Postknight 2 – Ultimate Gifts Guide

Nazarii Verbitskiy

Postknight 2 is one of the most famous casual adventure RPGs. It is the second game in the series that brought significant improvements and expanded the original game.

Postknight 2 was created by Kurechii, a small team of Malaysian developers. In this game, players must deliver goods to the clients, parallel fighting with nasty crowds of enemies.

Photo: Kurechii

Another mission is to maintain solid relationships with NPCs. They can give you new tasks, help to complete challenging deliveries and gift valuable items. Still, it unlocks as you reach a high relationship level.

In this article, we’ll go through all the secrets of being in good relationships with NPCs and tell you about Postknight 2 gifts. It’s an ultimate Postknight 2 gifts guide helpful for every active player!

What is Gifting in Postknight 2?

Gifting is a necessary part of Postknight 2. It unlocks after completing the tutorial, but many players have no clue about this system.

  • Gifting – a term used to describe giving gifts to specific NPCs. It helps you to maintain good relationships with characters and unlock exclusive in-game content.

Gifting is not only about giving but also about receiving gifts. A high level of relationships allows you to receive valuable in-game items as gifts. That’s why gifting items is so essential for your progression.

How Gifting Works in Postknight 2

Gifting in Postknight 2 primarily aims to improve relationships with NPCs and Pets. Bond measures on a scale of five Hearts. You start relationships at the level of 1 Heart and then can increase it up to 5.

Photo: Kurechii

5 Hearts indicate the highest level of relationships. By reaching it, players unlock their initial memory with a particular NPC. There are 9 NPCs, meaning you can unlock nine unique initial memories. These memories are stored in the stats book under Bonds.

Gifting in Postknight 2 works not only with human NPCs but also with pets. They also can be given food, elaborated on further.

What to Gift in Postknight 2?

Items in Postknight 2 are divided into three categories:

  • Favored/Liked – the best items to give. They give 0.5 / 0.25 Heart to the relationships
  • Disliked – doesn’t affect the level of relationships. Once gifted, the NPC will show a sickly face
  • Neutral – in most cases, work like Disliked items and don’t change the level of the relationship. Sometimes, give little heart progress, which isn’t worth time
Photo: Kurechii

Compared to the first game, gifting in Postknight 2 was an improvement. The level of relationships doesn’t change if you give the disliked item to the NPC. That significantly simplifies getting high relationships in Postknight 2.

Still, not as easy as it could be. There is a cooldown of 8 hours for gifting, meaning you can gift the item to a particular NPC only once per eight hours.

Photo: Kurechii

That said, you need at least 40 hours to get the maximum level of relationships. 

We recommend you build multiple relationships simultaneously to speed up the process. It will cost you more resources but is highly beneficial in the long run.

To save you time and resources, we’ve prepared the gifting guides for each Postknight 2 character. Keep reading the guide and learn more!

Pearl Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Pearl is the first NPC in Postknight 2. She is a lovely girl and probably the kindest person in the game. Pearl’s dream of becoming a Postknight trainee, but she refused this idea because of the multiple failures. Instead, she became a merchant apprentice.

  • Liked Items: Barley Water, Rose Wine Steak, Hot Cocoa Float, Nice Cream Strudel, Iced Bloop, Ceruleaf, Golden Basil, Valley Bells, Wintermint, Zephrite, Walnut Log, Maple Log, Frozen Fir Log, Bag of Bloops, Glowshell, Leaflets, Lightning Quill
  • Favored Items: Caspid Stew, Knight’s Cod, Energy Pop, Evercheer Tea, Lover’s Latte, Prism Tales: First Edition
  • Disliked Items: Earrings, Beer, Honey

Jasper Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Jasper is one of the NPCs who closely interact with the player. He is a determined and ambitious trainee who works hard to become a Star Brawler. Jasper often compares himself to his older brother Pyren.

  • Liked Items: Merry Scented Candle, Sweet Biscuit House, Sunguin Doll, Griffon Egg, Fidget Star, Prism Tales: First Edition, Chaos Core, Windtips, Voltawool, Snow Coat, Old Fangs, Ringtail, Moulten Tail, Tuffler Horn, Dire Fur, Sunblaze, Lover’s Latte, Sticky Skewers, Golden Ale, Knight’s Cod, Caspid Honey, Granola Muffins, Barley Water, Energy Pop
  • Favored Items: Humble Dagger, Woolly Comforter, Wintertide Puddling, Spoopy Pop, Verstand Ham, Cheesy Cake, Hot Cocoa Float, Rose Wine Steak, Tuffler Bacon
  • Disliked Items: Plants, Doubt, Losing

Morgan Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Morgan is one of the most cute-looking NPCs in Postknight 2. She is a true music lover who lost her lute in the fire. Morgan also hopes to find a home where she will accept herself.

