Project Mugetsu Resurrection Tier List

Nikola Stevanovic

The popular Roblox Project Mugetsu Resurrections are now based on rarity and a new tier list is in order, so let’s check out how the Ressurections measure up. 

Project Mugetsu Resurrection: S Tier – Los Lobos

Los Lobos lands within the S tier due to its extremely powerful moveset. Its passive ability called “Special M1s” allows the user to fire a barrage of cero blasts causing massive damage. This is also a ranged ability that separates Los Lobos from other arrancars. His Colomillo ability is also extremely versatile due to it being able to guardbreak enemies, close distances and extend combos.

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The Cero Gun ability is also very powerful and able to guardbreak enemies as well as knock them back. The Camarada Pack ability lets the user summon a pack of wolves that bite the opponent before they explode dealing a large amount of damage. The final ability is called Cero Metralleta, which is essentially a huge barrage of cero blasts that explode on impact dealing massive damage to anything in the area.

Project Mugetsu Resurrection: S Tier – Arrogante

Arrogante is considered to be S Tier mainly due to his passive ability called Special M1s. When activated, the player will unleash a large number of melee attacks which deal extra rot damage, making Arrogante very dangerous in close combat. 

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Most of his other moves are relatively self-explanatory like the Rot Grab which allows the player to grab an opponent dealing rot damage over time, and Axe Slam which causes the user to Slam his axe into the ground dealing a wide AoE damage.

While the two moves that we mentioned are very dangerous in close combat, it other two moves are very effective at range which makes Arrogante a very versatile fighter. The Death Projectiles ability allows you to shoot rot orbs, while the Death Pillars ability lets you create large pillars that deal rot damage at range. 

Project Mugetsu Resurrection: A Tier – Tormenta

Tormenta lands in the A Tier due to her powerful abilities. The Lanzamiento ability causes her to throw an electrically charged javelin and deal AoE damage. Her Raiko Blitz ability lets her teleport around her enemy before punching them multiple times, and El Thor allows her to channel a lightning pillar at her opponent. 

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Her final ability Purga De Trueno causes her body to charge with electricity before unleashing a massive discharge that covers a huge area, dealing damage and paralyzing anyone caught in it. 

Project Mugetsu Resurrection: B Tier – Gravitas

Gravitas comes with a diverse and interesting set of abilities but due to their generally long cooldowns and most of them being blockable, Gravitas lands in the B tier. 

His first ability Zero Gravity allows him to float in the air and drop down doing a ground slam that deals AoE damage. Gravity Throw allows him to throw an orb that pulls everyone nearby dealing damage and stunning any and all opponents. 

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This shouldn’t be confused with his Gravity Orb ability which allows him to throw an orb that deals ticking AoE damage at a targeted location. Finally, Gravitas’ Gravity Control ability allows him to throw gravity itself in front of him in order to deal damage to anyone caught in the shockwave. 

Project Mugetsu Resurrection: C Tier – Volcanica

Volcanica’s first ability is called Lava Blade. It lets her imbue her arm with lava before striking the enemy. Her second ability Kaboosh also imbues her arm with lava, however, this time Volcanica channels it into a ground slam which deals AoE damage to anyone unlucky enough to get caught in it.

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Lava Bullets are her third ability which lets her shoot out flaming projectiles. Her final ability is called Lava Detonation and basically causes Volcanica to perform a series of frontal stabs that deal a large amount of damage. 

All in all, Volcanica comes with a diverse set of abilities, however, due to their low damage output and most of them not being able to break the enemy guard, Volcanica lands in the C tier.


This concludes our Project MugetsuRessurection Tier List. We hope you find this article helpful and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming battles. Visit our website for more interesting guides such as Tales of Yokai Ultimate Guide and Pixel Fantasia Beginners Guide.

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