Purrfect Tale Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

In Purrfect Tale, you will be raising virtual cats and dogs in your cute little home. But that’s not all, you will also get access to a secret journal, where you will live the life of a teenager. The journal/story mode has lots of twists and turns, puzzles and simple but cute tasks that will keep you busy for hours.

Purrfect Tale Guide

It’s also a gacha game. The “Catcha Machine” is a nice little claw machine mini-game that allows players to pick capsules. You will obtain furniture, edible items, and of course new cats from these capsules. There are so many things to do in Purrfect Tale and these tips, tricks and strategies will be of some help if you are new to this game.

Getting Started

If you have played games like Neko Atsume and Adorable Home, then you will be familiar with the gameplay. Here’s how to play this casual sim game:

Start with the Catcha Machine mini-game. I have explained the basics and tips about this in “How to use the Claw Machine” in this guide. Use the claw to collect capsules and open them to obtain décor, delicious food and new cats!

When the game starts, you will have only one cat. Keep playing the claw machine mini-game and you might get more kitties from bigger capsules.

There are higher chances of obtaining souvenirs, furniture and snacks from big capsules. You can place them all in your house. You can feed snacks to your cats to gain cods.

Cods are in-game currency used to purchase items at the shop and food for your cat.

You will be able to interact with your cat at regular intervals. Keep an eye on callouts above a cat and tap on a callout to begin a mini-game.

Complete the kitty interaction mini-game, which ranges from petting your cat to bathing him in order to achieve three fishes. Once you complete a mini-game, you will get cods. You will also obtain yellow hearts, which increase affection with your cat. Collect hearts to fill the yellow bar and raise their affection level.

Reach new affection levels with your cat and he/she will give gifts, which could be décor/furniture items, hearts or cods. 

In Purrfect Tale, you can explore your house and surroundings using the map. You will find the map outside your home.


Tap on the signboard/signage outside your house and then tap on yard. You will be taken to your home’s backyard, where you can unlock the farm using 3000 cods.

To get access to the farm, unlock chapter 6 of the journal and then you can spend 3000 cods to open the farm. You will increase dog resident limit by +3 and can also purchase farm furniture once you unlock it.

There’s another room to unlock. It’s the cat’s room. You can find this room behind your main room. You will need 500 cods to unlock it. Unlocking the cats’ room will give your kitties more space and allow players to purchase unique kitty furniture exclusive for this room.

You will need cat food bowls to feed the cat. Tap on Shop > Bowl icon and purchase one. The red one costs only 50 cods, whereas the blue and yellow bowls cost 300 cods each. The last two costs 1600 cods each. Unlock the third (blue) and fifth (yellow) bowls by watching 30-second videos.

Food bowls

Once you purchase a cat food bowl, go to Storage > Home Icon. Long press on a food bowl and drag it towards your room to place it.

Now tap on the empty food bowl. You will find two options under “Add Food” > Pet Food and Canned Fish. Spend 20 cods to purchase pet food and put it in the cat bowl. Wait for 2-3 hours until the cat finishes the food and you will get up to 60 cods once he/she finishes it.

Two types of cat food to add to the bowl

Put canned fish in the bowl. Add canned fish by watching a 30-second advert. Wait for 1-2 hours and you will get 120 cods!

Place more than one food bowls in your rooms. The more food bowls you add, the more cods you will get after the time limit gets over.

Add furniture to your room to decorate it. To purchase furniture, tap on Shop and select various categories. Purchase a piece of furniture using cods. Now go to storage > home icon, long press on an item and drag it towards your room to place it.

Furniture shop

Tap on Journal to begin the story mode. The story mode contains interesting mini-games and puzzles. The dialogue-based narration is pretty cool and there are lots of twists and turns in the story. You will need hearts to unlock a new journal chapter.

Now that you know how to play Purrfect Tale, find out how to earn cods and hearts for free, trigger cute WeCat posts, use the claw machine and increase affection with your kitties with the help of our guide:

How to get Cods

Cods are the in-game currency and are used to purchase furniture/new clothes, unlock new rooms in your house and add food to empty cat bowls for your hungry kitties. Here are some ways to get cods for free:

1. Interacting with your cat, such as petting him, scrubbing him or playing with him. Get three fishes while interacting with your cats in various mini-games to earn them.

2. You can also obtain cods when you gain affection from your cat. Affection is gained when you complete interactive mini-games, such as petting, bathing etc. with your cat.

