Project Mugen Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Nikola Stevanovic

What Is Project Mugen?

Project Mogen is an upcoming free-to-play open-world role-playing game that is scheduled to be released sometime in the near future. The game was announced at Gamescom 2023 and upon release should be available across multiple platforms including PlayStation 4 and 5, PC, and both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

The title is being developed by NetEase Games with assistance from NAKED RAIN, a subsidiary studio of Thunder Fire Studio. 

Photo: NetEase Games - YouTube
Photo: NetEase Games – YouTube


According to the information available, Project Mugen takes place in a world very similar to our Earth in which legends are real and just one of the world’s denizens.

The player assumes the role of an investigator named Esper, who also goes by “Infinite Trigger” and is tasked with handling supernatural phenomena that pose a threat to the game’s world. 

Photo: NetEase Games - YouTube

Photo: NetEase Games – YouTube

On their adventure, players will come across other Espers whom they will be able to aid in their own adventures and join forces in order to protect humanity. Players will also be able to take on all kinds of quests and challenges from various cities and other interesting locations they come across on their journey.


When it comes to gameplay, we don’t honestly know a lot about it. The trailer revealed at Gamescom features a large open-world town filled with huge crowds of characters that players could freely traverse and explore.

The trailer also revealed a couple of fight scenes where we could see the player character battle against a few enemies on the rooftops. 

Photo: NetEase Games - YouTube

Photo: NetEase Games – YouTube

We were also treated with some traversal footage that showed off numerous travel mechanics including swinging, climbing large structures, parkour, and even vehicular travel. At some point, the trailer depicted players fighting against a giant enemy that was calling huge meteor showers upon the city.

Release Date

When it comes to the release date of Project Mugen, admittedly, there is not much that we can go on. According to the official information, Project Mugen will be available across multiple platforms “soon”, but how soon exactly are we talking about?

If we were to make an educated guess, the earliest possible release date for Project Muge would be sometime in late 2024. 

Project Mugen - Photo: NetEase Games - YouTube

Photo: NetEase Games – YouTube

However, it is important to note that that is a very optimistic estimate. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for Project Mugen to hit the market in 2025 or even sometime in 2026.

Another thing worth noting is that all of this is pure speculation on our part and that none of the information above is official. There is no way to tell for certain until we receive some concrete information from the developers of the game. 

Photo: NetEase Games - YouTube

Photo: NetEase Games – YouTube


This concludes our article on everything that you need to know about the upcoming open-world RPG Project Mugen. We hope that you found this article informative and interesting to read.

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