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(Last Updated On: October 7, 2023)

Project Mugetsu by Osiris Productions has constantly been making updates. One of the Roblox experience’s most recent additions is the Cifer clan. It has formidable benefits, and you will learn all about it in this Project Mugetsu Cifer Guide.

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Clans in Project Mugetsu

Project Mugetsu clans are based on the last names of characters from its source material, the classic manga and anime series Bleach.

In the game, players can use these clan names to get special buffs. To view the clan you belong to, tap the Customize Player option when you start the game.

Customize avatar and clan chart.
Photo: Osiris Productions

You can then see all the clans and their rarities on a chart on the right side of the customization panel. The rarer the clan, the better perks you’ll receive in Project Mugetsu.

The Cifer Clan

Based on Ulquiorra Cifer, the Cifer clan has a Mythic rarity. This means that you only have a 1% chance of pulling it every time you roll. However, it is very much worth it because of the advanced passive and active abilities it brings.

Clan rarities and percentages.
Photo: Osiris Productions

Here’s a list of all the skills you can obtain with the Cifer clan.

  • Medical Knowledge – Lets you heal with the use of Reiatsu
  • Immense Spiritual Power – Boosts max Reiatsu limit
  • Reclamation Regeneration – Increases regeneration outside of battles by 20%
  • Spiritual Awareness – Lets you see Soul Reapers through solid objects
  • Cero Oscuras – An adaptation of the Cero method that you can employ when in a state of release
  • Expert Kendo Utilization – 2.5x mastery experience boost for sword mastery

These skills are great and all, but there are a few boxes you need to check before you can activate any of them.

Cifer Clan Requirements

You have to be a Hollow to use Cifer to its full potential. You will be instructed on how to do this at the start of the game, but here’s a quick refresher in case you missed it.

Intro dialogue for beginners.
Photo: Osiris Productions

The first step is locating the rogue Shinigami Aizen. He’s the guy you will find if you follow the fiery red skull icon on your map.

Interact with Aizen.
Photo: Osiris Productions

After you find and interact with him, he will give you the task of slaying one Soul reaper. Once you do that, return to Aizen, and you will be transformed into a Hollow.

How to Change Clans in Project Mugetsu

You can change clans by going back to the main menu, tapping Play, and choosing the Customize Player button.

Then, tap the Spin Clan button below the clan chart. Newbies will have five free spins, so use them carefully.

Spin Clan button and spins left.
Photo: Osiris Productions

Once you use up all your spins, you will have to pay with Robux to do more rolls and change clans.

Final Words

Cifer is a unique clan, and you will have a lot of fun using it to its full capacity. But before that, you have to choose the right race and make the right roll. Once that’s done, you can go wild with a tenacious set of Cifer abilities.

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