Postknight 2 is now Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Set seven years after the events of the first Postknight game, Postknight 2 expands its organization with new and old characters. The game also lets players customize their character’s look.

Postknight 2 Adventure

Start your journey as a trainee, explore the wonderful world of Prism, develop relationships with new characters, know their stories and struggles and trade gifts to form strong bonds with special people.

Just like its predecessor, Postknight 2’s combat is simple, yet engaging. You will enter combat with 3 skills, attack, recover and defend. Chain your skills to unleash deadly combo attacks against enemies. Wield dual daggers to master speed and reflexes with your newly equipped weapon.

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Combat. Two-Handed Hammer.

Time heavy attacks with large, two-handed hammers, upgrade your gear, collect armor, item and weapons, equip them to make your Postknight more powerful. Complete delivery quests and rise up the ranks to highest S-Rank.

Postknight 2 is Kurechii’s latest reimagining of the RPG genre, full of addictive bite-sized content, intuitive gameplay, and lots of characters! Players will train and become a Postknight, and deliver to vivid individuals, each with their own wishes and struggles. As players deliver precious goods, they will also deliver inspiration and hope. 

In the pursuit to bring the RPG genre to mobile devices, developers designed Postknight 2’s user interfaces and battles to be optimized for single-handed gameplay. The game is portrait-oriented, making it easy to play on the go, anywhere, anytime!

Meet old and new characters in Postknight 2

The sequel to Postknight is set in the fantastic world of Prism, a world in which many of Kurechii’s games take place in. Players will travel to familiar locations and meet returning characters from earlier games, including King’s League, Tiny Guardians, and the first Postknight! Developers have put a lot of work into the game’s lore, world building, and characters, and they hope that players enjoy their time exploring Prism and meeting friends, new and old.

As noted above, Postknight 2 has officially launched on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on December 2nd, 2021.

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