and there may also be a chance of adopting that animal. Try these tips on dogs to gain affection from them and you might have cats and dogs playing in the same house.

List of Foods for Attracting Animals

Thanks to Discord user “Berrit”, here’s a list of foods that can be placed to attract certain animals. The food list is based on the map unlocked:

List of foods to attract animals in stroll map

Source: https://discord.com/channels/655078577393631257/877127840125042698/897152491488157738

How to Unlock New Maps

After unlocking stroll in Purrfect Tale, you will only have one map where you can attract and adopt animals. The good news is that you can unlock more stroll maps, such as Mido Shop, Blossom City High and Panda Base.

Collect tickets to unlock maps. You will get the first ticket while playing the stroll tutorial. You can obtain more tickets from the cats in your home or from the claw machine.

    1. They can’t be kept as pets in your house permanently. They will appear in your rooms on random occasions and disappear.

  1. How do I gain universal tickets? I can’t go anywhere because I don’t have any, even though I have the specific one

    1. You might get them from cats after playing with them (petting etc.). Chances of getting them from your pets is higher is they are of higher levels. You may also get them from capsules using the claw machine.

  2. what are the specific trust/affection levels needed for each animal to be able to be adopted? im on map one though.

    1. Dogs – Pug, poodle etc. – Level 4 trust/love.

      Cats – Level 5 and above

      (Note: Most cats and dogs. Not all)

      Other animals – Level 4 (Can’t confirm for all animals, but animals like rabbit, monkey, owl and panda )

    1. I don’t think there are specific timings for each animal. Actually depends on the food we keep on the street. I guess it’s random. There are no fixed timings for animals to come and eat food.

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