Production Chain Tycoon – Ultimate Guide, Tips & Cheats

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Production Chain Tycoon is a game developed by RSGapps, and is available to download for free in the Play Store.

Your goal for this game is to try and collect as many resources as possible while building new buildings and mines to be able to complete the quests required of you.

Production Chain Tycoon is an appropriate name for this game, as you will need to produce as many items as possible while trying to remain ahead on resources that are consumed.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps


To start off, you will need to buy the 1st island. Simply select the buy tab displayed on your screen and watch as the island reveals itself.

Next, you will need to build a Warehouse to store your resources.

To build a Warehouse, select the house icon on the bottom-left side of your screen. Simply place the Warehouse anywhere on the grass, by selecting the build tab in your house icon screen.

Tap on wood and stone to collect some resources. Your available resources are displayed on the top of your screen in the tab.

Try to place items in such a way that they can easily reach resources, in this case, trees, and stone.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

If you cannot reach the resources, you can either build a road or you can sell the item you placed by selecting the eraser icon next to the house icon.

If you sell the production item or building, you will regain the resources used to build it in the first place.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

You will need to build a Woodcutter’s Hut, as well as a Stone-pit to complete the first quests. Quests can be seen in the top right-hand corner below your resources tab.

When you complete quests, you receive rewards that help you throughout the game.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Once you have enough resources, you will be able to build the Woodcutter’s Hut by placing the building on top of the trees.

Make sure that the buildings are connected to the Warehouse, as I said earlier, place them strategically so that you don’t have to build too many roads. These cost resources.

Resources used to buy production buildings, mines, roads, etc, will increase every time you purchase the same item again.

Building a Stone-pit requires wood, so once you have your Woodcutter’s Hut, and the resources required are collected, you can build a Stone-pit.

To do so, place the Stone-pit on top of the stone mounds on the map.

Procution Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Your next building in line is a Carpenter. This will create boards for you to use as you progress.

Note that resources such as trees and stone mounds that are found on each island do not disappear while they are being consumed.

If you look at the top of your screen, the tab indicated there is your amount of resources stored, as well as the amount of resources you are earning.

Once the list becomes bigger, there will be an arrow on the top-left-hand side that you can select to see the rest of your resources.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

The Carpenter building is required to build a lot of new production buildings, such as the Iron Mine for example. That is just one of the production buildings worth mentioning.

The Iron Mine sustains Ironworks.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps/

The Charcoal Furnace is required to sustain the Ironwork’s upkeep. The Surface Coal Mine sustains the Coal Power Plant, Small Steelworks, and Chemical Plant.

Ironworks sustains Small Steelworks as well as Pultrusion Lab. Steelworks is required to build important production buildings such as Windmill, Battery, Cables, Gravel Pit, and Hydroelectric Power Plant, to name but a few.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Store and In-game Currency

Coins are your ultimate in-game currency in Production Chain Tycoon. Coins enable you to upgrade buildings without having additional upkeep.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Special offers are available to purchase for real cash, you can access the store by selecting the chest icon that appears on the lower left-hand side of your screen.

The bag with the $ symbol also gives you further options of what you can purchase. Selecting the dragon that is available on your screen will enable you to hire the dragon for your profits to double, as well as increase the value of your treasures.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

You can also purchase the Legendary Island for extra land space, this is optional.

One of the best things about Production Chain Tycoon? If you exit the game, your resources continue to grow, despite the fact that you are offline.

When you enter that game again, a tab appears showing how many resources were collected, as well as the amount of time you were away.

Tips and Tricks

Production Chain Tycoon can be tweaked a bit in order to get resources faster. Below I will discuss a few tips and tricks that can help you to reach your goals.

Note that each time you open a new island, more space is available for you to continue building and earning resources.

Ship incoming!

Every few minutes, a ship icon will be displayed on your screen, on the right-hand side, below your quest tab, or if you happen to see the ship sailing in, you will be able to select the ship.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Once you have selected the ship, you will be able to see which resource you can obtain by watching ads. These ads are worth it if you want to gain coins and resources to progress further.

Ahoy Matey, Light the Way!

The Lighthouse is also a good way to obtain extra resources. If you select the Lighthouse, you will be able to watch an ad, and your resources will be doubled for 20 minutes.

If you watch 6 ads, you will receive 10 coins.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

The Lighthouse will appear inactive when the time runs out, however, you will still be able to watch another ad when the twenty minutes timer runs out.

