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Photo: Project Mugetsu
Project Mugetsu
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2023)

Roblox’s Project Mugetsu is an online video game based on the well-known manga and anime series Bleach. You can play it by installing the Roblox and play the game from there.

Players can play as either the Soul Reapers or the Hollows. Both of these races have unique abilities and play styles.

In this guide, you will learn how to start with Hollows, their evolutions, and skills.

Photo: Project Mugetsu
Photo: Project Mugetsu

About Project Mugetsu

It is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players can create and customize their own characters, choose from a variety of options such as appearance, race, and abilities.

Photo: Project Mugetsu
Photo: Project Mugetsu

Once you have created your character, you are free to explore the game, perform various objectives, and engage in combat with other players or enemies controlled by the game’s AI.

The Hollow Race

Hollow is one of the three races players can play in this game. Hollows are evil spirits that can perform remarkable feats, and they subsist on the body parts of Soul Reapers and other Hollows that have passed away.

Photo: Battles
Photo: Battles

As a Hollow, the only way to advance in evolution is to gain experience by vanquishing foes and feeding on the body parts they leave behind when they die. Body parts are depicted as having a dark color, letting off black particles; however, they vanish after about ten seconds.

Hollow Abilities

Hollows are incredibly powerful and can use a variety of abilities, including:

  • Cero: A powerful blast of energy fired from the Hollow’s mouth or hands.
  • Garganta: A portal that allows Hollows to travel between the Human World and Hueco Mundo, the world of Hollows.
  • Regeneration: Hollows can regenerate their wounds at an accelerated rate.
  • Mask: A Hollow’s mask protects it from harm and grants it additional power.

How to Join the Hollow Race

It’s not difficult to turn into a Hollow. At the very least, completing your initial quest will be. You must navigate to the NPC named Aizen by following the red icon on your heads-up display (HUD). He appears to be in deep relaxation as he lays on the ground.

Photo: Choosing hollow race
Photo: Choosing hollow race

When you talk to him, he will inquire whether you wish to become a Hollow. If you choose to accept the offer, you will be presented with a test. It is necessary for you to eliminate one of the Soul Reapers. Whether this Reaper is controlled by the player or by an opponent makes no difference.

Don’t worry about becoming a powerless human ghost if you happen to die throughout the process; accept that as a fact and go on.

As long as the target of your assault is a mob rather than a player, you are free to search for your quarry once more and launch more assaults.

When you are finished, you should report to Aizen so that he can convert you into a hideous monster and take you to a death realm that is both gloomy and terrible.

Tips to Play As Hollows

Here are some tips for playing as a Hollow in Project Mugetsu:

  • Use your Cero ability to deal damage to enemies from a distance.
  • Use your Garganta ability to travel around the map quickly and escape from danger.
  • Be careful of your surroundings and avoid getting surrounded by enemies.
  • Use your regeneration ability to heal your wounds and stay in the fight.
  • Upgrade your mask to make it stronger and more durable.


Skills are one of the most essential components of Project Mugetsu because they enable players to engage in various encounters during battle. Hollows are granted access to various skills, some of which are superior to others.

Photo: Skills
Photo: Skills

To see skills, press M while in the game, and you will see the menu. Go to the skills option and see which skills are currently available.

Because it can be costly to acquire new abilities, it is better to concentrate on being proficient in some of them rather than acquiring each and every one available. The following is a list of the best skills that Hollows may use:

Finger Cero

A powerful ray of energy is projected from Cero. However, the cooldown on this ability is quite long while doing a large amount of damage extremely quickly.

A protective ability that minimizes the amount of damage taken from opponent strikes is referred to as Hierro.

Chain Pull

It is an attack that fires a rope towards an opponent, causing them to be drawn closer to you. Excellent for getting closer to competitors who are further away.

Cero Gates

Using this ability, you can launch three energy beams into the atmosphere.


The player is teleported a short distance when they use this Sonido ability.

Final Words

This is an amazing choice for you if you like the anime series Bleach. It is engaging and will keep you hooked throughout the game. If you are looking to choose Hollows, remember they are a powerful and versatile race in Project Mugetsu. With careful planning and execution, Hollow players can become some of the most feared opponents in the game.

You can learn more on the game’s tier lists here.

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