3. Tap on the daily reward icon on the top-right corner of the screen. You will receive cods on certain days. On day 3, I received 300 cods. Login daily to claim your rewards. In case you missed, then you may have to watch a 30-second advert before you can claim your rewards.

Daily in-game rewards

4. You might receive cods from certain capsules caught using the claw machine. Also, look for fish blocks in the claw machine mini-game and grab them to get lots of cods.

5. Tap on kitty poo to get them for free. Cat poo will be scattered all over your rooms daily. Tap to clean them and get your rewards.

Kitty poo outside your home

6. Feeding cats is also a great way to earn free cods in Purrfect Tale. You will have to wait for a few hours to claim your rewards.

7. Share WeCat posts with friends on social networking sites to get them. Tap on WeCat on the bottom of the mobile screen, and press the share button beside the callout button on the bottom of the post. The share button is on the right side of the like button below each post.

Share WeCat posts to get rewards

8. Don’t forget to claim rewards for each new post posted on WeCat. The claim rewards button can be seen on the top-right corner of a WeCat post.

9. Share gifts given by kitties on social networking sites to earn cods. Increase affection with a cat to get gifts. There’s one trick if you don’t want to share. Just tap on the share button and close your social networking site (Facebook) without sharing, you will still receive free cods.

Share gifts bought by cats to get cods

10. After finishing a journal chapter, you will obtain cods as rewards.

Decorate Your Home to Trigger WeCat Posts

In Purrfect Tale, adorning your home with beautiful décor items trigger WeCat posts. These posts will appear at random occasions, so don’t stop decorating your rooms.

1. A WeCat post-worthy picture will appear on the screen at random occasions once you place furniture and other décor in your room.

2. When it appears on the screen, it will prompt you to take a picture to post on WeCat. The picture will be related to the furniture item you placed in your home recently. In the screenshot below, you can see the main character lying down with her pet kitty. This picture appeared soon after I placed a red futon in my room.

Share WeCat posts

3. To take an in-game picture, tap on the camera icon. Next, write a witty, quirky sentence describing your post (or anything you want) and press the “Post” button.

Describe your status and press the post button

4. Once the picture has been posted, you can see likes and comments on it. Make sure you tap on the “Claim Reward” button on the top-right corner of a new post to obtain free hearts and cods. All you have to do is watch a 30-second video to get 60 cods and 3 hearts.

Get rewards from new posts

5. Sometimes your in-game friends and family members will also post pictures and status updates on WeCat. It’s an in-game social networking site so expect posts from your near and dear ones too. Don’t forget to claim rewards in each post.

Tap on the “claim reward” button on the top-right corner of a WeCat post to obtain rewards.

Along with décor, one can also play the story chapters to unlock new WeChat post-worthy images. You can also tap on “WeCat” and then tap on the bell/cat icon on the bottom of the screen to check for new stories/posts.

Another way to trigger posts is to dress up your character. Mix and match clothes and accessories to trigger WeCat post-worthy updates and photos.

How to get Home Décor Items

There are two ways to get home décor items:

Purchasing furniture using cods from the “Shop” – Tap on Shop and then tap on various décor categories (paint, fridge couch, and bedroom, bean bag icons) to get a list of items.

For example: Under the bedroom category, you will find all bedroom-related furniture, such as beds, dressers, side tables, mirrors etc.

Tap on an item to buy it using cods and press the purchase button. Some items first need to be unlocked by watching a 30-sec video. Certain furniture items can be purchased only using hearts.

Gaining Affection from your feline friends: You will gain affection or yellow shaped hearts from kitties when you play with them, bathe them or rub their bellies.

Cats give decor items as gifts

Fill the yellow heart meter or affection meter to get a chance to obtain a furniture item. You will need yellow hearts to fill the meter. The number of hearts needed to fill the affection bar depends on one kitty to another. In the next paragraphs we will explain how to get yellow hearts from cats.

Increase Affection with Cats

Interact with your kitties to increase affection and get gifts from him when you reach a new affection level. Here’s how to do this:

1. Pay attention to your cat’s needs. Whenever your kitty needs to play or needs a nice little belly rub, an icon related to his needs will be displayed in a callout above him.

