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Make yourself better with Protectors: Shooter Legends game guide!

Protectors: Shooter Legends is one of the most fast-growing mobile games in 2023. This third-person shooter can transport you around the world to explore different cities and enjoy fast-paced battles in interesting locations. 

While it sounds straightforward, the game packs challenges for everyone. Thus, the comprehensive guide explaining everything about Protectors: Shooter Legends might come in handy even for advanced players.

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And if you were looking for such a one, you came to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn everything needed about Protectors: Shooter Legends, from game modes to characters. And if you read the article carefully, you’ll also discover multiple gameplay tips that can significantly improve your in-game experience.

What Is Protectors: Shooter Legends?

Protectors: Shooter Legends is a fast-paced third-person shooter developed by Playkot LTD, creator of Age of Magic, Riverside, SuperCity, and multiple other popular mobile games. The game is full of fun shooting battles, unique heroes, and unique game modes that won’t allow you to get bored.

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If we compare Protectors: Shooter Legends with other games, it reminds us of Valorant and Overwatch. Also, the game has similarities with Brawl Stars, one of the popular mobile games made by Superсell.

If you are a fan of multiplayer FPS and TPS shooter games – be sure that you’ll enjoy Protectors: Shooter Legends. 

Protectors: Shooter Legends – Game Modes

Your goal during the match in Protectors: Shooter Legends significantly depends on the selected game mode.

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At the moment of writing, there are five game modes available, elaborated on further:

  • Frenzy
  • Control
  • Elimination
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Crystals

As these game modes were inspired by Brawl Stars, you are likely to already know about them. If not, keep reading. We’ll explain each game mode in Shooter Legends.


In the game mode known as Frenzy, players must collect Data by eliminating enemies within a 2-minute timeframe. The team that acquires the most Data within this time limit will emerge victorious.

In Frenzy, each enemy kill secures you 2 Data. However, it is important to keep in mind that the more enemies you eliminate, the more Data your opponents will receive for taking you down. Thus, it is crucial to exercise caution when on a kill streak.


In Control game mode, players must capture and maintain control of the designated area until it reaches 100% to win the round. This game mode resembles Brawl Stars’ Hot Zone, where players must capture zones and remain inside them to maintain control.


In Elimination, two teams of four players should fight each other until one team eliminates the other. It’s the only game mode inspired by Valorant and Overwatch, but not Brawl Stars. Still, Elimination is the game mode exclusive to Ranked Leagues, meaning that every game here will affect your rating.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is the first game mode that meets you in Protectors: Shooter Legends. In Team Deathmatch, two teams of four players should fight each other for 2 minutes. The team that takes out the most enemies wins. 

Capture the Crystals

Capture the Crystals is the exact copy of Gem Grab from Brawl Stars. In this game mode, players should collect Crystals dropped from the center of the map. The first team that collects and holds 10 Crystals for 15 seconds wins the match.

Note that game modes in Protectors: Shooter Legends are unlocked as you progress and gain trophies. Check the table below, and you’ll learn more about it.

Game ModeTrophies Required
EliminationLeagues Exclusive
Team Deathmatch300
Capture the Crystals450

Note that you can avoid Trophies restriction and play in every game mode by choosing a Random Mission. That’s the trick available from the beginning of the game.

Protectors: Shooter Legends – Characters

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In Protectors: Shooter Legends, characters are called Protectors. At the moment of writing, there are 12 Protectors in the game, mentioned in the list below:

  • Ben – Heavy
  • Kim – Soldier
  • Mulan – Sniper
  • Vika – Support
  • Lost – Soldier
  • Amigo – Soldier
  • Daya – Soldier 
  • Gunther – Heavy
  • Peggy – Soldier
  • Karim – Support
  • Sherri – Heavy
  • Neon – Soldier

Like in Brawl Stars, each Protector is unique and has a unique Gift, Skill, Gadget, and Crystal Power. Be sure that you’ll experience the unique in-game experience while using each character. 

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Also, it’s worth noting that developers regularly add new Protectors to Shooter Legends. With every new Season, at least 2 new characters appear in the game. So, don’t get surprised if the number of Protectors is increased by the time you are reading this guide.

Protector: Shooter Legends Classes

In Protector: Shooter Legends, there are four unique character classes. It’s important to play according to your class features to outplay opponents and achieve maximum effectiveness.

These are four available classes at the moment of writing:

  • Heavy
  • Soldier
  • Sniper
  • Support

Protectors: Shooter Legends – Ranked System Explained

One of the most exciting things about Protectors: Shooter Legends is the ranked system.

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In this game, players should rise up through the Ranked Leagues to get Coins, Gems, and Legendary Skins that can make you stand out among the players.

How To Progress 

Although it might sound evident, players should play the game and get Wins to progress in the Protectors: Shooter Legends ranked system. On each rank, 10 players compete for the advance to the next level. The ones who reach the Winners and Champion rank will secure the next league after the 24-hour timer runs out.

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Another option to get to the next rank is to complete a winning streak of five victories. This ensures that players will enter the next league instantly, which is a useful option, especially in the early stages of the game.