  • Liked Items: Granola Muffins, Caspid Stew, Nice Cream Strudel, Sagacia Salad, Lush Platter, Wintertide Pudding, Crystal Prismarium, Grand Gem Chest, Sunguin Doll, Griffon Egg, Map of Kurestal, Wooly Comforter, Prism Tales: First Edition, Ice Balls, Puft Tuft, Hexascale, Elastipops, Lovamber
  • Favored Items: Evensong Harp, Aldor Chimophone, Sticky Skewers, Iced Bloop, Beary Crepe, Festive Sparkles, Spoopy Pop, Trick-0-Treat, Ruxus Rations, Cheesy Cake, Hot Cocoa Float, Caspid Honey, Spicy Sweets, Energy Pop, Knight’s Cod
  • Disliked Items: Cloth, Hunters, Silence

Flint Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Flint is one of the most mysterious personalities in Postknight 2. He is a kleptomaniac who tries to get rid of his sorrowful past. Over time, Flint appears to be dependent and shy.

  • Liked Items: Nice Cream Strudel, Darkberry Parfait, Cheesy Cake, Bulb Pulp Juice, Verstand Ham, Nightlight Cap, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Quadrune, Bronze Bar, Silver Bar, Gold Bar, Platinum Bar, Globesoul, Lucidium, Tainted Core, Chaos Core, Glowshell, Evensong Harp, Ganderlens, Lightning Quill, Humble Dugger, Aldor Chimophone
  • Favored Items: Grand Gem Chest, Fidget Star, Windtips, Lover’s Latte, Golden Ale, Caspid Honey, Rose Wine Steak, Spicy Sweets
  • Disliked Items: Fruits, Fluff, Cute Stuff

Amethyst Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Amethyst is a noblewoman, which is seen during dialogues. Amethyst joined the club recently; she wishes to see the world with her own eyes.

  • Liked Items: Caspid Stew, Darkberry Parfait, Foresight Fruit, Invigoroot, Crystabit, Quadrune, Silver Bar, Gold Bar, Ringtail, Whipped Drill
  • Favored Items: Map of Kurestal, Iced Bloop, Beary Crepe, Lover’s Latte, Golden Ale, Nice Cream Strudel, Hot Cocoa Float, Evercheer Tea, Rose Wine Steak
  • Disliked Items: Flowers, Beer, Cheap Items

Chris Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Chris is a lumberjack who loves his hometown and always remembers it during conversations. He is always ready to help and seems one of the kindest people in Postknight 2.

  • Liked Items: Energy Pop, Hot Cocoa Float, Afloe Vera, Wintermint, Lovamber, Walnut Log, Maple Log, Frozen Fir Log, Treeheart
  • Favored Items: Crystal Tree, Barley Water, Darkberry Parfait, Evercheer Tea, Spicy Sweets, Beary Crepe
  • Disliked Items: Meat, Travel, Change

Katrina Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Katrina is the kind of person who loves to play pranks on people. While they often make Katrina get in trouble, she continues to do so because of trusting issues that caused problems in her childhood.

  • Liked Items: Evercheer Tea, Rose Wine Steak, Spicy Sweets, Nuts and Raisins, Tuffler Bacon, Salamander Doll, Bag of Bloops, Old Fangs, Puff Tuft, Dire Fur, Tuffler Horn, Molten Tail, Gold Bar, Sunblaze, Quadrune, Kuroot
  • Favored Items: Griffon Egg, Iced Bloop, Beary Crepe, Darkberry Parfait, Hot Cocoa Float, Energy Pop, Caspid Honey, Nice Cream Strudel
  • Disliked Items: Books, Boredom, Duty

Larielle Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Larielle might remind some people of Pearl. She is an Aegle Postknight who works hard to help people. There is not so much information about Larielle’s personality. So, we’ll keep this article updated.