2. Tap on the cloud/callout above your cat to begin interacting with him. A mini-game will appear on the screen.

3. Start interacting with your cat by either tapping on the screen or prompts, such as arrow markers on the screen. Each time you tap to interact, you will fill the pink bar above the kitty at a slow but steady pace.

4. Fill the pink bar above a cat to gain fish. You will have to gain three fish to finish the mini game and get your rewards, which could be cods or even hearts. Three fishes are displayed above the pink bar in the mini game.

Petting a kitty
Petting a Cat mini-game. Achieve 3 fishes to gain affection points or yellow hearts

5. When you complete interacting with a cat by obtaining three fishes from a mini-game, you will obtain a yellow heart, which will be used to fill the affection meter.

Gaining affection from cats

6. Each time you win a yellow heart, you will receive cods as rewards. Press the “Accept” button to get cods or double your reward by watching a short 30-second video.

7. New interactions will appear above a cat, complete all of them to get more yellow hearts aka affection to fill the yellow meter and reach a new affection level.

8. Here’s a list of interactions with your cat that will help you gain yellow hearts and rewards:

1. Belly Rubs/Petting: Tap on your kitty’s belly repeatedly to interact and fill the pink bar.

2. Playing with toy mouse: Tap the left and right arrows o the screen to move the toy mouse above your cat. Keep doing this until you receive all three fishes.

3. Scrubbing: Drag your finger all over your soapy kitty to clean her.

4. Browsing mobile with your cat: Watch a short video, when this task appears to get hearts.

Along with cods, you may also get hearts and even a surprise décor gift or a clothing item from your cat once you reach a new affection level. So complete kitty tasks and interact with him to gain yellow hearts, fill the affection meter and get gifts from your feline friend.

How to Use the Claw Machine

Purrfect Tale lets you collect cute gifts from the claw machine mini-game. You can either get edible items which can be fed to kitties or decorative items which can be placed on rooms.

The claw machine mini-game in Purrfect Tale
Catcha Machine or Claw Machine

Tap “Claw Machine” on the bottom-right corner of the screen and press the “Use the Claw for free”.

Move the lever on the right to set the correct direction of the claw and then press the button. Here are some tips to use the claw machine:

1. Get the smaller capsules first. It will be easy for you to use the claw to grab a smaller one. You can later go for the bigger capsule. Also, most of the smaller capsules take only a minute to open. You can speed up time by watching a 30-second advert.

2. Sometimes, capsules will be difficult to pick as they are placed unevenly on top of each other. In such situations, you will need to refresh the machine. Once you do this, all capsules will be placed evenly on top of each other.

To refresh, tap on the shuffle icon on the top-right corner of the screen. You will get one free refresh every 6 hours. To use more refreshes, you will need hearts. You will need at least 2 hearts to get one refresh. You can obtain up to six refreshes using hearts.

3. The claw machine is a bit sensitive as it won’t pick up a capsule if a part of it hits another capsule beside the one you are trying to pick it up. Use the lever on the lower-right corner to position the claw perfectly so that it won’t move back without picking one.

4. Look for a capsule that’s a bit isolated from the rest. If you find one, move the claw over it. Chances of picking up such capsules will be more.

5. Move the lever slowly to position the claw perfectly over the desired capsule and the press the button to lower the claw. Try not to pick the corner ones first as the claw won’t be able to pick them properly. Your priority should be to pick the center ones on the top.

6. Each day, you will get 5 claw uses for free. Once you use up all five claws, you can still get more claws. Tap on the pink button on the middle and press the “Get for free” button. You will get 5 claw uses immediately after watching a 30-second video in the game. The free offer is limited to 3 attempts each day, which means that you will get at least 15 claw uses if you watch 3 videos on a trot.

Once you grab a capsule, tap on “Storage” to access all capsules you can collected so far. You won’t be able to open them all immediately. Bigger capsules will take at least 1-2 hours to max 6 hours to open, whereas smaller capsules will take a minute or max 10 minutes to open. You can open them immediately by watching an ad or by using hearts. Sometimes, there won’t be an option to watch an ad, but the game will provide an option to get free hearts, so that you can use them to open the capsules instantly.

We won’t recommend using hearts to open the orbs immediately. Save hearts only for the journal (story mode). You will need at least 10 hearts to start/unlock a new journal chapter. However, there are some ways to get hearts for free, which I will explain in the next paragraph.

