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Realize your sci-fi dreams and blast away to infinity with Project Entropy! Developed by FunPlus International AG, Project Entropy is a strategy RTS game that plunges you straight into outer space, where you have to use your intellect to survive.

The base-building factor is insane, but it’s not that simple to understand, especially if you’re coming from a non-FunPlus background. So, in this article, let’s explore all the nuances of Project Entropy and see how you can make the best of it!

Basic Premise of the Game

Project Entropy
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Being an RTS, the premise is pretty simple: expand your base, manage your resources, and make sure your decisions are for the benefit of your base. Right after the tutorial, your main focus will be on upgrading your base.

To do this, you need to collect resources, which can either be collected from the wild, or from custom plants that you can build in order to have a steady supply of resources.


Project Entropy
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The resources, despite being the main form of progression, can feel scarce in Project Entropy. However, this is where the helpful system comes to your aid – highlighting all the possible sources without you having to lift a finger.

These resources can often also be found inside your base, which might seem a little counter-intuitive, but for beginners, it’s a treasure trove of all good and seemingly no bad!

However, once you’re through the early levels, the only legitimate and beneficial way of getting through the resources is via the factories and/or by killing Grodds.

Command Center – The Heart of Your Base!

Project Entropy BAttle
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This is the humble beginnings of your base, the more levels you put into it, the more buildings you will unlock. Think of it as a progression system, with each level unlocking new mechanics, possibilities and potential events.

Being the core, it does cost a lot to upgrade it. However, the game has a helpful assist system – always telling you what you need to upgrade next, whether it be your troops or your resource centers.

Upgrading Heroes

Project Entropy Cover
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Yes, it’s an RTS, but no, it’s not just an RTS. This becomes apparent in the hero section, where you need to choose a leader for your raid parties – a.k.a the heroes. This system, although originating from Clash of Clans, is no longer a shallow husk.

Your heroes are your main battle force, and the higher level they are, the stronger you become. Killing Grodds is your main way of collecting resources, and it only adds to the fun when your hero army is strong enough to take on the higher-tier ones.

In order to upgrade heroes, you need to:

  • Go to the Formation, and click Set Formation.
  • Choose Select Hero, then select a Vehicle.

Each hero has a unique skill, which can be activated once a set criteria is met. This can differ for each hero. You can also select auto-assign to create a formation, but it’s strongly advisable to rack your brains on it on your own.

Skill Activation

Skill action
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Each hero has a set element. This could be nuclear, thermal, etc. Matching these can be a good beginner way of activating their skill. However, as you unlock more heroes, their kits and criteria will become more complex, making this useless.

That said though, the Hero system is predominantly reliant on skills. Therefore, the more you milk out this strategy, the better it is for your overall in-game progress.


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We’ve talked about leveling these Heroes up, but how does one do that? Enter the mobilization center, where your troops will be dispatched on rigorous training to not only increase their level, but to get an overall stronger version of them.

That said though, this does cost a pretty penny, in terms of resources, and the cost rises with each training. Therefore, it’s advisable to not put all of your eggs in one bucket, but rather broaden your portfolio to different heroes.

To upgrade your hero, go to the Base Station, select the hero, and click Upgrade. Naturally, it’s not free either, but it sure is worth the cost. You can check the strength or effectiveness of a hero based on their power readings.


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This is where it goes a level further. You’re able to fine-tune different facets of your hero’s gameplay. These are called Hero Talents, a branch that levels up certain stats of a hero.

This will naturally provide a huge increase to your power, letting you realize the late-game potential of your chosen hero.


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These add a kind of pay-to-win element to the game that’s not frustrating to play against but can provide significant advantage if done right.

Cyphers are obtained from loot boxes and can provide an overall boost to your hero’s power. However, aside from drop pods and missions, these can also be obtained via sheer luck, so there’s always a chance even if you’re not dropping heaps of cash.

Best Heroes To Go For in Project Entropy

Best Heroes To Go For in Project Entropy
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Don’t know what to go for? Refer to the table below, and get a headstart amongst your peers. Any of these can be invested into for insane returns:

Hero NameRarityTypeSpecial Ability/Notes
Ahmed SamirLegendaryDamageLarge-Range Strike enhances vehicle firepower and skill trigger probability
Helmut RobinsonLegendaryDamageIncoming Lightning causes energy damage to target and nearby enemies every 10 seconds
Tatiana ValievaLegendaryLeaderProvides great defensive bonuses, reducing damage taken and increasing kinetic and energy defense
Vito CoppolaLegendaryLeaderMafia Umbrella increases damage of supporting weapons and recovers charge points
Hayden ParkerLegendaryBuffEnhances team health, shielding, and energy ability; reduces enemy healing effects when your vehicle hits them
Muhamma Bin OrneLegendaryDamageTitanium Blast increases damage when formation has a shield
Marcus BarclayLegendaryDebuffConviction skill inflicts Short-circuit effect, effective against Behemoths

Tips & Tricks to Ace Project Entropy

Your experience in Project Entropy is entirely dependent on what you – as a player intend to do. Despite having this freedom, there is a certain way to play the game – ensuring you’re doing your very best without having to put in the equivalent effort.