  • Liked Items: Darkberry Parfait, Sage, Ice Balls
  • Favored Items: Lightning Quill, Hot Cocoa, Float, Regal Blue Tea, Lush Platter, Herba Mate, Regalle Toast, Nice Cream Strudel
  • Disliked Items: Books, Boredom, Duty

Xander Gifts Guide

Photo: Kurechii

Xander is the cleverest of Postknight 2 NPCs, at least it seems so. He is a professional researcher, and the only border for Xander is his absent-mindedness.

  • Liked Items: Crichip, Soul Jar, Chaos Core, Tainted Core, Gold Ore, Bronze Ore, Crystabit, Quadrune, Valley Bells, Afloe Vera, Regalle Tea, Tuffler Bacon, Nice Cream Strudel, Spicy Sweets, Energy Pop
  • Favored Items: Ganderlens, Cheesy Cake, Festive Sparkles, Beary Crepe, Lover’s Latte, Granola Muffins, Darkberry Parfait
  • Disliked Items: Fish, Noise, Forgetfulness

Another important thing you should know about gifting is that NPCs don’t like to receive the same gifts continuously. If you do so, the effect of the gift will be reduced. That touches even gifts that bring 0.75 Heart of relationships.

What Gift to Pets in Postknight 2?

Like human NPCs, pets are also a part of the Postknight 2 gifting system. Giving gifts to pets works differently than classic NPCs, but it’s still an exciting process.

Every pet prefers specific food native to the area where it lives. If you try to give something besides the food, the pet will return the gift away. Still, the relationship level will not decrease.

To save your time, we’ve collected all the gifts you can give to pets below. Also, you can give any common-rarity gift, giving 0.1 Heart to the relationship.

Wolf Pup Gifts Guide

Favored Items: Juicy Meat (Pompon Region)

Blooplet Gifts Guide

Favored Items: Shello Clam (Shello Bay Region)

Puppy Gifts Guide

Favored Items: Pet Biscuits (Griffondell Region)

Wild Piff Gifts Guide

Favored Items: Scadish (Caldemount Region)

Cricle Gifts Guide

Favored Items: Geode (Valley of Gold Region)

How to Gift Items in Postknight 2

Nothing is challenging about gifting items in Postknight 2. Players must follow the step-by-step guide below to gift items.

  1. Open Postknight 2
  2. Find the desired NPC in the Town
  3. Tap on Him/Her
  4. Once done, press the button Gift
  5. Select the Item you want to Gift from the inventory

Voila! You’ve been given an item. Now, you only need to wait for an 8-hour cooldown to gift again.

Photo: Kurechii

Unfortunately, Postknight 2 requires an internet connection to play the game. Thus, you cannot avoid the 8-hour restriction by changing the data on your smartphone.

How To Get Items for Gifts in Postknight 2

The most straightforward way to items for Gifts is to request them from NPCs. There is a button Receive below the Gift button. Press it to get a chest from the NPC. The higher the level of relationships you have, the better the chest you get.

Photo: Kurechii

However, such an approach has a major drawback – you are not guaranteed to get the desired item. In most cases, you’ll obtain Neutral / Disliked items that won’t affect relationships.

Photo: Kurechii

That’s why it’s so important to read the tips below and discover multiple ways to get items for gifting in Postknight 2.

Buy Items

The easiest way to obtain gifts in Postknight 2 is to buy them directly in the Premium Market. Valuable resources like Zephrite, Flowings, Dire Fur, Logs, and Ores can be bought here for Crystal Gem.

Photo: Kurechii

Although it might sound attractive, this method has a notable drawback. You need tons of Crystal Gems to purchase items for gifts regularly. Moreover, rare items cost an enormous amount of money.

Enable Off-Duties

Another straightforward but highly effective way to get resources is to enable off-duties. It can be done following the next steps:

  • Open Postknight 2
  • Head to Activities (button in the bottom right corner of the screen)
  • Choose Off-Duty Schedule
  • Press the button Exploring – Schedule
Photo: Kurechii

That’s it! You’ll learn helpful resources even while AFK.

Complete Storyline

Completing the storyline is a dull but highly effective way to get resources for gifts in Postknight 2. You’ll get rewarded for completing each Chapter, just as shown in the screenshot below.

Photo: Kurechii

The more you play, the better rewards you get. Keep it in mind while making deliveries.


That’s it with gifts in Postknight 2. As you can see, it’s an essential part of the game that allows players to get free in-game resources.

Photo: Kurechii

If you still have questions regarding Postknight 2 gifts, let us know in the comments. We’ll try our best to help you with gifting.

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