Ways to Obtain Hearts for Free

Unlike cods, hearts won’t be easy to obtain. They are used to unlock new chapters in the story mode/journal. You may also need hearts to purchase certain clothes and furniture items and open capsules. Here are some ways to get hearts:

1. Tap on the heart icon on the lower-left corner of the home screen. You will find three sections – the first one on the top grants free hearts daily. You will obtain 1 heart every day in this section. In the second section, tap on the claim for free button to obtain 3 hearts. But here, you will have to watch a 30-second advert to obtain hearts. The third is a free capsule that may contain hearts and bonus/surprise gift. Watch a 30-second advert to open this capsule for free.

Get hearts for free

2. Tap on the “Claim Rewards” button on the top-right corner of a WeCat post. Now press the “Claim for free” button to get +3 hearts and +30 cods.

3. Increase affection level with your kitties and get hearts as rewards. Play mini-games with your cats to obtain yellow hearts and reach new affection levels to get hearts.

4. Claim hearts as “Daily Rewards” on certain days. You will receive hearts on day 2, day 4 and day 7.

5. You will find heart-shaped toys in the claw machine mini-game. Pick them up to obtain hearts.

How to get More Cats

To get more cats in Purrfect Tale, you will have to play the claw mini-game. There is a high chance of obtaining a kitty from bigger capsules, so make sure you grab them to see what’s inside them.

  1. Saya melihat teman saya yang memiliki oliver di rumahnya.
    Bagaimana cara mendapatkannya?

    Tolong jawab

    1. @chloe, pour avoir les récoltes tu dois aller sur le panneau tout en bas de ta maison et cliquer sur yard, tu devra acheter le premier terrain et quand tu ira dans la boutique dans cette zone les récoltes te seront proposés!

      Translation: To get the crops you have to go to the panel at the bottom of your house and click on yard, you will have to buy the first piece of land and when you go to the shop in this area the crops will be offered to you!

    1. @jea, ok sorry lol you need to unlock the kitchen room, it’s a specific room, already picked by the game. You just need to continue to unlock room :]

  2. Is there any way to grab a snack from the floor once i accidentally click on it without having to feed the cats?

    1. @Kezia, yes, you just need to continue unlocking other room. It’s a specific room Valledoria precisely “kitchen” :]

  3. When the cat asks me what my name is it will not let me enter any name at all! it keeps saying that name has already been used or that I’ve entered forbidden terms….. all I’m entering is real names.

    1. Your PF pic will be your Google account profile pic if you are using an Android device to play it. Upload your pic to Google account and make sure the same account is linked to the game. Your Google account pic will be reflected in the Wecat PFP. You can change your Google account from settings (cog icon) > change account.

  4. No tendrán por ahí alguna guía de la cocina ?? Tengo el coso de bambú por 3000 moneditas y solo logré el coso de harina y la mezcla negra y rara, entre por eso y descubrí más de lo que esperaba.

    Translation: Any kitchen guide out there?? I have the bamboo coso for 3000 coins and I only got the flour coso and the black and rare mixture, I went in for that and discovered more than I expected.

    1. @Estela, you need to mix other ingredients to get new dishes. You can try by yourself or you can check on the internet the recipes

  5. Guys I just unlocked the farm and well my cats keep asking me for flour and a round white thing… what should that be?

  6. When you collect clothes from the claw machine sometimes you cant wear them because of these little balls with polka dots on them. How do I unlock the clothes, and how do i get more of these little balls?

    1. @Dawn Wibberly, HOla,tenés que conseguir el objeto cuántas veces diga en la bolita

      Translation: Hello, you have to get the object how many times it says on the ball.

    2. @Antonella, another way you can do it is to buy the hen house in the yard and it will give you the eggs. I heard this from someone else so don’t take my word for it! 🙂

    1. I guess the only way to obtain paw print gummies right now is to purchase heart or cod packs with real money. While buying heart or cod packs on the purchase page, you will know how many paw print gummies you will obtain.

    1. @Clover, Actually you need to collect 10 of that ticket so you can travel to places if you already unlocked the stroll.

  7. In the claw machine, in the storage icon, I have x1 green ticket with a panda on it, but idk what its for, could you help me out and tell me how and what I am supposed to use this ticket for.

  8. Kalok keluar gambar garpu dengan pisau diatas kepala kucing gimana cara mendapatkan makanan yang diinginkan kucing

    Translate: If you get a picture of a fork with a knife above the cat’s head, how do you get the food the cat wants?

