Potion Punch 2 Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

If you’re looking for a twist on your usual Restaurant Sim special, look no further! Potion Punch 2 has got you covered! You’re not only making food for your customers, but also concocting mysterious potions for them too! Developed by Monstronauts, the game not only lets you run a magic restaurant, but also own several shops, including a magic shop, a diner and a tavern.    

In Potion Punch 2’s fantasy world, help Lyra embark on a quest to cure her mentor from a mysterious condition. Use your pet dragon to cook food, have potions on tap and be ready to summon workers when needed! Check out these beginner-level tips and tricks to become the Kingdom’s best alchemist.   

Potion Punch 2

Make Potions and Don’t Overcook 

Become a master brewer and learn the ropes to making potions! Simply click on the liquid colored potion you wish to make and wait. It takes a few seconds for the potion brew to be made. Some potions are unique and require several steps to make. The more complicated the concoction, the more time it takes to make it!  

After the potion has filled the container, click on the empty bottles located beneath the counter. Then drag your finger from the potion to the bottle. Make sure you are serving potions to the right customer.  

When cooking fish, be aware of your pet dragon. It knows how to cook a fish, but can also burn a fish. To stop your dragon from overcooking your meat simply click on the cute little dragon.  

Summon Workers to Help Lyra 

In Potion Punch 2, you will have to seek help of various workers to help Lyra to complete different stages. Each worker has a different ability.  

For example: Aeon’s ability forces customers to lose track of time, meaning they will stay happy regardless of how long it takes to serve them. These workers can get you out of a pickle (pun intended). Use them wisely. 

Don’t Forget to Collect Coins from Customers  

Now this might seem like a simple task, but it is very easy to miss, especially when your potion shop gets busy! After serving a customer, make sure you tap on the coins they leave behind. These coins will help you upgrade your restaurant’s equipment, items and expand your counter space to serve more customers.  

After completing a level, you are sometimes given the option to double your coins by watching a short ad. This can be very useful after scoring a lot of coins from your customers.  

Gems can be earned in various parts of the game or by purchasing them in your shop. These are the premium currency in the game.  

Don’t Anger Your Customers  

When customers come in looking for potions or food, be quick to serve them. Beside them is a happiness bar. The fuller it is, the more likely you are to receive a generous tip from a customer!  

Use this trick when serving customers:  

When customers order multiple items, serving them even one item will help restore their happiness and patience while making the other.  

Serve Appetizers to Get Bonus Time  

Buy yourself more time by serving sumptuous appetizers to customer. If a customer is getting impatient, give them an appetizer, so that you will get some extra time to cook them a beautiful meal, or create a simmering potion. Appetizers play a big role in Potion Punch 2, so use them wisely!  

Take Help from The Little Book of Potions  

If you are ever unsure regarding how to make a specific potion, simply hit the pause button on your screen and click the little book. It will give you a breakdown of all your ingredients and recipes!  

Know Your Goals in Each Level 

In order to pass the current level and move on, you must reach all “Goals”. These goals can be found at the beginning of the level and whenever you hit the pause button.  

Objectives change based on the level and difficulty. Some goals may be a coin goal, others may be customer satisfaction, number of customers served and so on.  

The Trash Bin Can Come Real Handy in Tough Situations 

Now, no one likes making a mistake, but it’s bound to happen when you’re playing at a fast rate. If you’re running out of space and need to fill another customer’s order, simply drag the item to the trash bin.  

The trash bin is located on the bottom left hand corner of your screen and has a recycle symbol. Use the trash bin only when you need it the most. Don’t just throw unwanted ingredients or dishes anytime. Every time you do it, it costs you a little bit of money. Be mindful and try not to be wasteful.  

Restock! Restock! Restock!  

Restocking your supplies is necessary in this game. The process is simple and usually requires a simple tap on the screen and then patience.  

A lot of patience is needed when you need to wait for meat to cook, or the potion to refill, but it’s even worse when you’re waiting on your supplies to be refilled AND you have an impatient customer.  

Finish Quests to Earn EXP and Gems  

Quests can be found in the menu and can help with in-game progression. Gems and experience points can be earned by completing different quests in Potion Punch 2. Pay attention to these quests in order to speed up your progress in the game. Daily quests are refreshed but can only be accessed if you have synced your Facebook to your account.  

Use coins to upgrade your equipment to serve your customers faster, or upgrade the food itself so you can earn more money. Work towards being the best restaurant around!  

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