That being said, let’s count down the ten golden rules, you always need to remember in Project Entropy:

1. Prioritize Building and Upgrading

1. Prioritize Building and Upgrading
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In Project Entropy, buildings are the baseline for progression. Each building serves a specific purpose, aiding in different aspects of the game. For instance, the Mobilization Center is key for training troops and setting up hero formations.

Upgrading these buildings increases their efficiency but requires significant resources. It’s important to continuously upgrade your Command Center as well, as it unlocks further building upgrades and functionalities.

Efficient management of building construction and upgrades is fundamental for maintaining a strong base and army.

2. Focus on Main Missions for Resources

2. Focus on Main Missions for Resources
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Project Entropy features an engaging storyline set in 2099, with main missions that are integral to understanding the gameplay and progressing. These missions are presented in chapters, each offering a deep dive into the game’s mechanics.

Completing these missions and chapters provides valuable rewards like food, metal, and gold. These resources are essential for various game aspects, including building and upgrading, training troops, and enhancing heroes.

Therefore, focusing on main missions is a strategic approach to accumulate resources and advance in the game.

3. Optimize Your Formation

Optimize Your Formation
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The combat system in Project Entropy is intuitive and strategic, despite the player having limited control over characters during the battle. Combat is conducted in a grid-based arena, where characters attack automatically based on AI.

The key is to set up a well-balanced formation before the battle, combining the right mix of heroes and vehicles. Ensuring synergy between them is crucial for winning more battles.

This approach requires thoughtful selection and placement of heroes and vehicles to leverage their strengths effectively in combat.

4. Constantly Explore the World to Get More Resources

Constantly Explore the World to Get More Resources
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Project Entropy has a world that is expansive and filled with resources. You should actively explore using rovers to discover new lands and gather resources.

This exploration not only yields essential materials like iron, gold, solar material, and food but also extends the player’s control over more territory.

Encountering NPCs and foreign Grodds during exploration offers opportunities for new quests and additional rewards, enhancing resource accumulation and strategic growth.

5. Constantly Upgrade your Heroes and Vehicles

Constantly Upgrade your Heroes and Vehicles
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The strength and effectiveness of heroes and vehicles are pivotal in Project Entropy. Regularly upgrading these elements is essential, as it boosts their basic abilities and base stats such as attack, HP, and defense.

The combat in the game is influenced significantly by the overall Combat Power of the team, making the upgrades a crucial aspect of preparing for battles.

While strategy is important in Project Entropy, the core power and capabilities of heroes and vehicles often determine the outcome of confrontations.

6. Manage Combat and Special Abilities

Manage Combat and Special Abilities
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Combat in Project Entropy is automated in terms of troop movement and enemy engagement. However, the player has control over the use of special abilities.

These abilities can be activated once their cooldown timer resets, providing strategic advantages during battles. You have the option to pause the battle to decide on the application of these abilities.

For those looking for a more streamlined experience, automating these abilities is possible, allowing the game to handle their use effectively during combat.

7. Use the Region Map for Advanced Combat

Use the Region Map for Advanced Combat
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Project Entropy has a Region Map combat allows for a more traditional RTS experience. Unlike the main game where combat is automated, the Region Map gives players the ability to issue individual commands to units.

This feature enables basic micromanagement, such as directing damaged units to retreat, enhancing their survivability, or attacking multiple enemies simultaneously.

The Region Map combat requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making, offering a deeper level of engagement in battles.

8. Engage in Community Interaction

Engage in Community Interaction
Photo: FunPlus

Project Entropy has an active community and is a valuable resource for you. Official and unofficial groups exist on platforms like Facebook and Discord, fostering a positive and supportive environment.

Engaging with other players across different servers can provide insights, tips, and strategies, enhancing your understanding and enjoyment of the game.

The community’s interaction is beneficial for both new and experienced players, offering a space for discussion, problem-solving, and sharing experiences.

9. Balance Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win Elements

Pay-to-Win Elements
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While Project Entropy offers advantages to paying players, it remains accessible and enjoyable for free-to-play gamers. The game is designed to be fairer than many others in terms of balancing these two aspects.

Free-to-play players can still compete effectively on the battlefield, making strategic decisions and maximizing their resources.

Balancing the game’s free and paid elements allows players to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to spend money, providing a more equitable gaming experience.

10. Stay Aware of Game Bugs in Project Entropy

Game Bugs
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Project Entropy, still in its optimization phase, has a number of bugs that players should be aware of. These include language errors due to ongoing localization efforts and performance issues related to connection and game optimization.

Players may encounter various glitches like placeholder texts, unclear descriptions, shadow clones, or issues in clicking certain in-game elements. Being aware of these bugs is important for a smoother gaming experience.

It helps players to anticipate and adapt to these glitches, reducing frustration and ensuring that these issues don’t significantly hamper gameplay enjoyment.

As the game is still in development, these issues are likely being addressed, so staying updated with game patches and updates is also advisable.


In essence, Project Entropy is doing a lot right when it comes to gameplay. However, it’s not an auto-battler, and to respect that fact, you need to periodically strategize. There can be game-winning and game-losing instances, and recognizing those is what differentiates a good game from a bad one.

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