    1. Press and hold an object – this will activate the “renovation mode”. Don’t release. Now slowly drag the object towards the store object icon located on the lower-left corner of the screen.

  9. How do I know the genders of the cats? Ive got a white one with ginger stripes but im not sure what to name it because what if it collides with its human form? (cries)

    1. Tap on “Archive” on the top left corner of the screen. Next, tap on a cat’s picture to know more about him/her.

  10. In chapter 7, for some reason it won’t let me unclog the toilet. I’ve tried moving the plunger up and down but it doesn’t work. How do I past this level?

      1. To unclog the toilet, you just have to drag the plunger near the overflowing toilet and then drag it downwards until the end of the toilet only once to clean it. You don’t have to move the plunger up and down. Place the toilet paper on the top of the toilet.

  11. How do I unlock the furniture for the dessert shop? Also if I change cellphone will all my progress disappear?

    1. Tap on “Settings” on the top-left corner of the screen and press the “save progress” button. I guess you have already signed in to Purrfect Tale with Google Play Games through your account. Thhen, make sure you save progress at regular intervals.

    1. @Kalia, don’t worry, that’s because they’re still working on chapter 10, we’ll have more chapters soon!

  12. I cannot seem to find how to turn off the light at the end of act 02 chapter 7 (the first chapter of act 2). There’s no hints available, I moved the blanket on my character but can’t seem to do anything else or figure out how to turn off the light how it ask please help !

  13. I am at act 1 scene 05 exam and I cannot find the solution for the admission ticket I used the hint and it repeats to me: “Tap the numbers to fill in the admission ticket number. “

    1. Enter the examination hall, take note of the admission ticket number and enter the numbers on the OMR sheet. Tap on each number on each column to punch in the numbers.

      The ticket number is 602413. Tap on 6 in the first column of the OMR sheet, 0 in the second column, 2 on the third, 4 on the fourth and so on.

      For more solutions read our Purrfect Tale Walkthrough – https://www.playoholic.com/purrfect-tale-walkthrough-and-guide/

  14. Im in Act 2 but Im on level 10 but it doesn’t let me play it, it’s like a gray color and it says “in the works…” and no matter how many hearts I get It doesn’t let me play, what do I do ?

    1. @Help pkease, that is just because the game developers have not made level 10 yet, it says in the works because it is in the works of being made.

  15. Can somebody tell me how do you unlock the kitchen and bathroom furniture? Do I need to keep unlocking rooms??

    1. You will have to unlock 3 rooms and then you can unlock the kitchen. Unlocking the kitchen will unlock kitchen furniture. Keep unlocking rooms to unlock the bathroom.

  16. What are the rooms in order? I wanted to follow the rooms themes, but can’t remember the order. Example: living/bed room, cat play room, etc etc…

    1. @Help Me, I don’t have any other human form car walking around with me in the house but sometimes they appear in the social page with a post of their own in human form. They are so cute!

    1. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to rotate a piece of furniture in this game. I couldn’t find any way to rotate. I could just move it.

  17. Thank you! Two things:
    1. How do you get dogs? Haven’t they added dogs to the game yet?
    2. How do you get do Act 2 in story mode?

    1. 1. It’s a bit early to say, but I guess you can have dogs once you unlock the farm. I am not certain, but I think this could unlock dogs. Outside the house, you will see a signboard named “Map”. Tap on the map and then tap on “Yard”. Now tap on “Farm”. Unlock this new area using 3000 cods. You will also need to unlock chapter 4 of the journal in order to open this area. Then, I guess, you might find dogs from capsules collected through the crane mini-game.

    2. Once you finish chapter 6 in Act 1. Swipe the screen left to find Act 2. You will need at least 50 hearts to unlock a chapter in Act 2.

    1. Long press on a furniture item to enter “renovation mode”. When you tap and long press on an item, an arrow will appear above it. Once the arrow turns green fully, you enter renovation mode. Now drag that item to the desired location. The color underneath the item should be green as this color suggests that it can be placed on that spot. Red suggests that there’s an obstacle nearby or it can’t be placed.

    1. I think the only way to clean the walls is to paint them new. Go to Shop > paint Roller icon and choose a wall color. Next, purchase the cheapest one with cods. Now to go storage and tap on the home icon. Long press on the new wall paint and drag it to the wall which you want to replace.

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