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Project Mugetsu
Photo: Osiris Productions
(Last Updated On: October 23, 2023)

Project Mugetsu on the Roblox platform is developed by Osiris Productions, a well-known Roblox game production company.

Project Mugetsu is inspired by the well-known anime series Bleach. In this game, players must make a crucial decision between siding with the courageous Soul Reapers or the terrifying Hollows.

It’s a difficult choice because both bring significant value to the table. Fans of the series will recognize that the two races are frequently engaged in fierce conflict, and these encounters are recreated in this Roblox title.

Soul Reapers guard the souls of the dead, safeguarding them from the horrific Hollows. In battle, they use swords and great magical skills.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

Becoming a Member of The Soul Reapers

Fans are introduced to two NPCs after spawning in Karakura Town: Aizen and Kisuke.

These NPCs assign the objectives required to become a Hollow or a Soul Reaper. They’ll want to chat with Kisuke, who can be discovered by following the blue quest marker on the screen if they wish to join the Soul Reapers.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

When they converse with him, he will assign them the mission of murdering one Hollow in Karakura Town.

All Hollows will be highlighted in red on the screen throughout this quest. They resemble towering humanoid beings with white masks over their heads, similar to creatures from other terrifying Roblox games.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

Hollows may strike in two ways: by punching or by stomping. By blocking, they can also counteract incoming damage. They aren’t difficult to beat, but the player’s limited damage output at this early level might make it difficult to kill one.

After destroying a Hollow, new Soul Reapers must return to Kisuke and talk with him once again. He’ll inquire if they’re ready to become a real Soul Reaper.

They will subsequently be handed a sword known as a Zanpakut to battle with, granting them access to Soul Reaper skills. They’ll be able to teleport to the Soul Society as well, but only if they’ve unlocked the matching talent.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

How to Advance in Project Mugetsu

Players in Project Mugetsu are now free to do anything they want. They’ll most likely want to spend the majority of their time grinding for experience and money (cue anime training montage).

Early on, fighting the Rogue Shinigami and Hollows in Karakura Town was the best method to do this. Fans will be able to acquire new talents in the shop as they advance in their mastery.

They’ll eventually be able to take on the Soul Society leaders, who provide more experience and money. They may also provide you with useful goods like potions and accessories.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

Best Soul Reaper Abilities

Soul Reapers can learn a broad range of abilities in Project Mugetsu. Some abilities, however, are superior to others, and acquiring skills may rapidly become costly.

Instead of acquiring every talent, Soul Reapers should prioritize a selection of them. Here are the finest warrior talents to use:

  • Senkaimon: Unlocks a portal to the Soul Society, a fictional universe portrayed in the anime. A necessary talent for Soul Reapers and the first to be unlocked.
  • Flashstep: Quickly transports the user a short distance.
  • Shinigami Air Walk: The ability to walk in mid-air.
  • Bakaudo 9 Horin: Entraps and immobilizes a foe.
  • Bakaudo 61 Rikujukoro: Fires six energy beams at an opponent while holding them in place
Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

How To Improve Meditation

Meditation is an essential component of Project Mugetsu. Because players may only meditate in the Soul Society, they must obtain the Senkaimon talent as soon as feasible.

Meditation improves your Zanpakut as a Soul Reaper. These swords are powered by a living spirit in the world of Bleach, and getting access to that spirit’s might is a critical component of becoming a Soul Reaper.

To meditate effectively, fans must press the proper key as quickly as possible when presented on their screen.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

Unlocking Your Shikai

Shikai are extraordinary weapons that may be obtained via increasing meditation. To unlock their Shikai, players must first acquire meditation level 20 and elevate their character to level 15.

When they achieve these levels, they will be able to combat their Zanpakut as a spirit in a one-on-one duel; dying means they will lose meditation experience and will have to play the minigame again until they reach level 20.

However, if they win, they will be allowed to unleash their Shikai skills.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions

Different types of Shikais

The Shikai obtained is purely random. To use it, Soul Reapers must type a call name into the chat, followed by the name of their Shikai.

There are currently five Shikais in the game: ZangetsuHyorinmaruKamishiniSenbonzakura, and Ryujin Jakka.

Users must continue battling their Zanpakut in Project Mugetsu to improve its evolution level in order to unleash all of Shikai’s techniques.

These techniques are exclusive to each Shikai, and fans may discover that a different Shikai better matches their playstyle.

Photo: Osiris Productions
Photo: Osiris Productions


Finally, “Project Mugetsu” in Roblox brings die-hard “Bleach” fans into the epic conflict between Soul Reapers and Hollows.

The critical decision between these two opposing races in Project Mugetsu adds depth and intensity to the action. Becoming a Soul Reaper is an exciting adventure that begins with interactions with the intriguing NPCs of Karakura Town, Aizen, and Kisuke.

Players win the coveted Zanpakut and access to a variety of supernatural talents and abilities, such as Senkaimon and Shikai, by engaging in the fight against terrifying Hollows.

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