Aaaarg-Where’s that treasure?

Who doesn’t love opening a treasure chest, right? Once every few minutes, three chests will appear on the map in the water. Opening them will give you a few coins, as well as a few resources.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Chests will not disappear if you forget to claim them either. They will remain in your screen until you decide to select them.

You will not need to watch an ad to obtain these chests.


When you purchase a new island using resources, litter bags and bushes appear which will need to be removed. If you select them, you will be able to remove them by watching a certain number of ads.

Ptoduction Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

You can also remove them by using coins, but my suggestion would be to save your coins rather for upgrades.

Upgrading Production buildings

Upgrading buildings can be a bit tricky at first if you don’t know what you are doing.

For example, if you upgrade a certain production building without having available resources, your production stops temporarily, until you are able to produce the required resource again.

Upgrading is a process, so be sure to take it slow in the beginning.

Below you can see how the upgrading process works:

Start off by looking to see which resources are needed to upgrade a building/mine. You will need to select an already-built production building/mine to see what is required to upgrade.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

In the image above, you will notice the green arrow on the bottom-right, pointing upwards, with 2 resources needed. In this instance, it will require 1.35k Steel and 1.35k Glass.

Clicking on this tab will upgrade your building/mine. You can watch your building/mine level increase on the map in the left-hand corner of your building.

You can also downgrade a building if you made a mistake.

To downgrade a building, select the red arrow on the left-hand side that is pointing downwards. Simply click on it and watch the level of your building/mine decrease.

If you downgrade a building or mine, you will receive the resources that were spent on upgrading them in the first place. Fortunately, you do not lose those resources.

Upgrading with coins

Upgrading with coins is also an option that allows you to upgrade a building without using resources.

In order to do this, select the green arrow on the screen found on the right next to the eraser. This will open a screen showing you exactly which buildings can be upgraded, as well as the number of coins required to upgrade.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

After each upgrade, the number of coins will increase. This will increase your income while keeping the upkeep of your building the same as it was before.

Upkeep, Income, and Efficiency

Your income from a building/mine/source will be displayed when you select any production building.

Most production buildings require the upkeep of resources. In order to see the upkeep of a building, select the building and look at the Upkeep amount.

This will tell you what resources are required, as well as the upkeep required to sustain the building.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

If you go above the required upkeep, your building will consume too many resources, which will then cause your resources to stop building up.

Instead, the resources will start to decrease until there are none left to consume.

If you continue to upgrade buildings or have too much upkeep, your building will stop producing resources and come to a complete standstill.

When this happens, the tab at the top of your screen will show you which building is not producing anything. The numbers displayed will turn red and there will be a warning in red below the resource saying “Deficit”.

Selecting the resource on this tab will show you a screen and tell you exactly which buildings are draining those particular resources.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

In the image above you will notice that the income says +5.75/s, whereas the upkeep says -5.75/s, as well as max 32.0 in red.

The upkeep required is 32.0, whereas the income received from the 5 Oil Rigs is only 5.75/s in total.

In order to fix this, you would need to either sell your building that is draining the resources and upgrade the previous building/mine, or you could build a new production building/mine for the upkeep of the new building/mine.

To give you an exact example of what I am referring to here: The above image shows that my Chemical Plant is consuming too much crude oil.

In order to fix this, I need to build a new Oil Rig or upgrade the existing Oil Rig to produce more crude oil.

Note that by upgrading the building/mine, previous production buildings or mines will have an increase in their upkeep.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Oil rigs require an insane amount of energy to keep producing crude oil.

Therefore, before upgrading your Oil Rig, you would need to build a new energy source or upgrade your existing energy sources to ensure your upkeep is balanced.

Certain energy production buildings produce more energy than others, so be sure to look out for the ones that produce the most energy.

Certain production buildings require a lot of energy to continue producing resources.

My suggestion before building new production buildings would be to first see how much energy would be required for the production building, before building it.

That way you would maintain your resources that you have already collected, as well as save yourself time before having to resell the building that is using too many resources.

This is the production chain cycle that is referred to in the name of the game!

Efficiency is displayed on the same screen as your income and upkeep. This is an indicator of how well your production building is working.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps


Production Chain Tycoon is a fun game to play, with plenty to keep you occupied as you try to figure out the best strategy to obtain resources.

Trying to stay ahead of resources while producing new resources can be tricky, so try to work out a strategy that will be beneficial.

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