Protectors: Shooter Legends – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Once you know the most important things about Protectors: Shooter Legends, let’s discover useful tips and tricks for beginners. These ones can help you to progress faster and be much more effective on the battlefield.

Claim Available Free Rewards

In Protectors: Shooter Legends, there are many free items and resources that players can obtain. This includes Daily Drops, Daily Deals, and other rewards that are available to everyone.

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Although the amount of freebies you can get is not extensive, claiming them regularly is a good strategy to go. Making a habit of claiming free items regularly can help ensure that you always have enough Coins and Gems to upgrade your Protector or purchase a new Gadget, thus improving your overall gaming experience.

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Invest Resources Into a Powerful Protector

The necessary part of Protectors: Shooter Legends is upgrading your Protector. It increases Health, Health Regeneration, Damage, and other important stats that affect your overall in-game experience. 

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Still, upgrading your character is not free. It consumes Coins, the second most important resource in Shooter Legends. The first level-up costs only 20 Coins, but the price significantly increases as you progress. 

The first character you obtain in Protectors: Shooter Legends is Kim, but we don’t recommend investing your Coins into this hero. Instead, it is better to save your Gold and Gems until you get Gunther or Mulan, as they are superior heroes in comparison to Kim or Ben. These heroes can still be acquired without much difficulty.

Try Your Best To Finish Protector Pass

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Protector: Shooter Legends also have a battle pass system, which is called Protector Pass. To progress through it, players should collect Intel. This resource is obtained from Missions and completing Quests from the Protector Pass.

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Protector Pass has a level cap of 70 levels. After reaching Level 70, players are able to collect Intel, and they will be rewarded with a Big Box for each further level.

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There are also plenty of valuable rewards from Protector Pass, mentioned in the list below:

  • Gems 
  • Coins 
  • Regular Boxes
  • Skins
  • Mega Boxes

The main reward from Protector Pass is a special Chromatic Protector, which is unlocked by reaching Level 30. For Season #0 Neon Dawn, the special Protector is Neon, a soldier running errands for the Yakuza and risking his health in the illegal races.

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Even though special Chromatic Protector, as well as the most beneficial rewards, are available in the premium version of Protector Pass, it’s still worth completing, even if you are a F2P player. 

Find Friends To Play Together

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Whether you get bored in Protectors: Shooter Legends or you struggle to get more trophies, inviting your friends to play together is a good option. It has multiple significant advantages, elaborated on further. 

  • Playing in a team, you can coordinate with your friends and play together to bring more impact to the victory. As a result, you’ll have a much better win rate and will increase your Trophies much faster.
  • If you choose a friend who is more experienced in Protectors: Shooter Legends, you can also discover interesting information about the game, as well as helpful tips adjusted to your playstyle. That’s a massive W to playing in a team. Still, it’s pretty hard to find a friend eager to teach you.
  • The last advantage to playing together is the unique in-game experience you get. Playing in a team is much more interesting, especially if you are grinding Intel to complete Battle Pass or Trophies to rise up in Way Of Protector. Playing together prevents boredom, which is the main advantage of playing with friends.

Know Your Enemies

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If you want to secure victories and outplay opponents in Protectors: Shooter Legends, it’s extremely important to be aware of the Protectors in your enemy’s team. 

As you know previously, there are 12 unique characters in the game. And before getting started, it’s advisable to introduce each of these Protectors to yourself.

Learn about the specifics of the main attack, Gadget, and Gift that the opponent might use against you. Although expanding the knowledge about characters takes a lot of time, it might be particularly helpful in real battles.

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Complete Way Of Protector

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As an analog to Trophy Road in Brawl Stars, Protectors: Shooter Legends has a Way Of Protector. It works pretty straightforward: players should gain trophies to unlock rewards and reach new leagues. 

Way Of Protector counts your Total Trophies number, which is a combination of all your Protectors’ individual trophies. The first reward in Way Of Protector is Regular Box, which is unlocked as you reach 10 trophies. The last one is 100 Gems, and it’s given to players by reaching 6,000 Trophies. 

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Still, Gems, Coins, and Regular Boxes are not the best things you can get from Way Of Protector. As the main reward, players can obtain four powerful heroes:

  • Ben
  • Mulan
  • Vika
  • Amigo

The first character from Way Of Protector, Ben, is unlocked as you reach 50 Trophies. meaning that you can obtain the first decent hero pretty early in the game. So, don’t miss this valuable opportunity. 

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That’s everything you should know about Protector: Shooter Legends. If you have any trouble or want to read more guides about this game, let us know about it in the comments. We’ll do our best to provide you with the latest information about Protector: Shooter Legends.

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The guide has ended but you are still here? We have an extra piece of advice for you. Try to save Gems from the very beginning of the game to buy the premium version of Protector Pass to get a special Chromatic Protector and tons of other freebies. 

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Avoid wasting Gems on Skins or Coins. Although offers in the Store might seem beneficial, they are created to fool you and provide short-term benefits for the cost of an arm and a leg.

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